I doe-finitely hope our new neighbor sticks around

Gracie and I made it home from Iowa. It was not the most fun drive I've ever been on, mostly considering the fact that the entire state of Illinois is under construction, so the highway was one lane and 45 mph for all but approximately 3 miles of the entire state. But! No one threw up, so I consider the whole thing a win.

Bless you, Zofran. Bless you real good.

When I got home, our new neighbor was all moved in. It's been amazing to sit in my living room and not smell one whiff of pot. I felt so grateful I did something completely out of character. I knocked on her door and introduced myself. Those of you who know me well can pick your jaws up off the floor. She is the sweetest person and she made a point of saying that she's starting her residency at a local hospital soon and will basically never be home.

Can you say jackpot?

Except honestly, I was almost sad to hear she won't be around a lot because I really like her. We're only friends with one couple who lives here. We've gotten to know them over the past few months, and I have a huge friend crush on them because they are some of the nicest people I've ever met. They of course are moving in a couple weeks because they bought a house. It took them a couple months to buy one, and in their words a "very long time."


So that was a fun conversation.

Speaking of neighbors, my parents have some nosy neighbors in the form of deer who eat all their plants. When I was there, a tiny little Bambi baby frolicked through their yard in the middle of a thunderstorm. The deer has aptly been named Lafawnda. My mom sends pictures of the baby and its mama in a group text to me, James, and my dad whenever she finds them in the yard. Yesterday was one of those days, and my dad made a joke about shooting the deer (don't worry, he never would).

Chaos ensued.

If you've ever wondered what a group text with my family is like, now you know.

I veal-ly hope Lafawnda is still around next time I visit. Good neighbors are hard to find.


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. That was the BEST group convo EVER!! 😂😂😂

  2. Hahaha! That group convo is amazing. You have such a great family :) And yay!!! I'm so happy that you have a good new neighbor.

  3. Your family's group chat is amazing :D And I'm SO glad your new neighbor is a saint!! (And a resident, lol!) I totally forgot when I offered up my house under the last post that you know allll about my neighbor troubles. HA! Hopefully the next owner of our home doesn't care/doesn't experience it. Haha!

  4. I am SO GLAD you have such a great replacement for the pot smoker!! A neighbor who is nice AND will rarely be home?? Ideal.

    You four are so punny ;)

  5. LOL. That chat is everything.
    Yeah, but seriously. No shooting of deer please.

  6. That group chat is the best :D

    I'm glad you have a good new neighbor and the pot smoker is out!!

  7. hahaha! Good group text convos can turn a whole day around. So glad you like your new neighbor!


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