bullet points

+ At church on Sunday, we didn't even attempt to take Gracie to the nursery since the last few tries have been utter failures. She sat so nicely during most of the service and didn't start getting distracting until the end. During the prayer, I heard a loud crunch and thought she had somehow swiped a communion cracker. I looked down and realized she was trying to eat the little plastic communion cup.

+ Also at church, I let her snack on some crackers, but I forgot that I had taken the lid off her snack cup, so when I moved my arm, the bottom-of-the-box cracker crumbs dumped all over us and the floor. I was picking tiny cheese cracker crumbs out of her hair all day. I was so distracted by cleaning them up after church that I stuck my travel mug in my bag, forgetting the lid doesn't screw on tightly. When I got out of the car at home, my bag was dripping onto the ground. The entire mug of coffee I had forgotten to drink spilled and soaked everything in my purse. The good news is that it was the push I needed to finally switch to a non-diaper bag, except it's been so long since I've used my other bag that one of the hooks is broken making the strap fall off. Needles to say, I'm in the market for a toddler mom purse. Something that looks nothing like a diaper bag but can also hold a sippy cup and snacks. And something that preferably does not cost a year of college tuition. 

+ In keeping with the above theme, Gracie accidentally spilled a full mug of my coffee all over the couch yesterday and then squirted a tube of yogurt on my jeans at lunch with friends today. And then she rubbed it in while I was looking for a napkin. I've had to do a lot of extra laundry this week. 

+ When we were driving home from Iowa last week, we stopped at a McDonald's since it was the only place in the middle of hundreds of miles of farmland. It was pretty busy inside, and as were sitting down eating, an employee walked up with coloring books, stickers, and crayons for Gracie. I was so grateful. They kept her entertained while we ate and for a long time in the car. A little while later, she handed me a free ice cream cone. I have no idea why she was so kind to us when there were plenty of other people around (probably the frazzled, on the brink of sanity look in my eyes), but I will never forget her kindness. She had no idea I was in the middle of a long drive with a toddler and that I had no idea how I was going to have the endurance to make it home, but free ice cream went a long way in helping. 

+ A good friend of mine came over this morning. We only went to college together for one semester, but she has been one of my dearest friends ever since. We rarely see each other, but we get along the same way we did when we were in the dorms together. I went to college for one semester in Ohio and three and a half years in North Carolina. I have no lasting friendships from NC (unless you count my husband, ha) but the friends I made during my few months at school in Ohio are lifelong friendships. Funny the way things work out.

+ James started his new job this week and really seems to be enjoying it. His worksite is so huge it has its own clinic, pharmacy, bank, gym, and restaurant inside. I almost felt jealous when he told me about it. I'm still in denial that he'll have to travel here and there, but overall I feel so much lighter about life these days.

+ I love love love this article about organic food, essential oils, and the gospel. I'm at the point where my eyes glaze over and I immediately tune out the second I hear the words oils, organic, sourced, local, grass-fed, gluten-free, paleo, wheat will kill you, etc. I'm so done. I don't care at all if that's how you live, but I'm so tired of being preached to. I've been personally attacked for not feeing my family organic foods. We eat healthy most of the time, but in my opinion, life is far too short to shun wheat and sugar. Long story long, I love this reminder that it's about Jesus and not our food or vaccination habits.

+ That being said, don't ask how many no-bake cookies I just had. I'll lie. Mostly because I've lost count. Gracie is getting two molars at once, so I've earned it. If you knew how many times she threw herself face-down in the middle of the street kicking and screaming yesterday, you'd hand me another.

+ Three. It was three times.

+ I love her, I really do. Just not her teeth.


  1. LOL! "Just not her teeth."

    That was awesome about the McDonald's lady. I love when people and especially a company go out of their way to give you the "whole experience". I've been reading a lot of business stuff lately and Ryan has always wanted to own his own business so we talk about that kind of stuff a lot. Also goes to show, you can work ANYWHERE and make a difference.

    Also, we must have an ESP soul sister thing going on because I spilled my coffee all over my lap on the way to work this morning.

    1. Amen to that! I will never forget that girl. She was so kind! I have no idea why she singled us out, but she must've known I desperately needed some TLC.

      Noooo! I'm sorry! It must be in the air this week!

  2. teething is of the devil. it's a punishment that has plagued humankind since our fall from grace, I'm sure of it. also, even though I am an avid user of oils and an avid maker of food from scratch, and yes, an organic eater as much as I can be, I hope that it comes across how not seriously I take all of it...because you are right, the priorities of my life don't lie in my food choices or how I clean my house. preach.

    1. I wish more people were like you! I also am all about cooking from scratch and healthy foods, but there have been people in my life who constantly chastised those around them for not making the same food choices. That is what drives me insane! I was basically told letting Gracie eat puffs is akin to child abuse.

