1. If anyone's keeping track, we had our second flood in less than two weeks. It was just a good, old-fashioned overflowing toilet, but waking up to find that in the bathroom was TRAUMATIZING. Our carpeted bathroom, no less. James had just left for work, and you better believe I called him hysterically and made him turn around and come home to fix it. I can't help but overreact first thing in the morning. He fixed it, we put some towels down, it's fine.

2. Speaking of floods, our brand-spanking-new washer and dryer were delivered this afternoon! I was so mad about having to wait a week for delivery when they were already in stock at the store, but they did come two hours early, so I forgave them a little bit. I have been living in fear all week that not only was something wrong with the washer, but something was wrong with the plumbing too. I do not have the emotional stability to handle another laundry room flood. The installer (who I had to beg to install them because apparently they thought WE would be hooking them up---no way) turned the water back on for the first time since the flood, and WATER SPRAYED EVERYWHERE. I panicked. He grabbed his wrench and tightened everything, and it was good. They had gotten loose at some point. He rolled his eyes at me for my reaction, clearly not understanding that I am and will forever be traumatized by December 11, 2017.

Anyway, I've done three loads in them so far and they are perfection. Nary a drop of water to be found on the floor. Oh, THE FLOOR! James put in black and white checkerboard tiles for me over the weekend. I have wanted these floors my entire life. I'm ~almost~ thankful the laundry room flooded, because we have a new washer and dryer and new floors. The water caused the old, glittery asbestos tiles to start to come off the floor, and they were already in bad shape. We're going to continue the checkerboard floor into the kitchen sometime in the next few months. We'll also be painting the laundry room yellow and the cabinets white. We're going with the whole retro vibe of the house and I LOVE IT.

3. I was half asleep on the couch watching Cheers the other night when Anna texted me that she heard my story being told on the Strangerville podcast. I've talked before about how much I love the blog It Just Gets Stranger, and Eli's podcast is just as good. A few weeks or months or something ago, he asked for people to send him their worst dating stories. I happen to have a pretty good one about the first date who brought his ex girlfriend with him, so I sent it in. Lo and behold, he aired it! I was so excited. Listen to it immediately. Not because my story is mentioned, but because the episode itself is so funny and insane I was crying laughing and listened to it twice. I am so glad I'm out of the dating scene. Then listen to the embarrassing moments episode.

4. This morning we turned in our apartment keys. I did some last minute cleaning and Gracie and I said goodbye. She literally said goodbye to her bedroom and waved to it (<---I cried while typing that) and I was sobbing and couldn't stop. I don't want to live there anymore, but I want to stay there in my memories. Does that make sense? I don't want to leave the place where I can point to the spot on the ground near the fireplace where she slept in her carseat all day the day she came home from the hospital. And the spot where the couch sat, and my parents sat on the couch and held her and came to visit. And her room! I can't handle it. I can't. I'll never stop crying. If it weren't for those memories, this would be a lot easier. It was not an easy place to live.

5. Gracie asked to go to a restaurant, something we rarely do, so I took her on a Chick-fil-A date. She looked so prim and proper like she was having the tea with the Queen, while I looked down with my red, puffy eyes and found my jeans covered in black grease stains.

At least I have a new washer to wash them in!


  1. I'm so happy you finally got your W&D and those floors!! <3 I hope home ownership is getting a little easier. Or at least a little more aesthetically pleasing! Being an adult is a funny thing. All I want for Christmas is a new washer and dryer...lol.

    Is that a Red Hat replacement!? I never thought I'd see the day.

  2. she looks like an honest to goodness big girl. her hats will never get old to me. never. and also, i'm sorry you had a flood, but i would take a flooded basement laundry room if it meant i got a new washer and dryer. so jealous. and the floors?? holy retro goodness.

    1. She really does look like a big girl and I can't take it! The hats crack me up. I need to hang a hat rack in her room for all the hats she's accumulated!

  3. My old laundry room was painted yellow :) I loved it!


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