currently, vol. 30

reading: Anne of the Island. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to pick a favorite between the Little House and Anne for my favorite series. They're so different but both so wonderful and heartwarming.

watching: still Frasier. I could watch it 24/7 and never get tired of it. Apparently I'm supposed to be watching The Bachelorette too. I completely forgot it was on tonight, but my MIL is texting me about it, which is hilarious.

eating: my mother-in-law gave us a microwave popcorn maker which is basically just a big glass bowl. However, it's a lot cheaper to make popcorn this way, and we've been making it nonstop. I've also been diving mouth first into boxes of Outshine Peach Black Tea popsicles. The watermelon ones, too. I've been eating more popsicles in order to pump the brakes on my ice cream consumption, but I've just traded one addiction for the other. At least the popsicles have only 60 calories, so I think it's ok. I need to start making my own again.

loving: we spent Memorial Day morning strawberry picking at a nearby farm, the afternoon by the pool (we were the cool ones at the pool with a baby monitor instead of a case of beer), and the evening at the park and on a walk. It was so nice. Holiday weekends are kind of sad for me without family around, but we made it work.

listening to: I'm starting to listen to podcasts a little more often. People rave about podcasts, but I find so many of them boring. The hosts spend the first 20 minutes bantering and telling inside jokes, there are usually a few ads, and then maybe 10 minutes of interesting content. Risen Motherhood has redeemed podcasts for me. They did an episode about husbands working long hours, and it was so good it had me in tears. I've listened to a few other episodes and love them just as much. At Home is another one that I've loved for over a year.

dreaming: I've had the CRAZIEST dreams lately. One night I escaped from three burning buildings and drove my car through a wildfire. The next night, I visited the one room schoolhouse where Anne Shirley taught that had been turned into a museum (because in my dream she was a real person) and I wound up in a passionate argument with people from Planned Parenthood. I blame several very stressful days and staying up late to finish reading Anne of Avonlea.

wanting: you know, I could really go for a good thunderstorm. All week it said there was an 80% chance of storms all day Sunday. You know what happened? It was sunny. I felt gipped.

growing: tomatoes, herbs, spinach, lettuce, strawberries, and lots of flowers. I have a little container garden on my balcony and it's giving me so much joy. Walking through nurseries and garden centers is my therapy of choice these days. It makes me feel like a kid again when I would spend all weekend outside helping my dad garden. It just gives me so much peace and comfort.

clicking: this article about not being less of a mom when you have an only child. I love it so much I want to shout it from the rooftops. I've written about this before, but as a 3rd generation only child who is married to an only child and the mother of a current only child, I can relate as a mother and as a daughter. The people who say the best gift you can give your child is a sibling make me roll my eyes so hard. Having more than one child is great, but being an only child is not a death sentence.

drinking: lots of iced coffee with coffee ice cubes. Forget the iPhone, coffee ice cubes are definitely one of the most ingenious inventions of all time.


  1. You know I love that article, girl!

    And Frasier is amazing!

    I tried the Starbucks cold brew coffee that comes in glass containers and let me tell you- 'tis da bomb! I think you would like it!

    1. I want to try it! Cold brew coffee is my favorite thing in the world right now. I'm literally sipping it as I type this.

  2. Those are the only two podcasts I listen to! Occasionally since getting pregnant again I've listened to the birthhour a few times, but nothing beats At Home in my opinion. I'm sad Rachel Reeves left though, I always liked her input.

    Also I'm glad your Memorial Day was salvaged! How long is it till the next long weeekd?! I need a break from my break!

  3. I feel like I'm in a bit of a podcast slump lately. I recently downloaded the app Overdrive, and you can check out audio books from your library. I know people have strong opinions on audio books and how they don't always count as "reading" books, but since I spend a zillion hours in the car I've really enjoyed listening to memoirs on there. Also, there is nothing better than watching your garden grow!! :)

  4. I love Anne of the Island!!!!! So much. It's in my top 3 favorite Anne books :) That's so fun that you got to go strawberry picking!

  5. I love the pictures of the strawberry picking! I've never done that before. Also, peach black tea popsicles sound amazing...
    My husband and I are on the fence about having more than one kid. I've always wanted three- or at least two- but lately we've both been singing the tune of just one :)
    I wish I had your green thumb! I haven't attempted to grow anything except the flowers on my front porch this year!

  6. G's dimples are the cutest. I am fervently praying our kiddo has Isaiah's dimples, too.

    I'm definitely gardening vicariously through you...

  7. I have basil on my windowsill and it's flourishing so much that I feel like a plant mother. My basil baby! Aside from that, I grow excellent weeds, but we're hoping to plant strawberries this week. Gardening and weeding is my new favourite thing. (Don't tell Karl.)

    I discovered coffee ice cubes a few years ago and my mind was blown. They're also especially delicious when Bailey's is poured over them. You might have a lovely, functional only child but don't even pretend she doesn't sometimes make you want to drink.

  8. Peach black tea popsicles sound fantastic! I always get the strawberry outshine ones when I have a sore throat as a treat :) besides, if I'm going to be eating popsicles (which I am) those sound much better than the big bag of ice pops I've been munching on all week. I told myself they were for a teething Ben but who am I kidding. Also, I've been listening to the At Home podcast for about 4 months or so (the only one I listen to) and I LOVE it! I'll definitely have to check out Risen Motherhood. Yay for gardening! I planted tomatoes, marigolds, and nasturtiums together this year and I can't wait to see the big burst of sunshine colors in a few weeks :) I also planted my first rose in the backyard and a clematis which I'm praying I didn't kill when I planted it. I don't exactly have a green thumb but I'm learning. There's a neighbor a few streets down that me and Ben pass every time we go on a walk who has the most beautiful garden I've ever seen. There are literally just tons of things blooming all year round. You should've seen the peonies! She had like 7 different kinds! I finally got up the nerve to ask her a few questions and I've been writing down what I see every few weeks so I can eventually plant it �� My mom, grandma, and grandpa are great gardeners too so I'm hoping some of it's just genetic ;) I've never grown any kind of lettuce or spinach before but that would be so great to go out and pick your own salad! I only did a herb container garden once but it was my absolute favorite thing that year. I would go out and smell it multiple times a day mmmmm. I still haven't started the Anne books, I have to get on it! They seem like perfect summer reads.

    1. You will love Risen Motherhood! It convicts and encourages me every time I listen to it. Ok---your flower pictures on IG have been KILLING ME lately. I can't stop thinking about that america rose picture. I love that you share my love of gardening and flowers!


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