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2017 is going to go down as the year of the car repair.

On Monday evening, I pulled the beef out of the fridge to make dinner just to realize it had gone bad. The problem was, the meal I was making was supposed to feed us for several nights. In a huff, I drove to the nearest grocery store for some more. I was already an excellent mood, obviously. I got in my car, and the air conditioner would only blow blazing hot air. It was 90 degrees outside and 87% humidity. I could've cooked dinner on the passenger seat. I'm pretty sure I got heat exhaustion from the 7 minute drive.

We took it in this morning, and something called a compressor is broken. I only have a vague understanding of what a compressor is, but what I do know is that it costs $1100 to fix. Remember a few weeks ago when James' car broke down while he was driving to work and cost us another grand? And we just had to buy all new tires and wheels for his car. And it just had some wiring issues we had to fix. And we've both had about 17 flat tires and dead batteries since New Years. We literally started off New Years with a broken down car and it has been the theme of the year. We have had not one car issue in 6 years of marriage and I think they've all decided to pile up at the same time. It wouldn't be such an issue if we hadn't desperately scraped every last penny together over the past few years to buy a house, only to spend every cent of that money on car repairs. And my car still desperately needs tires!

I think God might be trying to teach us something here. With the way God has provided for us lately, I'm listening. I'm done worrying about it. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

In lighter news, how was your 4th of July? We had a pretty quiet but fun day. We took Gracie to the pool in the morning, and she was out of her mind excited. We swam and splashed and, I was definitely the envy of the pool with my 2001 NYSNC towel. If that's not enough to make me feel old, something in my shoulder got very wonked up from holding Gracie in the pool, and I can barely move my right arm without screaming. We took her outside in the afternoon to teach her to ride her tricycle. She's still slightly small for it, but she's slowly getting the hang of it. She'll be fine once she grows another inch. We didn't do fireworks because it's a little too late to keep her up, and it was so bloody hot I had some heat exhaustion issues from being outside so much. It was a good excuse to have a pineapple and a watermelon popsicle. Don't you ever say I don't know how to party.

This morning we dropped my car off at the shop, which is turning into our second home at this point, to get the AC fixed. I woke up with a migraine and felt like I was drugged along with that alternate-reality sensation that sometimes comes with it. We dropped James off at work, and I was very confused on how to get out of the parking lot because it's gated with security guards. In my migraine stupor, I had left the house wearing clothes that are barely a step up from pajamas with insane bedhead. Well-dressed, important looking people were flocking around the car on the way to their offices, and I was so wrapped up in trying to find the exit that I drove James' car up and over the curb right in front of the entrance of the building.  First impressions haven't always been my strong suit. I was mortified. I screamed "OH MY GOSH" which I'm trying not to do, because Gracie has been saying it constantly and I don't think it's 2 year old appropriate (probably because I was never allowed to say it as a kid and I still feel my mom's glare if I say it--hi mom!). Every time she says it, I say "we don't say that, Gracie" and I give her an alternate phrase. Well, after I screamed it, Gracie said "Mama! We don't say oh my gosh!"

She keeps me humble in more ways than one. I'm loving this age of hilarious toddler phrases. James got her out of the crib the other day, and she ran into our room to wake me up. The first thing I heard that morning was "MAMA! What happened? Did you poop?" I didn't, but what a way to wake up. Every time we leave the house lately, she has a whole list of things she asks if we can take. "We take Pooh Bear? And Mickey Mouse? And hat?" and then she looks at me, very concerned and asks "Mama, we take my toes? And my knees?" More than once she has asked to take the toilet and the bathroom door with us. I have no idea, but bless her. This is probably not interesting to anyone but my family, but I never want to forget these cute little comments.

Since we're in the middle of summer, I threw together a summer playlist. Music is so seasonal to me, and I swear I can hear the humidity and heat in some of these songs. I cobbled a bunch of these songs from other playlists I've listened to and loved, and I even threw some of my old favorites in that you've probably seen before. My inspiration was a funky, jazzy, 1960s vibe. Some songs are from the 60s, some just sound like it, and some don't at all, but they just feel summery to me. This playlist makes me want to put on a sundress, cat eye sunglasses, and red lipstick, and cruise down the road in a convertible on the way to a pool party with the cast of Mad Men.

Not that I've thought about that or anything...


  1. OH MY GOSH we are so related. I feel like the story of you driving around in the work parking lot is akin to my every day life. That's just too hilarious about Gracie. I love what she says too, so please keep them coming. You need to compile them all in a journal somewhere!

    1. Hahaha! It's the story of my life, too! I might have to start a post series on her little quotes :)

  2. I love your wake-up call. It may be the first of its kind, ever!

  3. I'm driving to the shore tomorrow so I think I'm going to listen to this playlist then!

    I'm sure it wasn't funny in the moment but I'm cracking up about you hopping the curb at the office! What a bummer about your car. That's so expensive to fix! Ugh. If all else fails maybe Gracie could tow you guys around on her trike because she sure looks cute!

  4. Car troubles are the absolute worst. So expensive and so inconvenient!!

    Your 4th of July sounds like it was perfect. Ain't no party like a pool party...with nobody else around. ;)

    I personally wouldn't mind full blog posts dedicated to Gracie-isms............hint, hint.

  5. Car repairs are awful. So expensive, but unfortunately so necessary.

    I love the crazy things toddlers say. I would also read a full post of Gracie-isms. :)

  6. Haha, Gracie's little concerns are so cute! Toes are pretty important, it would be sad to forget them. ;-)

  7. I love Gracie's leave-the-house checklist! That's hilarious! Also, it's very important upon waking up in the morning to ensure that you did not, in fact, poop. Hahahaha!
    Hope your car troubles stop soon!!

  8. We're dealing with car drama too and with the looming hospital bill it's unnerving to have car problems on top of it. Thankfully my car only cost us around $300, but that was after spending $400 on Nick's car a couple weeks ago. Also Nick's car is leaking something so we really need to have it looked at.

    I've started writing down the cute things my kids say, because I don't want to forget them. On the 4th my niece (who's 10) said how a firework sucked and Evelyn exclaimed "Yeah, it sucked!" All of us adults were stifling laughter. I wish I was better about my choice of words around my kids, I'm lucky they don't say more things that they shouldn't!

  9. There is really nothing fun about putting money into your car. I'm sorry. So stoked about this new playlist though! Music is so seasonal to me too. I make all my playlists based on the time of year. I can't listen to Bon Iver in the summer or Bruce Hornsby in the winter etc.

  10. Hehe! I've never owned a car with air conditioning!

  11. Broken stuff is the worst, but I love that you're just giving it up to God. Our AC and fridge both needed replacing this week and when we crunched the numbers they were almost exactly what we got back on our taxes. In still hoping you guys get that surprise inheritance soon.

    My kids are sleeping and I'm trying to enjoy my coffee quietly but Gracie is cracking me up. I couldn't help but giggle out loud. She's amazing. Parker is funny about some stuff, too, but he's more likely to cry because he can't bring all that stuff with him.


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