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We're at that age where Gracie is saying the weirdest, most hilarious things. I completely understand that these are probably 0% funny to most people, but if I write them here I know I'll always have them to look back on. No matter how often I try to keep a journal, I just can't make it a thing. Blogging is my journal. Here is just a tiny peek into the conversations of a 2 year old.

Grabs her nose and pretends to throw it as I'm trying to get her out of the carseat. 
Gracie: "Mommy, I throw my nose up in the tree!"

Lays on my bed staring at the ceiling fan: 
Gracie: "Hi Mr. Fan. You go get me a snack Mr. Fan? Thank you, Mr. Fan. Have a good day."

Walks up to James multiple times a day
"Hi, Mrs. Daddy!"

While stopped at a red light, a blue garbage truck pulls up nearby. 
Gracie: "MOMMY! Mommy look! It's a blue truck!"
Me: "It is! It's a garbage truck!"
Gracie: "No mommy, it's not a garbage truck, it's a blue truck."

While trying to persuade her to eat her vegetables at my parents' house.
Me: "Try your broccoli, it's so yummy! Mommy is eating her broccoli. Grammy and Grandpa are eating their broccoli."
Gracie: "No thanks. I don't need it right now."
Me: "Gracie, eat some broccoli."
Gracie (looks at me, completely deadpan): "You eat it."

While James was brushing her hair, he accidentally touched her arm.
Gracie: “NO DADDY! That’s my arm! I’m using it!”

We were walking to the car in the morning, and Gracie saw that the windshield was covered in condensation:
Gracie: "Mama, what is that?"
Me: "It's called dew."
G: "Dude. It's called dude."
Me: "Dew."
G: "Dude. It's a dude. There's an icky dude up in the car, mama."

Me: "What color do you want your room to be?"
Gracie: "Rainbow pizza!"


  1. I ask inanimate objects to get me snacks all the time. I've had little success. If Gracie finds a cooperative household appliance let me know.
    I love the broccoli sass!

  2. SHE IS THE BEST! Please never stop posting G baby stories <3

  3. Rainbow pizza is my aesthetic also. She is so far ahead of her time.

  4. I can't even wait to see the rainbow pizza bedroom.

  5. Gettin' real tired of Blogger not posting my comments when I do them on my phone...ANYWHO.

    I LOVE this and as far as I'm concerned you can do posts full of Gracie-isms every single day and I'd never get sick of them. Her rainbow pizza bedroom reminds me of my sister when she was little, always saying she wanted a bedroom painted like Toys R Us (remember when they used to have rainbow painted siding?).

    G and her broccoli sass. I love it.

  6. Rainbow pizza-painted room sounds legit. I have about a 4-hour conversatino with a 4-year old ever day and these kids still never stop to crack me up. My sister walked into the room and found him playing with toys that he hadn't asked for permission to get out, and he knows the rules. He just looked up, and said seriously: "You didn't see anything."

  7. "There's an icky dude up in the car." Day made.

  8. Haha these are so funny. I love "you eat it!" LOL! Please make her a rainbow pizza bedroom. I bet it would be a total hit on Pinterest!

  9. "There's an icky dude up in the car" is sitcom worthy. Gracie for president.


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