currently, vol. 31

reading: Rainbow Valley by L.M. Montgomery and Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow. I found the latter on my mom's bookshelf and snatched it. It's doing great things for me.

watching: BLUE BLOODS SEASON 7 IS FINALLY ON NETFLIX ALL THE PRAISE HANDS. There has been a Tom Selleck-shaped hole in my heart since last summer. We're nearing the end of Frasier and I'm in denial. Niles and Daphne forever, even though I miss the Maris jokes.

eating: we had the best family day on Saturday and ended it with a trip to our favorite barbecue place. James got a gift card for it when he left his job, and it was the perfect way to celebrate a week at his new one. Plus, it felt like our patriotic duty to eat barbecue for the 4th of July. We got ice cream afterwards at Jeni's. Jeni's stores are all over the country now, but it started here in Columbus. There's a really old authentic German restaurant downtown that sells THE BEST cream puffs the size of your face. Jeni's made an ice cream based off it, and oh my word. I'm not sure if the ice cream or the cream puff is better.

smelling: a blueberry candle

loving: summer with a 2 year old. Hard in some ways, SO FUN in others. She thinks going to the pool is the best thing in the world. She asks to put on her watermelon swimsuit every day and go swim. I bought her a big box of sidewalk chalk, and she plays on the balcony with it all day, and then pours water from the watering can all over the ground and splashes. I love her and her innocent childhood fun. She's just so full of joy and it makes me so happy I want to cry.

cooking: I've clocked a lot of hours in the kitchen this past week. I made these cornmeal griddle cakes for dinner one night, but Gracie polished off the rest of the fresh strawberries that afternoon, so I grabbed some frozen ones out of the freezer and made a berry compote to put on top. It was amazing. I also made this mexican rice skillet dinner and it's the best thing I've made in ages. I threw in some bell peppers and zucchini and topped it with guacamole and lime juice. It's lot like a chipotle burrito bowl, so really you can't go wrong. Friday night I put my big girl pants on and made homemade pizza crust. I was scared to death, since the last time I made something similar it was a royal disaster. Since I've been making homemade bread for several years with great success, I figured it was time to try pizza crust again. I need a little practice, but it was really good, especially with some italian seasoning and garlic powder mixed in.

listening to: lots of Citizens & Saints lately. Their hymn covers are amazing, and Gracie loves to sing along with Amazing Grace. Also have a bit of a Bruno Mars moment lately. I can't help it. The Sheologians podcast has been a great friend to take on my evenings walks. Just the other day I discovered Nick Waterhouse, and I'm smitten. I feel like I'm Hidden Figures or something.

wanting: another grape popsicle. This is the summer of popsicles. There are 4 boxes in the freezer right now, all of them open. All of them different flavors. All of them calling me all day long.

annoyed by: The Week of Spills. If you remember, last week started off with accidentally dropping cracker crumbs on Gracie's head during church and then an entire mug of coffee in my purse, and then another entire mug of coffee on the couch. All three of us spilled water, coffee, and food all over everything all week long. The rug and one particular couch cushion endured the brunt of whatever dark force was prevailing over us last week. The worst of all was when a gust of wind hit my tomato plant. The little leaves took flight, and I found it lying on the rocks in front of the row of air conditioners. It's a little roughed up in spots and lost a branch or two, but I think it will be ok.

experimenting with: lipstick. I wore red lipstick to dinner one evening 5 years ago, and I felt like the entire restaurant was staring at me. It's so out of my comfort zone. Makeup in general is out of my comfort zone. I like it, but not enough to buy it and practice. My mom gave me some lipstick to play around with and I'm loving it. It gives me just a little extra color and makes me feel like a brand new woman. I've been so hesitant to wear it, because this scene from Mean Girls runs through my head every time I swipe some on:

"She had 99 cent lipstick on her snaggletooth." 


  1. City BBQ?! Their food is AMAZING!

    I need to try that flavor at Jeni's 😍 It sounds so delicious.

    Summers with Gracie sounds like the loveliest. She is at the perfect age.

    I feel the exact same way about lipstick! I get horrible chapped lips so they look even crustier with lipstick 😂 But I do agree, it is fun!

    1. Yes, City BBQ! It's so good I want to sprawl out on the floor every time we eat there. Which is nowhere near often enough.

      Let's have another girls day soon and go! They have a ton of good flavors right now.

  2. A blueberry compote?! You are so fancy! I hope James is liking his new job!

  3. Katie was reading Calm My Anxious Heart when she was here and said it was so good. She's going to mail it to me when she's done.

    I wore a red lipstick in the winter and felt like there was a giant arrow pointing to my mouth. I love how it looks on others but it's not my thing. I got a pink more recently and it is brighter than my norm (which is shiny lip gloss) but it makes me feel more pulled together.

  4. bahahaha the lipstick section. love it. hope that you guys are settling in to your new routine with James' new job and it's all going well!

  5. Haha about the lipstick! You shouldn't feel weird, you have the right coloring to pull off some fun shades! I just got some new 24 hour lipsticks and I LOVE them! I hate leaving lipstick smudges on my kids so the long-lasting stuff is the way to go.

  6. I totally know the German restaurant your talking about and they definitely have the best cream puffs!!

  7. I am 100% going to make that Mexican rice skillet. I've been in a food rut lately and that is calling my name so sweetly.

    Thank you for the reminder that our kids are at a fun age. We've been out of our routine a little these past couple weeks and it's been hard to remember that there is so much fun and sweetness below the toddler rage. I really needed that.

    I love lipstick but I feel like I'm so bad at it. You've inspired me to try again. I'll just have to watch the snaggle tooth.

  8. lipstick is fun, and I bet you look a lot better than Caroline Kraft! ;)


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