currently, vol. 33

reading: Schindler's List. I CANNOT get through this blasted book. I'm going on 3 weeks which is ridiculous for me. I love the story, but the book is terrible.

watching: We're finally finishing Frasier which is devastating. We paused and watched Victoria. OH MY HEAVENS. This is filling the Downton Abbey-shaped hole in my heart. I have the book the show is based on waiting for me if I can ever get through Schindler's List.

drinking: Coffee. Duh.

eating: I've been eating scrambled eggs for lunch every day because I still haven't gone to the grocery store since getting home. Tomorrow!

smelling: Something smells rotten and it's driving me crazy. I can't figure out where it's coming from. I should light a candle, but it's blazing hot outside and I can't bring myself to light fall candles when it feels like July. The weather and I are not getting along at the moment.

annoyed by: This week is gonna drive me to drink. Nothing bad necessarily has happened, but it's been stressful. We drove home on Monday. As luck would have it, my insomnia kicked in and I laid awake in bed all night long until my alarm went off at 6:14 am. Normally it's all I can do to keep us fed and alive on the days after a night like that, but I had to drive through 4 states. I prayed a lot of prayers and drank a lot of coffee. I managed to keep it together, but Gracie did not. She cried and screamed for about 4 or 5 hours total. It was stressful. I also got a call during a particularly rough part of the drive that our rent check hadn't been filled out correctly. A couple hours from home, I pulled off to get gas and heard a horrible sound. The only thing I could think was that the exhaust pipe was dragging behind the car. It sounded like grinding metal on asphalt or something equally terrible. I had a near panic attack about being stranded in rural Indiana. I examined the whole car and everything looked normal. I prayed for safety, called my dad in hysterics, and started the car again. The sound was completely gone. Just as I pulled in the parking lot at home, the sound came back worse then ever. It literally sounded like my car was falling apart as I was driving it. James, the furtherest thing from an alarmist, heard the sound and said "that sounds horrible and very expensive." We were stressballs all night worrying about the cost of yet ANOTHER car repair. We took it in the next morning. 6 hours later they called back.

It was a pebble.

It was only a tiny little rock that got caught in the wheel. It would occasionally knock around and make horrible noises. A PEBBLE. I am so relieved. I was convinced we would have to sell our kidneys to pay for whatever was wrong. It was an unnecessary and criminal amount of stress. I truly believe God held the sound off until I pulled in at home, because the car did NOT sound safe to drive and I don't know what I would've done if it hadn't stopped. I also lost the lid to my Hydroflask water bottle that I use everyday. Please respect my privacy in this time of grief.

Gracie has decided not to sleep on road trips anymore. She hasn't slept more than 20 minutes on a trip in the last YEAR. Even though she was sleep-deprived beyond words, she napped a measly 20 minutes on the way home and zero minutes on the way there. She didn't nap yesterday, and she fought her nap for 2 hours today. I can handle nap strikes MUCH better than I used to since we're getting to the age of inconsistent naps, but after the past few days I NEEDED SOME SILENCE. As soon as she fell asleep, the neighbors turned on their thumping base. The same sound we heard at midnight last night. Jesus take the wheel.

loving: my Bible Study. It has taken me years of work to make friends at church and to feel a part of everything. I still have a long way to go, but this Bible Study has been such a blessing to me and exactly what I need right now. I feel giddy about going every week. Gracie loves the people who watch the kids and I love being with the women, which is something I never thought I would say. It's completely uncharacteristic of me to keep pushing and trying to make a Bible Study/friendship work, but it has been so worth it.

dreaming: I had the weirdest dream last night that the Kroger produce man and I were holding hands. Not in a romantic way, just because we wanted to walk around holding hands? If he's working when I go grocery shopping tomorrow, I'm not going to be able to make eye contact with him.

cooking: My MIL is coming this weekend and specifically requested chili, so I guess that's what I'll be making.

listening to: The Modern Post. Their versions of Before the Throne of God and Rock of Ages have been on repeat lately. SO GOOD.

buying: Don't talk to me about how many clothes and pajamas Gracie has. Just don't.

happy about: While Gracie was having words with the monitor about her nap, I sorted through her toy box and got a huge bag of baby toys to get rid of/pack up, which means I have more room to store toys that have been sitting out. It looks less like a daycare now and more like adults live here too and I am thrilled. James surprised me and ordered a new rug for our living room that I've been wanting for months. It was on the floor when I walked in the door Monday night. It makes everything look happier, which makes me happier. I've also finally talked him into a mustard chair that I've had my sights on for ages. Since it looks like we'll be retiring in this townhouse, I might as well make it my own.

If only I could soundproof the walls...


  1. How how how does a pebble cause so much noise (and stress)??! Wow! Glad it wasn't anything major :)
    And yay for the Bible study being worth it and working out! I'm so happy for you and Gracie!

  2. I'm so glad it was ONLY a pebble after all that!!!

    What is it with babies/toddlers and not wanting to nap? Don't they know how good they have it with their unlimited number of hours they could be using to sleep?? I'm so jealous. I want to be a baby again, I'd take FULL advantage of that.

    PICTURES OF THE MUSTARD CHAIR!!! AND NEW RUG!!! So glad you finally got some updated decor, it's not like you can't take it with you WHEN you move!

    Also, YAAASSSS to the Bible study finally working out!

    ALSO, weird dream sympathy - last night I dreamed that my husband was my ex-boyfriend and I was divorcing him because we were house hunting and had an appointment to view a house and he took my sister instead of me. ???????

  3. Your car repair story had me getting stressed for you and then I actually giggled out loud in the hair salon (aka PUBLIC) when I read annoy the pebble. I'm glad things worked out this time.

    Are you telling me you've actually been making it to Bible study without serious injury? Praise the Lord!

    I agree with Angi, show us the new living room goods!

    I just packed away the play mat and bouncy chair this week and my living room looks five times bigger. Freedom! (Ish...)


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