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reading: I finished Church of the Small Things by Melanie Shankle last night. We share the same sense of humor and I found her very entertaining, and I very much like her overall outlook on life. I just had trouble relating to most of the book. She spends a lot of time talking about growing up in the 70s and 80s. Every memoir I've ever read talks about the 70s and 80s. I'm ready for the day I pick up a memoir and find myself immersed in memories of Lisa Frank, Tamagotchis, and butterfly hair clips.

watching: James and I succumbed. We hopped on the bandwagon and I'm so ashamed. We're watching Stranger Things. We just finished season 1, and I have to say, I don't hate it. It's creepy and weird, but I'm into it.

You know what else I'm watching? FOOTBALL. And kind of enjoying it? It's like 2015 all over again. I was so on the edge of my seat during the OSU Penn State game that I was standing, screaming at the tv. I yelled something about running out the clock, and James looked at me and said "Michelle...how did you know that?" He's used to me frequently asking him to explain a first down over and over again. All I could say is, "I don't know. I just knew it was the right thing to say." It was like living our very own episode of Stranger Things.

drinking: It's the time of year when my evening popsicle is being replaced by a mug of hot tea.

I think we're the only family on the planet who doesn't dress up for Halloween. Unless we had a party to go to or something like that, costumes seem like a waste of money. I had some killer costumes as a kid, and once you peak as Samantha the American Girl, you can only go down. And Gracie is so picky about clothes I don't think I could ever have gotten her in a costume, and I don't care. Can I make a comment about Trunk or Treats? I think they're weird. Maybe it's because I heard of them for the first time a few years ago, but it's just weird to me! I've never been to one, and I understand the concept and I have nothing bad to say about it, but it's just weird. Trick or treating in a parking lot? I can see why it could be fun, but I'll stay home.

smelling: a sweet cinnamon pumpkin candle

laughing at: this is one of the funniest videos ever. I can't stop watching it. IT DESCRIBES ME PERFECTLY.

panicking about: Christmas presents. I don't even know where to begin. Usually I already have lists made and shopping plans, but this year? Forget it. I feel completely flustered and I have no idea what to get anyone. I don't even feel up to Christmas cards. Too much going on this year.

annoyed by: Consistent naps have come to an end. I'm lucky to get one or two naps a week now. I knew this was going to happen, but nothing can prepare you for the reality. She still has quiet time in her crib every day, but even with the monitor down I can hear her scream-singing Jesus Loves Me. It's adorable but not relaxing.

loving: We woke up last Saturday to SNOW. Snow!!!! Giant, fluffy snowflakes. It hadn't been forecasted, but it snowed for hours. I was in heaven. We had a fire in the fireplace and movies playing all weekend. It was a dream.

cooking: James called me this afternoon to tell me his coworker is coming to dinner Wednesday night. I have zero idea what to cook. I might just run away.

listening to: The Little Women soundtrack is back in my rotation and I couldn't be happier about it. It's just so festive. I also started listening to The Popcast, and more than once I've found myself laughing like a lunatic in public.


  1. Your Samantha the American Girl costume sounds awesome!!!!! I love dressing in costumes, but I don't love spending lots of money on costumes, so I usually throw random stuff together to make costumes for events. But I tend to procrastinate, and if I don't have a specific event on Halloween to wear a costume to, then I don't get around to it. This year was one of those years. And my husband likes to do things well if he does them at all, and since he had some AMAZING costumes as a kid (I've seen pictures of his Neo costume-from the Matrix-and it was pretty awesome), it's hard for him to top those.

    I don't really panic at Christmas presents anymore. I'm bad with presents and never have any idea what to get people (even though we only gift to close relatives), so I usually just wind up making candy for others. Maybe it's not the most creative thing out there, but it's easy, tasty, and it's not a huge hassle. I also let (er, make) my husband do a lot of the gift decisions for our relatives. That helps me relax about it too ;)

  2. Hahah! That video. That’s this jordan exactly and I showed it to him and he thought it was hilarious. I want to enjoy my bills ����
    We had such fun at the trunk or treat we went to! There were bounce houses and games and music and it was awesome! It’s like a fall. Festival but outside with cars :) Also J’s costume was $4 from a consignment store!

  3. I don’t get trunk or treats either, but maybe for people who don’t live in easy trick or treating neighborhoods? Question mark?

  4. We don't do Halloween either. We never go to events where costumes are a thing. So many people asked me if Jackson dressed up/why he didn't...because he's an infant who can't eat candy and doesn't go to parties?

    I just gave in and started Stranger Things too. Justin watched the first season without me when it first came out and loved it. It's not at all the style of show I would usually pick but I'm enjoying it.

  5. I'd never heard of trunk or treats until recently either. I don't think they're big around here.

    I still feel my heart sink when I think about the Penn State/Ohio State game. And after Penn State's loss again to Michigan State again this weekend, I could just cry thinking about college football. Which is ridiculous. But true.

  6. Our church does Trunk or Treat every year and I love it. We have a little dinner and costume parade indoors, and then head outside to trunk or treat. I like it because I know everybody and it's a small area. People also decorate their trunks sometimes which is kind of fun (we've never pulled that together, though.)

  7. We do Halloween :) And I probably spend too much money on it, but it's the little things in life... lol
    I wish the snow would've wandered north a little bit. *sigh* I'm definitely with you on the hot mug of tea at night!

  8. We don't do Halloween. ;)

    I'm so glad you're liking Stranger Things! I keep meaning to ask you what you think of it.


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