spring hygge

Looking back on yesterday's post, I realized that it came off far more melodramatic than I intended. I guess those are the hazards of blogging when you're insanely tired and emotionally spent. I am happy to report that we are hunkering down at home today, and that has been making all the difference.

We woke up to torrential downpours and temperatures in the 40s. I pulled up my weather app, and according to the hourly forecast, there's a 50-100% chance of rain every single hour (minus a short lull Saturday afternoon) until Sunday. I love rain, but it rained almost every day all winter, and I have a 2 year old to entertain. I felt my heart sink, and then I thought no. NO. I will not have that attitude! Thursday is my normal grocery day, but after surveying the fridge, I found just enough food left for grilled cheeses, and we have last night's soup for dinner (<--make this the next time you have a chilly day. I'm literally counting the hours until dinner so I can have another huge bowl). I made the executive decision to spend the day at home instead, and I instantly relaxed. We both desperately needed a cozy day at home to make up for the past few days. Gracie and I spent the morning playing with her dollhouse, and I changed Pooh Bear's diaper upwards of 100 times. I felt so generous I even let her watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Since I still have a 2 year old in my charge, the day hasn't been very relaxing, but it has been a huge improvement and you will hear no complaints from me. The one moment I managed to lay down and close my eyes, I opened them to find Gracie rolling around on the floor trying to put on my bra. After lunch, I got a wild hair and organized my pantry. I was so in the zone I didn't even notice that Gracie dumped an entire salt shaker on the floor until I took my slippers off and walked into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee.

The grass may be green and the trees are full of leaves, but it feels like a late October day. I pulled out my fuzzy blue slippers and made an extra buttery, extra cheesy grilled cheese for lunch. No meal, no matter how gourmet, is ever as comforting and delicious as a grilled cheese on a cold, rainy day. The only thing better would've been dipping it in a bowl of tomato soup. Would you guys freak out if I told you I have a fall candle burning? Listen, if the temperature drops even 5 more degrees, I'm starting a fire in the fireplace. I'm not even kidding, O Come O Come Emmanuel just started playing on Spotify and I have no idea why, but I'm digging it. I promise I won't put up my Christmas tree, but just know that I briefly thought about it. A few months ago, I saw this ingenious idea to freeze leftover cookie dough. I know leftover cookie dough is not a concept most of us understand, but you know when you bake a batch of cookies, and then there's only enough dough left for half a batch or so? Roll the dough into balls and freeze it, then pop them in the oven when you need a quick fix. I have 9 chocolate chip cookies waiting to be thrown in the oven. I think about them every single day, but I've been waiting for the right moment. That moment is definitely today, while James is working so I don't have to share. Don't tell him I said that.

While cleaning out the pantry, I noticed our hot water heater is leaking again. My initial reaction was panic, and then I realized NOT MY PROBLEM! We may never buy a house at this rate, but at least we don't have to pay for repairs! There is always a bright side, even if the forecast is all rain.


  1. I always eat all the good food while Kyle is gone :D That's how a healthy marriage stays healthy- Wife's gotta eat, ya know...
    Glad today is a tiny bit better!

  2. I'm glad that today is a little better and is a cozy sort of day! I'm about to dive into some afternoon tea in solidarity-thankfully, my little guy just settled down with his books BY HIMSELF, so I think I may get a few moments to enjoy my green tea without his fingers eagerly reaching towards it ;)
    I just love the image of Gracie rolling around trying to put on a bra. That's pretty hilarious! Seriously though, my little guy loves playing with my undergarments. If I'm ever folding laundry and need to entertain him, I just hand him a clean pair of undies and he gets so fascinated with it!

  3. This sounds like the absolute perfect day. I wish I was with you both!

  4. I'm so glad you're having a better day than the last week! Such a good idea to do that with cookie dough. It'll be an exercise in self control if nothing else.

    Do they have any free (or almost free) indoor playground type places around there you could take Gracie when it's raining but she needs to get some energy out? Is that even a thing?

  5. We just had two snowstorms last week, so I definitely relate to it not feeling like Spring!

  6. You're blowing my mind with the delicious soup recipe and genius cookie idea.

    I'm not sure if it's the change in weather or the fact the my baby is no longer a newborn, but something is energizing me to clean and organize everything. The joys of a toddler, though. One place gets cleaned, another gets wrecked. Parker found the salt shaker today, too. There must be something in the air.

  7. I'm glad you're choosing to turn things around. I was wondering when I hadn't heard from you in awhile that things weren't going great so I was praying for you guys. Hopefully the weather is wrong and you'll end up with a decent weekend.

  8. I totally underestimated the peace of mind that comes with an apartment. Almost NOTHING is your responsibility to keep up and fix. I call that intangible equity. I had major digestive issues after buying our first house and it ended up just being stress.


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