let's talk about happy christmas things

1. Real tree or fake tree? This is a hard one. Probably fake. I've had fake trees more than real. I know real trees have their downsides, but as a kid we went up in the Sierras with friends or family and cut down our Christmas tree. It was magical. I would give anything to go back to those forests with snow so deep it came up to my waist, finding places to sled with my friends, and drinking hot chocolate out of a thermos. 100% pure childhood magic. For now, we have a janky fake tree and it gets the job done. Next year, I think I'm going to buy a white tree. I've always wanted one! And it would look so good in our retro house.

An actual photo from our tree cutting days. Isn't it magical?

2. Favorite Christmas cookie? Good old fashioned sugar  cookies with icing. I make them every single year, but I'm not sure if it's going to happen this year since my kitchen is still in chaos and my favorite cookie sheet doesn't fit in the small wall oven.

3. Home on Christmas morning or travel? Technically both. We always spend Christmas at my parents' house, which always feels like home to me, but we do have to travel to get there. Boo.

4. Clear or colored lights? I have strong opinions on this! Color, BUT. I haaaaate the modern LED neon colored lights. I love the more muted, old fashioned colored lights. Especially the big bulbs. Clear lights are fine, but I'd rather have colored. They just feel more festive to me.

5. Send Christmas cards? Every year! I didn't send many out this year, though. If you didn't get one, I'm sorry. I ordered fewer than I should've. 

6. Favorite Christmas present received? I will never forget the Christmas my parents surprised me with my MacBook Pro. 7 years later and it's still going strong! 

7. Favorite Christmas present given? Hmm. I dug around antique stores for months and finally found a specific old Pyrex pattern my mom had wanted. That was fun to surprise her with

8. Stockings or no stockings? Stockings are highly underrated. 

9. Christmas PJs? Absolutely. Gracie gets anywhere from 1-3 pairs every year. I usually buy myself some Christmas pajama pants from Old Navy when they're on sale, but it didn't happen this year. 

10. Favorite Christmas carol? O Come O Come Emmanuel. O Holy Night is right behind it. 

11. Favorite holiday tradition? Our traditions have morphed and changed so much over the years. I have no idea! Watching Christmas movies and baking cookies, probably. I look forward to both every year even though I'm not sure I'm going to get to baking this year. Last year we started a tradition of driving through the Christmas light display by the Mississippi River with my family. We keep things pretty simple. No complicated advent activities or creeper elf on the shelf for us. I'm stressed just thinking about both of those things.

12. Early shopper or last minute? I'm forcing myself to become an early shopper. 

13. Favorite Christmas movie or t.v. show? White Christmas. Not only is it my favorite Christmas movie, it's my all-time favorite movie. Christmas Vacation and Elf are not far behind, because I'm a girl who loves her comedy. Also, every Christmas episode of The Office. Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-ca-ching!

Unpopular opinion: I hate The Family Stone, Love Actually, and The Christmas Story is just ok.

14. Favorite holiday beverage? An eggnog latte. Don't judge me.

15. Cookies and milk for Santa? I did that once or twice as a kid. I might have Gracie do it just so I have an excuse to eat cookies ;) 


  1. This is fun!

    Let's see, my favorite Christmas cookies are these raspberry thumbprint cookies my family makes. My great aunt found the recipe at a Hungarian church's cookie sale in the 50's. They called them Sonja Hennies after the 40's ice skater!
    I hate the new LED lights too! Growing up my mom put the big fat colored lights and tinsel on our trees (always fake, I don't know how she got the tinsel off lol) and every time I see them I get all nostalgic. I saw you can buy those kind on Amazon so I might just get some for next year!
    White Christmas is one of my favorites too along with Muppet Christmas Carol (I don't like anything else muppet related but I LOVE that movie), Elf, Christmas Vacarion (I came this close to buying me and Josh shirts: "why is the floor all wet TODD?" " I don't KNOWMargo!" 😂).I hated Love Actually and The Family Stone! I'd never seen Love Actually until last year. I'd heard good things and was excited to watch it and just...bleh. I saw the family stone when it came out and felt the same.
    Oh Holy Night is my Favorite and I love the Holly and the Ivy because my mom plays it on the piano every year :)

    1. That's awesome!!

      Love Actually had a some good stories, but some of it was just wrong and gross. No thanks.

      I love The Holly and the Ivy too!

  2. That's such a great picture of you! When I was little and we lived in Oregon, we would go cut a real tree (since that's an easy thing to do in OR), and I loved getting to sit in the van with the prickly tree branches next to me-it smelled so good! But when we moved away, we got a fake tree which was so much simpler (and saved us money over time). And now that I'm married, we have a short tabletop fake tree that I like to use.
    The old people who live next door have the big bulb colored Christmas lights on their house, and it looks so awesome :) I only saw White Christmas within the last couple years, and I love it! Pretty sure I need to watch it every year now, though somehow last year we didn't watch many Christmas movies (though I did see Home Alone for the first time, so that's something).

  3. I love your tree cutting experience. We've always had a real tree but I don't know that we've ever gone and it cut down ourselves... Maybe one or two years?
    I under-order Christmas cards this year, too! What the heck?! I actually reordered them, then ran out again. Ughhh. Lol
    I really don't like The Christmas Story. It annoys me. We watched the live one last night and I found it annoying, too. Ha.


    I hate Love Actually and The Family Stone as well. But we are now in a fight over A Christmas Story. Take it back.

  5. Confession - we have the LED colored lights. And they are great! We can make the tree any color we want, and our electric bill is much cheaper! ;-) I do wish I could find some of the big retro colored ones though, because those would be the best.


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