currently, vol. 32

reading: Charlotte Bronte: A Fiery Heart by Claire Harman. Her books are making so much more sense now.

watching: always The Office. I'm going to need some show recommendations one of these days. You all know me pretty well, what should I watch?

drinking: coffee. This isn't new information, but you'll see why I especially need it in a little bit.

eating: a few chocolate covered pretzels

smelling: the rain outside. I'm reeeeeaaaalllll tempted to pull out a fall candle.

loving: remember the donut saga? I finally got them on Saturday. They were absolutely worth the wait.

dreaming: my brain went completely off the rails the other night. I made the mistake of scrolling through a reddit thread about a missing person and all the conspiracy theories before bed. Even though I chased it with 30 minutes of a Charlotte Bronte biography, I dreamed that my cousin was missing. In my dream, I had a magic wand I could wave around to see if he was hiding nearby, but I had to be careful because he didn't want to be found, and if I found him he would kill me. I woke up in the middle of the night from Gracie screaming hysterically. She very rarely wakes up at night, and I never fully came out of my dream. I became hysterical that she was upset. James was already up using the bathroom and I started screaming about how something is wrong with Gracie and he needs to go check on her. I was too scared to go in her room because I was afraid my cousin was hiding there and he'd kill me but I couldn't get the words to explain it to James, all I could get myself to say is that something was very wrong. He couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I also thought it was 11am and James was leaving for the airport for his business trip, and I thought it seemed dark for late morning, but that it must be raining or something. It wasn't until James went to calm Gracie that I looked at my phone, realized it was 2:36 am, and slowly started to separate reality from my dream. I fell back to sleep and had several dreams about blog friends, one including a road trip with Sarah to a yodeling festival. I HAVE NO IDEA. It's no wonder I woke up with a throbbing headache and feeling like I was hit by a truck. A few nights before that, James told me I was "crying wildly" in my sleep which I've never done before. I'm starting to understand why I've been so exhausted lately.

intrigued by: my grandma took a DNA test to get a better idea of our ancestry. As expected, I'm mostly British/Irish/Scandinavian, but I AM ALSO JEWISH. Is it weird that I'm very excited about this? Never in a million years did I think I was Jewish. Granted, it's only a very tiny amount, due to a fleeing Jew who married a European relative in the 1700s. My parents FaceTimed me to tell me this interesting piece of information over the weekend, and now I'm demanding we celebrate Hanukkah AND Christmas. It's just nice to know I'm one of God's chosen people.

cooking: spinach lasagna

listening to: I'm in a music rut. Help.

buying: my beloved mustard cardigan finally had to be thrown out a few years ago once it became full of holes from years of wear and tear. As it's illegal to be a millennial female and not wear a mustard cardigan every October, I've been on the hunt for one for two years, but last fall they were sold out everywhere. I bought one on Sunday. It's oversized and chunky and long, and I am now ready for summer to end. It's currently in the 60s during what is usually the hottest time of year, so I think this cardigan may have some special powers.

annoyed by: this is probably an unpopular opinion (I could write a whole post on those), but I am so tired of people selling their clothes on Instagram. I mean, I understand wanting to earn money, but I am NOT going to pay $5 less than what you paid for it, especially when it's been worn and even damaged. It shocks me what people try to sell used clothes for. Maybe give baby clothes to a pregnant mom? Or donate your clothes where people less fortunate can buy them? It just irks me.  That being said, my friend just posted a banner for sale that I've been wanting for years but didn't want to spend money on, so I snagged it for a little cheaper than new, so I guess a part of me understands. Also annoyed by: people who have unhealthy obsessions and/or instagram accounts for their pets (same goes for babies). Also: any and all pyramid schemes (I know, I know, they're technically MLMs, but the line is so fine and STOP TRYING TO SELL ME THINGS), and boomerangs--especially when someone is shaking a drink or waving paper or something. Instant nausea.

Go ahead, stone me.

excited for: MY MOM IS VISITING NEXT WEEK! I could cry I'm so excited.


  1. I would love a post on unpopular opinions. I think I might have to write one because I have several too. One of the things that drives me nuts is when people post instagram stories asking their dogs to do things that dogs cannot possibly do. Like, "Come on Sparky, say hello!"

    Drives. Me. Nuts.

    Today totally feels like fall here too. I am a major summer fan, but the gray day and hint of chill in the air are making me feel so happy and cozy today.

  2. Post your unpopular opinions! Odds are ,I'll agree with most if not all of them.

    That is so cool that you're part Jewish!! Isaiah is too, which means so is Imogen. I'm a smidge jealous! He (and she) also have some Norwegian in them. I'm all the boring ones - English, Scottish, German. Yippee.

