a list of things that happened this weekend

Let it be known I'm writing this while watching a Hallmark Christmas movie. Tis the season. I can love Thanksgiving AND Christmas. Just like I can be really into my lunch but also excited for dinner.

+ On Friday night, I made a loaf of homemade bread and cheesy corn chowder. I was looking forward to this meal all week because it was supposed to be freezing cold and I love soup and bread when it's cold. It had been a long day, and I wasn't thinking and put the bacon in RAW. We picked every last piece out and boiled the soup because it was too much effort and food to throw out. Gracie and I ate it, loved it (well, I did), and were fine. James, on the other hand, was not. I think I gave my husband food poisoning.

+ I woke up Saturday morning, and the first thing I did was swipe my hair out of my face. Somehow I scratched my cheek so deeply it was bleeding. I've been walking around all weekend with a giant gash covering my entire left face cheek. And the swollen, bruised bump on my nose that Gracie gave me when she accidentally slammed the rim of a measuring cup on the bridge of my nose is still healing, so I look like I've had a rough week.

+ I had some errands to run Saturday morning. I started listening to the Dirty John podcast that Sarah recommended, and it's the best recommendation I've gotten in awhile. I'm hooked.  I'm in a bit of a music rut, so I was looking for a good podcast and I was literally driving on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what happened next. It was actually a great way to spend a Saturday morning--I didn't even mind the traffic.

+ I finally got to the point that I was completely out of makeup and needed more. I enjoy makeup, but I hate spending money on it, I rarely wear it these days, and honestly I have no idea what to pick out. An Ulta opened up near us recently, so I went for the first time. The second I walked in, the angels started singing. I'm not that much of a makeup person, but I felt tingly and excited and like I finally understood why people are always writing those Ulta/Sephora recommendation posts. I got so overwhelmed I walked out with things I could've gotten at any drugstore, but my entire Christmas list is a string of Ulta links. And books. Always books. But you guys---I might be a makeup person now. It's so fun. Now if someone will just teach me the right shade of lipstick to wear. I had a prepaid credit card/gift card we'd been holding onto, and I used it and only spent $5 of my own money. Then I walked down to Carter's to get Gracie some tights. They were buy one/get one and I had rewards points, so I spent $4 total on two pairs of tights. I felt like I could conquer the world.

+ I had to run to Target next, and their dollar section is amazing for kid stocking stuffers even though that's not what I went for. I grabbed a bunch of things Gracie will LOVE and spent $5 total. It was one of those very rare days where the stars aligned and I hit every deal possible. Those stocking stuffers whet my appetite, and before I knew what happened I had fallen down the Christmas shopping hole. I rack up Swagbucks points and Ibotta rewards all year and cash them out in Amazon giftcards around Christmas. I did most of my Christmas shopping on Amazon yesterday afternoon and paid a fraction of the actual cost. I have the bulk of my Christmas shopping done and it's not even Thanksgiving! My plan is to have it finished and as much wrapped as possible before Thanksgiving. I don't know what's gotten into me this year.

+ I dropped some books off at the library, and the sign said it's closing in just over a week for construction and remodeling. They aren't opening the temporary location until January. You win some, you lose some.

+ Gracie helped me feed the cat the other day, and it’s officially become her new chore. I had nothing to do with it. Every morning she goes in the pantry, scoops out cat food in a cup, and dumps it in the food bowl. All on her own! She gets so excited to give Noel her “cereal.” This parenting thing might pay off after all. If only she was old enough to introduce her to the litter box.

+ Saturday night, Gracie helped me decorate our little tabletop Christmas tree. She is WILD about Christmas this year and it's so fun. "Mommy, I WUV Chri-mist!" It somehow led to me pulling out Christmas candles and putting a few pumpkins away. I've got a weird mesh of fall and Christmas decorations up right now and I'm not bothered.

+ All within a few hours the whisk, the zester, and our brand new coffee table broke.