  3. I'm with you on the organic eating thing. We buy organic milk because I like the taste and I saw a documentary about cows once that scarred me forever, but other than that we cook at home 99 percent of the time which I feel is healthy even if it's not all organic and wheat and sugar free. I also feel conflicted about spending a lot of money on certain organic food and then using chemical laden coffee creamer and eating a bag of Doritos. I feel like that majorly cancels out the extra money I just shelled out for organic granola bars. I also LOVE IT when I'm in line behind a senior citizen at the grocery store and I always check out what they buy. It makes my day when I see a 90 year old with some Hostess donuts or chicken nuggets because I figure she made it that far without organic, non GMO food, so can I.

  4. I LOVE THAT ARTICLE. I want to print it out and anonymously mail it to so many people. There is nothing wrong with organic food, healthy food, essential oils, all-natural cleaning solutions, etc...but they become a problem when someone is all holier than thou about it. Of course we all make certain choices for what we feel are good reasons and it's fine to share those reasons but that's all they are...choices with reasons and everyone is allowed to make their own. The paleo/gluten free thing kills me the most. That's great that someone feels way better eating that way, but it doesn't mean everyone HAS to or even should eat that way. I don't eat soy because I'm allergic but that doesn't mean people who do eat soy are hellbound or destroying their bodies. Jeez I could go on about this for days, haha.

    ANYWHO, that much spilled coffee is really just sad and depressing. I'm hugging mine extra close today.

  5. Good luck finding a good purse-it bugs me that so many of the really cute, practical purses catered to moms cost an arm and a leg, because I don't feel good about dropping one or two hundred on a purse that's probably going to get smeared with food and drool (well, I just don't feel good about spending that much on a purse anyways lol).
    Thanks for posting that article! Wow, that was so good and refreshing. I love natural stuff, and some of my friends consider me a bit of a hippy, but so many people go way overboard. Like what Laura mentioned above, if old people have made it so far eating processed foods and whatnot, we can make it. I think it's way more important to focus on portion sizes, eating healthily overall, and eating a large variety of foods than buying whatever organic stuff is out there. And don't even get me started on the essential oils thing. Ugh. Way too hyped, and I can't stand how people basically attribute essential oils to healing everything but cancer. Though I will say that my son's pediatrician recently prescribed essential oils for his teething problems, and it seemed to help a little. Or maybe it was a coincidence and I just wanted to think well of the essential oil that we used. Who knows?

  6. So sweet of the McDonald's employee!! I love that story! I'm sorry about all the spills lately. It's totally not the same, but my mom and I went to Target a few days ago and I ended up dropping approximately 678,374 shirts, snapping a kid's toy in half, and tripping. So.... that was fun. (I bought the kid's toy because I felt bad. Ha.)

  7. Love, love, love that article you shared! I'm in the same boat, there is just so much I can worry about, and eating organic or whatever is not one of those things. I've received a lot of judgement on not gong organic too, from the Christian community, and I've long thought we've lost our focus if Christians are more excited to preach to others about chemicals and food choices than about Christ! Also, purses. If you have a Charming Charlie nearby, they have so many cute, big, toddler-stage purses!

  8. The wet bag situation is DEFINITELY something that has happened to me before...There is nothing scarier than a drippy purse.

    My suggestion is department stores! And watch for sales or coupons. I get alllll of my purses (I think I've bought like 3 in the last 10 or 12 years) at either Penney's or Sears and they hold up forever.

    Yay for that sweet lady at McDonalds. She didn't know...but she KNEW!

    Glad you got in some friend time. Nothing like being KNOWN and catching up on old times. :)

    And hurray for James too....Traveling might not be sooo bad. Right?

    Don't even get me started on no bake cookies. I don't even have a toddler and I'm positive I ate my weight in them last summer. I haven't made any yet this summer and that should tell you why! :D LOL!!!!

  9. I LOVE how sweet the McDonald's employee was. That's amazing. Also, so glad that he's liking the new job so far!
    I love fruits and veggies but I tend to think that the intense organic preachers are a bit unrealistic. In this country you'd be limited to eating about 5 types of veggies and shopping at the one ultra-fancy-rich-people grocery store if you ate all organic. Sure, some people could afford it, but not the vast majority of Malaysians. I appreciate my non-organic apples and oranges and bok choy that come at a reasonable price from the extremely non-organic local market where the whole neighborhood buys their groceries and tries to ignore the rats fighting in the open drains beneath our feet (literal truth).

  10. I love the McDonalds story! I wonder if she's been in your shoes and someone helped her or she wished someone had reached out. Motherhood can be so dividing but it can also really bring people together. I have so much more sympathy for fellow moms now.

  11. The good thing about this batch of teeth is that they're the end. If that's not cause for new bag celebration I don't know what is. My purse always smells a little like old coffee. The struggle is so real.

    God bless the kindness of strangers, particularly those bearing ice cream and stickers. I love that story so much.

    My house/car/life are all covered in thin layer of Cheerios dust. You're not alone.


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