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The last week and a half have been rough. James dramatically fired our realtor on Friday after what turned into a heated exchange in which she said some awful things to us after blowing us off the past four months. Thankfully, we are already in talks with a new one who seems much better. After the exchange with our dead-to-us former realtor, which left us both feeling pretty shaken, pot boy decided to start smoking on his porch. He went inside before James could take a picture of him, but we both saw him and were gagging from the smell. By the time someone was sent to check out the situation, he had already sprayed several gallons of air freshener (arguably worse than the pot) and cleaned up. Our office more or less told us we must be imagining things, and their tone made it seem as though they are rethinking his eviction.

So yeah, I guess you could say I was in a good mood on Friday.

Gracie had her 2 year well check yesterday. This is the first checkup since her newborn days that she hasn't had to get shots, and the first since she was an infant that I wasn't vehemently defending her lack of gross motor skills. I'm so used to walking in there with arguments and examples to explain the fact that she's still not crawling/walking as well as bracing myself for a full day of screaming from the shots that I didn't know what to do with myself. I knew all would be well, but I couldn't get that across to my emotions. Throw in some hormones and I was a complete basket case, irrational or not. I was so anxious I nearly made myself sick and couldn't shake it the rest of the day.

This morning I decided to try a new Bible study through my church. This has basically become a running joke for the past year and a half. I started going when Gracie was 6 months old. I went for a few weeks, and then missed a few due to bad weather and the holidays. After the new year, either I would be sick, Gracie would be sick, or I would actually get ready and start to leave just to find out it was cancelled as I walked out the door (twice!). The last time I finally managed to get there, I was 45 minutes late due to a car accident. Once I arrived, they decided it would be the last meeting until the fall. Once the fall came, they moved the time and location, and it was completely impossible for me to go.

I was invited at church on Sunday to go to a 4 week study that had been moved back to the mornings. Other than the fact that it's now held 30 minutes away, I figured I had no excuse. I got up this morning and immediately stepped in cat puke. The cat threw up all over the carpet and almost every rug downstairs. As I was cleaning it up, Gracie's cup of milk somehow fell and leaked all over the kitchen floor. Things continued in a similar fashion until we left. I wound up getting lost on the way due to road closures, and I drove past the house three times before finally finding it. Thanks to getting lost and getting the starting time wrong, I was 30 minutes late. I took Gracie to the basement where the kids were being watched by a friend of mine. There were toddlers running wild and screaming, several babies crying, and a dog parking incessantly. It was a bit chaotic and Gracie immediately started to meltdown even before I put her down. I hadn't been too worried about leaving Gracie, because she's been a champ in the nursery. She even asked to go to the nursery last week, even though when we picked her up she was whimpering by the door waiting for us.

I forgot about the fact that James can leave her in the nursery and she'll usually be fine, but she can't handle me dropping her off. She seems to forget that she can survive without me holding her. She had her arms around my neck so tight I couldn't breathe, and she screamed the entire 30 minutes I was down there trying to calm her. I finally tossed her to a friend of mine and ran upstairs. I could hear her screaming for me, and I was so upset I started crying. She usually doesn't calm down in these types of situations, and even though other moms think I'm ridiculous, I hate doing it to her because I was the exact same way at her age and I even have vivid memories of it. She finally calmed down, and a friend of mine checked on her a few times for me. I had been under the impression that we were all doing the Bible study together, so I was the only one who didn't have anything done. I didn't even care at this point. After all that stress I was more than happy to zone out.

When we got home, I was so sure Gracie would take the nap of the century after all that crying and socialization, but of course she thought it would be more fun to throw toys out of her crib and then cry because she threw them out of her crib.

So yeah, I guess you could say I'm in a good mood today.


  1. Oh man, there are definitely forces at work to keep you from Bible study, haha! That sounds like quite a morning!

  2. It's very hard to leave them when they are crying and clinging to you. I don't think that's ridiculous at all. Also this pot situation is madness!

  3. What is the deal with unhelpful realtors? Don't they know that they don't get paid if they do a bad job?

    My kids had weird sleeps today, too. You're not alone. And take heart, the week is more than half over. You can DJ it! (That autocorrect is too good to change.)

  4. Shoot- that all sounds exhausting. Crappy realtors are the WORST. And I absolutely feel your pain with sh*tty neighbors. Our rock'n'roll lover next door has started turning his bass alllll the way up again- which just so happens to shake our dishes and rattle our windows. GRRRRRR.

  5. WHAT in the world is wrong with that realtor?! Did no one tell her she worked for you???

  6. Oh my that all adds up to the perfect storm. Sorry to hear about your awful realtor. Also, I feel your pain with the cat puke. I had to strip out entire bed plus two pillows last night due to cat puke at 6:30pm. I was in washer hell last night trying to get it all washed and dried before we went to bed. Damn cat!

  7. Mad props to you for surviving the Bible study! Maybe you should Skype in next time haha. It's hard enough socializing as an introvert so I can't imagine if your child is also an introvert. #motheroftheyear

    1. RIGHT? Not to mention, I'm expending my precious social energy here and it's a total disaster. Haha. Skype is a wonderful idea!


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