+ My cold is finally getting better, but my body is still on the fritz. I woke up Monday with a migraine and yesterday with an ear infection. After two blessed, blissful months of effortless sleep, my insomnia is creeping back as well. James is fighting a sinus infection and vertigo, and Gracie is in the middle of teething hell. None of us is at our best right now. I'm convinced hell is made up of teething toddlers. The Bible does talk about weeping and gnashing of teeth, so I think it's a pretty logical assumption to make.

+ Has anyone been watching the new Anne of Green Gables on Netflix? I have one or two episodes  left. I have so many thoughts I could write a stack of essays. Parts I love, parts I absolutely hate. I'll write this as vaguely as possible so I don't give away any spoilers. I don't appreciate how dark it is at all. I miss Anne's optimism and innocence. I think Miss Montgomery would disapprove. If this miniseries was my first intro to Anne, I would not have grown up loving her the way I did. The casting, however, is so good. Matthew and Marilla are spot on, Anne's age is more accurate (but I am NOT a fan of the actress), and I don't even hate Gilbert. I took personal offense to how far off-book it got, but once I decided to stop comparing it to the book and original movie, I found myself enjoying it more. The moral of the story is Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie forever. Amen.

+ Sunday was both Mother's Day and our 6th anniversary. It was a pretty low-key day, but it was just what I wanted. We went out for frozen yogurt and played at the park. I FaceTimed into a family reunion bbq in California. James got me pancakes for dinner and made me a huge batch of iced coffee with this new-fangled iced coffee brewer he gave me, which was the best gift ever. Gracie gave me a kitchen egg timer. James said she picked it out herself and everything. She banged it so hard on the table that it's already broken, but it occupied her for 30 seconds, so it really was a gift for me even though she won't let me use it.

+ If any of you need to entertain your toddler, get out their old infant carseat. I was cleaning out Gracie's closet the other day, and she found her old carseat. She has been buckling Pooh Bear and rocking him in it all day. She wants to make sure it's in the same room as us all day. I thought my days of lugging that thing were over, but apparently not. Thankfully Pooh Bear weighs much less than a 6 month old. 

+ Yesterday turned out to be full of scary excitement. It was hot and sunny, so Gracie and I played at the park and went on a long walk. As I was putting her down for her afternoon nap, we heard dozens of sirens going by. We live off a busy road so hearing sirens isn't unusual, but they would not stop coming for about 20-30 minutes. I knew something more than a car accident had gone down, but I couldn't find anything online and nothing was on the news. I sat down with a glass of iced coffee and Anne of Avonlea when I heard helicopters. I kept waiting for them to fly away, but they were just hovering directly over our building. I went outside and could tell they were from the local news stations, but I still couldn't find anything online. About ten minutes later, I finally saw an article that said there was a condo fire directly behind us. I threw my sandals on and ran about a 1/4 mile down the road. There's a pond in the middle of our complex, and on one side there are several condo buildings. One of them was completely engulfed in flames. I was stunned. There were firemen climbing out of windows and jumping off balconies. Cameramen from the news stations were standing right next to me filming the whole thing. I could see flames through the windows of the third floor and the roof was caving in. I've never seen anything like that in my life. I couldn't stay long since I didn't want to leave Gracie alone while she was asleep, but I ran into two of our maintenance men on the way back. They were the first to see the fire and called 911, and they showed me pictures of the whole thing. Gracie and I walked over after dinner. The building was still smoldering and the smoke alarms were still going off. It was completely eerie. All the people made it out and the firemen rescued all the animals, so thankfully no one was hurt. 

My house burning down is one of my biggest fears in life and always has been. Our house was miraculously spared from a wildfire when I was 11, and that has only heightened my fear of fire. This hit entirely too close to home. I watched a show last night to get my mind off the whole thing, and of course the entire episode was about a raging house fire. So comforting! My parents were in California at the time, and texted me in the middle of the night that they were hit with a pretty decent earthquake. It was a big day for all of us, but thankfully we are all fine. 

+ A few months ago, we got a text from my MIL that very plainly said she would be visiting us in May and she will be staying with us and sleeping on our couch. No questions, no room for debate. D-Day happens to be Sunday, so I'll be cleaning, organizing, and stocking up on migraine medicine until further notice.


