donuts and broccoli

It has been quite a week for this family right here. I completely lost my adventuring mojo over the weekend thanks to a 4-day headache. It started off promising with a trip to the farmer's market Saturday morning. I didn't buy anything other than a frozen latte from a new coffee shop, but there was a new donut shop promoting their goods. There was a long line, Gracie had thrown in her towel, and the heat was starting to take my will to live, so I reluctantly decided to try it another time.

I would live to regret that decision.

That evening, an acquaintance of mine visited that exact donut shop and posted many tantalizing donut pictures. Isn't that how it always goes? That night, I literally dreamed all night long about those donuts. I had actual dreams of going in to the donut shop, sampling donuts, watching them make donuts, picking them out, eating them, etc.

I'm still not over it and I never will be.

We stayed home from church on Sunday since my headache was on day 3 and I couldn't handle life anymore. James was a gem and decided to do some cleaning while I convalesced in bed with my current Charlotte Bronte novel and a lukewarm mug of coffee. I heard a loud scream and discovered that while James was vacuuming the stairs, Gracie sneaked up behind him and stuck her head right next to the vacuum before he realized what was happening. Do you see where this is going? It sucked a small clump of her hair right out. It was traumatizing for all of us.

She's completely fine, but I'm still not over it and never will be.

Yesterday morning, James forgot his lunch at home, so Gracie and I dropped it off. This morning, he texted me that he had forgotten his wallet. He's at a conference downtown for the next few days. I hate driving down there with a fiery passion, but I pulled it together and drove to the heart of downtown to drop off his wallet. I had no trouble getting to the hotel, but I had nowhere to pull over so I turned the corner, thinking there would be a spot. That would be another decision I would live to regret. Thanks to endless road construction and 47 one-way streets, I drove in circles one block south of where I needed to be for 15 minutes. As soon as I thought I had figured it out, I would turn the wrong way again. Tears were welling up in my eyes by the time I finally turned down the right street. In the heat of the moment I tend to lose a little self-control with my language, and since Gracie is a parrot and I don't want her yelling any 4-letter words, I've subbed the word "broccoli" for any adult language I feel tempted to use. This probably isn't good for helping her get over her picky eating, but at least no one will be offended if a toddler is talking about green vegetables. Everyone in a 10 block radius could hear me screaming "BROCCOLI!" whenever I saw another blasted one-way sign.

Since I was a hop, skip, and a jump from German Village, I decided to take Gracie on an impromptu adventure. German Village is probably my favorite spot in the city, but I rarely go because it is a hassle and a half to get to, and you're guaranteed to have to park 32 blocks away from where you want to be. Like all trendy places, it's the most difficult spot in the city to get to, and half the streets were closed due to construction.

We walked down to the bookstore, and I had remembered on the way that I had a gift card waiting for me that my friend got me for my birthday. Gracie had the time of her life climbing the stairs and picking out books. It is nothing but providential that my favorite coffee shop is next door to my favorite bookstore, so we went in for an iced coffee. Gracie taste tested it and declared it to be "dee-wishes!" We went down the street to a fancy bakery for macarons. We shared a strawberries and cream and a lemon poppyseed macaron, and I hid the key lime mint and coffee in my purse for later.

We got home, ate lunch, and as I did the dishes, Gracie fell down the stairs. She's figured out the baby gate, which shouldn't be a surprise since she's the same baby who took her entire outfit off while strapped into her carseat right after her first birthday. Which reminds me, I need to go buy duct tape because we've regressed to last summer's diaper removal days. I would consider potty training, but she thinks her singing potty is the world's best toy and nothing more than a toy.

I've been itching for change lately. That's a dangerous thing to say. I thought James' new job would scratch that itch, and for the most part it has, but I'm in that place of wanting to change everything now. I sit on the couch and eye-laser our stained rug and rundown coffee table. I want to take everything off the walls. I have a plan to rearrange Gracie's room to make it more toddler-friendly. 7 times a day I wonder if I should purge parts of my book collection or leave it be, and that's when I know I'm starting to leave the reservation. I'm still on the verge of partially dyeing my hair blue even though I may risk my parents disowning me. Or maybe I should just chop it. Or start curling it again. I delete Instagram off my phone and then redownload it at least three times a week. I feel weird and restless, and maybe it has something to do with scrolling through Zillow more often than I should instead of digging into my Bible. We've been watching the The People v. OJ and I'm so engrossed I can't even think straight. We have one episode left. I don't know the last time I was so into a show. I've stayed up late googling things about the trial and asking my mom dozens of questions. I vividly remember her sitting on our hunter green leather couch in our Nevada living room watching the trial. I constantly think about when I was a kid I couldn't imagine anything from my childhood looking dated, and the other day I saw someone selling "vintage" 1990s kids clothes. So maybe what I'm dealing with is a mid-life crisis.

