from the week, vol. 1

I'm going to start a new thing. Every week or two, I'm going to write a bullet point style post about all the little things that happened that don't necessitate their own post. My favorite blog posts aren't usually the ones with grandiose ideas, but the ones about everyday life. And if I didn't write about all the small moments of life, I would literally have nothing to write about.

1. You probably didn't hear about it, but there was a solar eclipse on Monday. I know a partial eclipse is not as grand as a total eclipse, but I was still kind of excited and wore my NASA shirt in anticipation. It was a clear, sunny day until 1:00, when the whole thing started. The clouds rushed in and it was grey and dreary. I was so annoyed and never got to see the crescent shadows like everyone else. I didn't get eclipse glasses, but I did the old school thing and made a pinhole viewer with a two pieces of paper. I used Gracie's coloring paper and a kitchen knife to make it, so it was very scientific and definitely NASA approved. When the eclipse hit its peak at 2:30, I sat outside and watched while Gracie napped. The lighting was so strange...so muted, eerie, and a lot like dusk. It got noticeably cooler, the crickets started chirping, and in fact one cricket is STILL chirping in broad daylight. I can't find it, but I suspect it's in the huge bush outside and I'm getting close to setting it on fire. Anywho, as soon as the eclipse was over, the sun came out. Of course.

Confession: I looked at the eclipse with the naked eye. Twice. On accident, honestly. I was terrified I was going to wake up blind the next morning, but so far so good. As one of my friends said, it was basically National Retina Awareness Day, which I'm still laughing about. I've never worried so much about my retinas before.

The next eclipse is in 2024, and my city happens to be smack in the middle of the path of totality, so I'll be taking reservations for visitors willing to sleep on the couch. I'm hoping we'll actually have a guest room at that point, but with the way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if we don't.

2. This week I did something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and I started waking up early to exercise. My alarm is set for 6:17, but so far I haven't been able to get up without hitting the snooze button twice. I think I have to teach myself how to be a morning person again. I used to wake up at 5-5:30 every morning before work to run, and how I did that I have no idea. I was going to hit the gym, but the two mornings I managed it, I decided to walk through the neighborhood instead. The sun was rising, I listened to some classical music, and watched the kids get on the school bus. I want to throw up from exhaustion as I'm leaving, but it wakes me up and leaves me feeling so refreshed.

3. It's basically September which means it's basically FALL. Some of the leaves have the slightest twinge of color, the temperatures are in the low 70s, and yesterday I pulled out the first fall candle of the season and lit it during nap time. Instead of replacing my usual Mrs. Meyers all-purpose spray, I bought the Method honeycrisp apple scent. MY HOUSE SMELLS LIKE SEPTEMBER. Definitely did NOT turn on Christmas music, though...

4. Tuesday was a reeeeeaaaaaallllyyyy bad day, so I was determined to make Wednesday a little more bearable. I treated myself to an iced latte and took Gracie to the library to play. We wound up wandering around Walmart, and she spotted a Minnie Mouse shirt. Correction: she spotted a ridiculous Minnie Mouse dress with a froofy tutu, glitter, and matching leggings. Lol NO. I have never been a fan of character shirts, because so many of them are garish and fugly, but I redirected her attentions to a shirt that was slightly tamer. She fell in love. I bought it for her, because if a $5 Minnie Mouse shirt means endless joy and excitement for her, I'm on board. She put it on after her nap, then slept in it, then wore it the whole next day. I think we might have a new red hat situation.

5. I had a dermatologist appointment at 8:00 yesterday morning, 30 minutes away, which means I had to wake up hideously early to beat rush hour traffic, so that is never happening again. I'm mostly mentioning it because the last few have rendered me nearly bedridden for a week before because I am SO TERRIFIED of being diagnosed with melanoma. Last year, I had a suspicious mole removed that turned out to be benign, but it was a stressful two weeks of waiting. For some reason, I didn't have a hint of nerves this time (THIS IS A HUGE DEAL) until I walked into the exam room, where I nearly spit up my yogurt. I'm happy to report that everything looked good, though he told me I have very "special" skin, in that it's so befreckled and spattered with moles that it requires a lot of attention. If you remember, I had my physical a few weeks ago. This is a big deal because I got two scary doctor appointments out of the way this month. I haven't been this stress-free about my health since childhood. Now if someone will schedule a dentist appointment for me...

6. If you need an afternoon treat, the Mocha Joe Joes from Trader Joe's are heaven sent. They're basically oreos with a coffee-flavored filling. HELLO.

7. Still not listening to Christmas music.

8. Or am I?



  1. I didn't get to see the crescent shadows either! Very disappointing. Lucky you that you only have to wait 7 years to be in the path of totality...I have to wait until 2045! Unless we take a trip to Texas in 2024...which I don't know, we just might.

  2. Love this idea! I've been wanting a way to keep track of the small moments as well. Maybe I will join you in this :)
    I was pretty upset that I missed the eclipse shadows too! All of the photos were so cool 😍
    I'm so jealous you have the self discipline to get up early of a morning and exercise. I would also love to have that and to have a little time to read my bible and drink some coffee before the craziness of the day ensues.

    1. Do it!! I always say I'm going to journal, but I decided I'm just not a journal person, so I'll do it here instead.

      I really love the early mornings. I drink some coffee, read my Bible, and try to wake up for 30-45 minutes. Don't be too impressed by the working out...this morning I tried to start running again and almost threw up on the side of the road after 3 minutes 😬😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. The 2024 eclipse is going right over my parents' house! Jordan is already planning our trip down there. Ha! I'm excited!

  4. That National Retina Awareness Day comment cracks me up :)
    Good job making it outside early! I had one solid week of early morning wakeups to go running or exercise, and then I got hit with the summer bug that was making its rounds here in Oklahoma, so I was stuck in bed for a week. And this week, I've been severely lacking in motivation. I went Monday, and I was going to get up early and run today, but it was raining so I just took the extra sleep. It's cool outside today (and pouring rain), and now that I'm reading about you Falltiming it up, I think I'm going to go light a candle :)

  5. I think your forgot to include your eclipse selfie... :)

    1. Hahahaha NO WAY. I can't believe I even sent it to you guys.

  6. your. letter. board. is. everything. to me. right now.
    also, the reason you were able to get up so early before is because of no kids. because kids steal your sleep and ability to be productive.

    1. I am so glad you noticed it!!!

      So true. My energy levels are abysmal.

  7. Obviously I'm going to have to try this Method spray...
    I hate waking up early to exercise but I hate exercising in the afternoon/at the end of the day even more. It's such a terrible predicament to be in...
    Now you have me longing for some rat pack Christmas music... darn you....

  8. Wait. There was an eclipse?
    We were in the car for most of it. I didn't look at it at all but it was pretty interesting to see how eerily dusky and dark it was in the middle of the day.

    Every day bullet-type posts are my favorite, and make up the majority of my blog.

    When I lived in Florida I would go to the fitness center at my apartment complex in the morning during the week, and go to hot yoga on Saturday mornings. Apparently I was a very different person then.



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