    Sooo where is this cardigan from?? I have been wanting a mustard cardigan for several years but either can't find one when I'm ready to buy one or fail to pull the trigger when I do.

    TV shows...I can't remember, do you like European mystery/dramas? If so... Hinterland, Shetland, Broadchurch and Happy Valley are ones we like!

    Music...I'm in a rut too, but have been listening to the Starlight by Bethel album nonstop lately. Good for singing along while trying to put a stubborn sleeper down for a nap. ;)

  3. I've only had my mustard cardigan for a year but I adore it and feel like a real person when I wear it. May it never die. Also, it's been cooler than boiling hot lately (still hot, though) and I'm LOVING it. I can't wait fit fall. I'm so excited for pants and cardigans instead of shorts and tank tops. But never winter.

    Your poor husband. I'm irrational and unintelligible when Karl comes to bed if I'm asleep but thankfully no night time weeping. Yet.

    Yes to Hanukkah. Any excuse!

    I've been watching Friends From College and have mixed feelings. It's entertaining but not funny like I was hoping. Kind of depressing. I just finished Kimmy Schmidt. When you find something good, do tell.

    YES DOUGHNUTS. I'm so happy for you.

  4. Peace Love and Little Donuts is sooooo gooooood!! We have a few up here near me!
    I have such a hard time separating dreams from reality, especially when I'm jolted awake by something. It's so terrible... I feel like I'm giving my brain a heart attack every time something like that happens.
    I've been ready for fall since May- cardigan or no cardigan.
    Enjoy all that time with your mom!!!

  5. I need TV recommendations too! I spend so much time sitting on the couch nursing that I've started watching Party of 5! Mostly because it's ok for my kids to see where as most stuff isn't. If you haven't watched Turn you need to! It's on Netflix.

    I completely agree about people selling their stuff on Instagram. It seems pretty ridiculous to me the price some people want for things. I just wear my clothes till they fall apart or they go to our city mission. I'm planning to give all my maternity clothes and baby items to some friends who are currently pregnant and tell them to pass them on when they're done.

  6. TV recommendations. I mean...I'm watching The Office again too, so I always always always recommend re-watching that. I've also been watching Last Man Standing; I like it.

    I don't understand the outrageous prices people charge for used clothes. You better believe I'm not going to pay close to original price for clothes that have been worn and that have someone else's stank on them.

    1. We love Last Man Standing!

      Someone is trying to sell $100 used shoes right now. I have no words.

  7. I also find it much more appealing when people give their old stuff to people who could use it than try to make a buck off of everything. You already bought it once, so you accepted the original cost, it's not like you MUST make back some of that investment if you don't keep it forever. We did sell some of our big stuff when we moved overseas, like our couch and xbox and sewing machine--but at HUGE discounts because I loved the excitement of strangers who were getting good deals. But the vast majority of our stuff we just gave to cousins and siblings and friends who were starting out in life and needed stuff. I gave my car to my cousin because she needed one for college--granted, it was a 20 year old car with probably no retail value, but it was still a fully-functional car with a lot of miles left in it, and she still drives it everyday and has had almost no problems with it in years and that makes me so happy. My main plan for baby is that people will hopefully feel like giving us their old baby stuff they don't need anymore--I think it adds so much to community when people are willing to give away what they don't need to keep.
    Your grandma's ancestry thing is quite interesting--with those surprising results! Some of the family gave my grandma one of those tests for Mother's Day a few years ago but I never heard the results. She was adopted out of an extremely abusive family and doesn't consider them her family at all, so I was not sure what she would think about an ancestry test. On that side of the family, what we know of is all Irish and Welsh background, but my mom and her siblings are a bunch of black-haired tan-skinned people. Her brother was one time accused of denying his Hispanic heritage by a complete stranger. Even blog readers have asked me random things like is my mom half-Korean or various other suggestions. The reality is we don't actually know half of their ancestry.

  8. So interesting, my mom took the ancestry test and found out we were also Jewish! Which was super surprising since we thought most of our ancestors were Irish or Italian Catholics. She then made a joke about Jewish people being thrifty or something and said it was ok because she was Jewish... I don't think that's how it works, mom. So stoked for you that yours is coming to visit!

  9. Those donuts look like they are worth the wait! Oh man, those look so, so good.
    I think it's awesome that you're part Jewish! Celebrate that heritage :) Since I'm currently watching The Office (just saw the episode where Jim and Pam FINALLY get engaged!!!!), my biggest show recommendation at present is The Office. Sorry, that's not very helpful. Also, do you like musicals? Anytime I'm in a music rut, I just listen to stuff from musicals. It's quite fun! Especially because it makes me feel obligated to start dancing with random household objects as I sing.

  10. Yay for donuts! Good things come to those who wait.


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