Or maybe I'm still just upset that I never got those donuts.



  1. Beautiful pictures! I want donuts too. But blue hair? BROCCOLI!

  2. I still think you should go for it with the hair! We canceled Netflix but I do want to see The People vs. OJ. We started it and then canceled Netflix before I finished it! Nothing like a good trial. This past week four young men in a neighboring town went missing. There was a lot of news coverage here because it was local and sadly they found all four men dead and two men confessed to the murders, but I was so hooked onto the updates and everything. I think the whole investigation process is fascinating.

  3. Jordan watched the OJ series a few months ago and got really into it and then I got really into it. I just started Scandal and I'm starting to get really into it. Also I just deleted Instagram like 3 hours ago lol. The struggle is real.

  4. 1) I hate parking in Logan. So Columbus would have probably had me screaming chicken liver.
    2) I love all of those spots in GV. It truly is one the best places. Forever sigh.
    3) YES! I'm itching for change too. SO BAD. Do you know how many times I have declared an Instagram/Social media strike? They last for 0.8 seconds. Both our times are coming! They truly are 💖
    4) I want lavender hair. Let's just do this!

    1. 4) sub edit: or maybe black hair? Like the pit of my soul? Idk, we will discuss such existential crises in a just a few days 💖

    2. I think of you every time I get off Instagram! I'm so over it. It upsets me the way FB used to. No amount of unfollowing seems to help. You would look SO GOOD with lavender hair. SO GOOD.

  5. Rookie move. Never, ever say no to trying doughnuts.

    I love that you have a substitution cuss word. Everyone is going to think you guys are such healthy eaters!

    Do it. Hair recovers. Be young and bold and if you have to live far from your parents embrace it and don't tell them. FaceTime with a hat on.

    I don't understand how you can contemplate getting rid of Instagram. It's my favourite.

  6. How do you have the self control to say BROCCOLI?? I have to literally just say GAH because I'm a Neanderthal.

    1. Ha! More often than not I make some unintelligible growling noises instead.

  7. I love that you use "broccoli" when you're mad. When I worked in a little girls' clothing store I'd say "sugar" instead of curse words because, well, you can't curse at work- especially around 8 and 10 year olds. Lol
    Do something crazy and scratch that itch!

  8. Broccoli! You need to get yourself one of those donuts!

    I have been wanting to put color in my hair too. Or pierce my nose. But I'm too chicken. Go for it!!

    1. This weekend! I'm determined!

      I WILL! Sorry, mom.

  9. Now I want donuts AND broccoli. Because let me ask you this- have you ever roasted broccoli in the oven and the second you take it out, squeeze lemon juice all over it and lightly salt it? It's absolute heaven and it will change your life.

    Now I'm going to dream about broccoli.

  10. WE ARE THE SAME PERSON. Just the thought of driving downtown with all the one-ways and no parking makes me angry cry. I'm sorry.

    Also, dye your hair. I did mine pink and it made me feel a lot better.

  11. I don't do one-way streets or parallel parking. That's basically the reason I don't drive in Malaysia. My other excuse is the one car thing.
    While we were in the states, my Grandpa said something to my sisters and cousins about it being against the 'rules' to color your hair any "ridiculous" colors (my grandpa has a bazillion rules, too many for even him to keep straight). My aunt was like, "Dad, you know Rachel has purple hair, right?" And he's like, "What, no she doesn't!" "Yes, she does." "Well, it must be new." "No. She's had colorful hair for YEARS." "Hmmm. I never saw it."
    So....you would be surprised how much you can get away with people not even noticing brightly colored hair...even if it's neon purple and literally right in your face because it's in your bangs.


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