+ Gracie is going through a nasty bout of separation anxiety and needs to be physically attached to me 24/7. It's sweet but exhausting. She hates going to the nursery now except for the fact that she knows there's a Mickey Mouse toy she can play with. I had to sit in there with her so she wouldn't scream. James took her last week, so I figured I would do it this week. I was more than a little annoyed with the situation, but I wound up spending the service talking and making a new friend. I felt a little guilty, but I didn't hate it.

+ I was scared to cook again, especially since I was dumb enough to meal plan TWO soups with bacon in them in one week (actually--is that dumb??). I tried this recipe for a roasted butternut squash, red pepper, and bacon soup. I made extra sure to cook the bacon and cook it well. I don't know what the deal was, but the texture was AWFUL. It was gritty and weird no matter how much I used the immersion blender. The flavor, however, was RIDICULOUS. So good. Make it now. Ignore the texture and make it now and then try not to gulp it down.

Moral of the story: life is weird, and don't trust me to cook for you right now.


  1. i have so many feelings about the dirty john podcast! (i'm actually writing a blog post about it. haha!)

    i have the same fascination with ulta! i only let myself go in there if i have a gift card because it turns into me thinking i need all the things.

    1. Please write a blog post!! I haven't even finished the first episode (I feel weird listening to it when G is around), but if I had it my way I'd lock myself in a room and blow through the whole thing.

      I can completely understand that. It's all I can do to not go back every single day.

  2. We need to go make up shopping sometime! I don’t buy very much, but when I do- I buy the good stuff!! Haha. I love the Too Faced eye shadow palettes. Mom just got me one called Kandee AND IT SMELLS LIKE CANDY EVERYTIME I USE IT!!!

    1. YES WE DO!!! I’ve heard of Too Faced but I’ve never used them! I have an Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palette and it’s my favorite but I’ve nearly used it up.

    2. YOU NEED a Too Faced palette!! My favorite (of the ones I've tried so far) is the Chocolate Bar palette. The colors are great and it smells like cocoa. Win-win.

  3. I discovered the magic of Ulta a year or so ago... And then we got one in our local mall! Yay! (But also ughhh because $$$ lol.)
    That shopping trip sounds awesome!!
    Bummer about the bacon... but yay on good tasting soups? Haha!

  4. I'm not so much a makeup person either, but I love Ulta. They have EVERYTHING. And the beauty of buying things there that you can get at the drugstore is that Ulta rewards are great. And you get a full size gift + extra reward points on your birthday!

  5. I love good deals, and good deals with gift cards give me life. If that sounds shallow I don't care because I got energized reading about your good deals.

    I always get my makeup from the drug store but I've heard good things about Sephora so I'm going to be brave when my foundation runs out in 6 months and go in there. I find makeup stores intimidating. Is that what Ulta is? I've never heard of it.

    It's 10:30 at night, but I'm half tempted to make than butternut squash soup right now. It sounds amazing!

  6. Ulta = makeup mecca. I might have mentioned this before, but I HAVE to already have in mind what I'm looking for when I go in there, otherwise I get completely overwhelmed and can't find anything I want. My biggest struggle, though, is all the sample size stuff they shove in your face right as you get to the checkout line. Why yes, I guess I DO need a $10 mini mascara and five new lip balms and hey, this face serum looks interesting and it's only $5! Oy.

    So I could totally look this up myself but I'm lazy...what's the Dirty John podcast.

  7. The second half of your life is about to begin now that Gracie is doing chores! You are going to LOVE it.

  8. I've only been in an Ulta once, during our last trip to the USA, but it was pretty cool. We do have a Sephora here and I like taking a peek inside to see all the pretty things. Makeup is typically on my Christmas list. I have basically no Christmas shopping done but I have been doing some Christmas sewing of gifts for a few of the ladies around here. At least my sisters are easy--Angel and I have a tradition of taking them out for a special Christmas outing as their gift...either out of shopping laziness or promoting experiences over stuff, it's hard to tell which... ;P


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