  1. I started the new Anne series the other day, I've only watched two episodes or so though. And I've never read the books so all I have to compare it to is the older series with Megan Follows. It's too early to decide for sure but I think I already like the older series better.

    My aunt (dad's sister) just did basically the exact same thing to my mother, not realizing/caring she has very little PTO and still has to come see the baby when she's born. IN LAWS, man.

  2. That is so sad about the fire- glad you guys are okay!
    I haven't seen the new Anne on Netflix or even read the books but I remember liking the movie a long time ago. I started watching the mini series for The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and it is so disappointing- I don't think Anne Bronte would have approved!
    Good luck with your soon to be guest- it's always hard when someone invades your personal bubble/routine for an extended period of time!

    1. You have to read the books! You would LOVE them. Have you seen the original Anne movie? Isn't it such a bummer when you know the author would disapprove of the movie adaptation? It feels blasphemous.

  3. Oh my, good luck with the MIL visit.

    That's so scary about the fire. I'm glad no one was hurt! When I was a little girl our neighbor's house caught fire Christmas Eve. The houses were very close together and the flames were out of control so the firemen made us leave our house just to be safe, and theirs completely burned to the ground. It was devastating for them and so scary.

  4. I watched the first episode of Anne then deleted it off the PVR. I know Netflix has it for when I ever want to try again. I just wasn't feeling it. It didn't feel magical and I agree, I wasn't feeling the actress.

    Parker loves playing with Molly's bucket seat, too. Whatever, kid.

    For goodness sake, feel better, Bellamys! At least these are the last teeth.

    My mom's coming this weekend, too. Hello, frantic house cleaning. You're in good company.

  5. Whew... sounds like you're in for it with the mother-in-law visit ;)

    That fire sounds terrifying! I'm glad no one was hurt and all the animals got out, too :) What craziness!

  6. Oh wow, I'm so glad that no one was hurt in that fire! That sounds so scary. I think you're brave for attempting to watch the new Anne series. I love the books and the movies with Jonathan Crombie, and what I've heard about the new series leads me to believe that I would probably not like it, so I plan to stay far away. And honestly, usually my mode of operation with watching shows is "Do I like this a reasonable amount? Because I COULD be watching Doctor Who right now, so if this isn't worth it, I'm watching Doctor Who."

    Good luck on getting things reader for your MILs visit. Maybe she'll play with Gracie so that you can have a break and nap or go out alone?

  7. i don't think I can bring myself to watch the new Anne...it just isn't worth it. I'll get too angry, I just know it.

    I always feel so bad when people don't get along with their MILs. I love mine, and even she gets on my nerves sometimes, so I can't imagine having her stay with us if I didn't love her haha. Good luck with D-Day lady!

    1. You will get angry! It's not worth it. Cling to Megan Follows!

      Thank you! It's not that she isn't nice, she's just...a handful.

  8. I finished the new Anne series a few days ago and wow it was SO different from the Megan Follows one (which I just adore). Definitely darker. I thought it was interesting as long as I separated it in my head but there were definitely things I just flat out didn't like. I've actually never read the books but I LOVE the Emily of New Moon series. I'm feeling inspired to finally read Anne though!

    I've never seen a fire while it was happening, how scary!

    Hope you guys feel better soon! Do you get spring time allergies? Man, me and Josh have em bad this year. We haven't gotten infections yet though, praying for you all!

    I'm definitely pulling out Ben's car seat, anything to keep him busy!

    Also, I hope your MIL visiting goes well, I know they'll be good stories to tell ;)

    1. I'm reading Anne for the first time! I started it so many times as a kid but never finished it. I ADORE the books like nothing else.

      Thank you! We are all starting to feel better. James and I get terrible allergies. This spring especially has been brutal on us! I feel like I have a mild cold at all times.

      Thank you so much!

  9. I am scared out of my mind to watch Anne with an E. It haunts me every time I open Netflix. I am in LOVE with the Megan Fellows version, she IS Anne in my mind. And why in the world do they have to make it dark? Everything on TV is dark…we need more light! I think that's why I love the books and old movie, because it's so full of laughter and light!

  10. Yes to the car seat. Another thing to entertain toddlers is to just take their 5 point harness and sit it inside. It's literally the exact same seat that they fight in the car, but if you take it out it's this amazingly fun place to sit. Kids are crazy!

  11. Completely agree with your Anne thoughts!!


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