there are more car puns to be made, but I'm too EXHAUSTed to think of them

In case you haven't noticed, I've been having quite the week. It's been one of those weeks that will go down in history and has provided a large sum of stories to tell about the days after buying our first house.

Unfortunately, things have yet to calm down. Thankfully, they've been slightly less terrible. At least I can laugh about them, which is what I did when I called my mom laugh-crying after obliterating my passenger side mirror trying to back out of our garage.

Oh yes, that happened.

I woke up Wednesday feeling a bit more positive after spending the evening before with a good friend, but then I had to leave to pick up groceries. I had barely lifted my foot off the brake, and the car was very slowly rolling backwards out of the garage. I thought I was perfectly in line, so I let the car go straight back. I turned my head to the left for a split second, and then I heard a loud CRUNCH. I snapped my head to the right to find car parts bouncing off the windshield and hood and onto the garage floor. I screamed.

We have a two car garage, but we have two separate garage doors. Both openings are SO NARROW, and I drive an SUV. I knew in my gut this was going to happen eventually, so I've been so careful and precise except for the split second that I wasn't. I would've put my hand on a Bible and sworn that I had at least three feet to go before that part of the car was near the garage door.

I called James in a state of panic and hysterics and apologized over and over. It could have been so much worse. It's not the end of the world at all. I would much rather drive into my garage than another car, but I was already so uptight after the week that it felt like the worst thing ever in that moment. My mom just did the exact same thing with her car at her new house, so I called her and she laughed so hard she couldn't breathe, which got me laughing, and we commiserated about how we can't understand how we both managed to wreck our cars just backing out of the garage. At that exact moment, an entire flock of birds flew overhead and all pooped on the car at once. I had to laugh. It felt so symbolic of the week I've been having, but it felt good to laugh about it for once.

Nothing major happened today other than a few minor issues and dealing with a sick babe, so I started to let my guard down. James started painting the rest of the kitchen, and I went in to see how it was looking since I'm a much better observer than I am painter. If you've visited my new house, my baseboards will confirm this. I had just told a friend about how Gracie had basically rolled herself on a wet wall and ruined her Christmas pajamas when we were painting the living room. Wouldn't you know, I tripped and fell in the kitchen, landing directly on the freshly painted yellow wall and covered myself in yellow paint from head to toe.

I started to joke that I felt like I had a target on my back this week. And then I looked in a mirror (not the one I smashed) and realized, I do have a target on my back. It's in yellow paint.


  1. When I was a teenager I backed my dad's car into the side of the garage when I was backing out. And instead of going inside to tell him what I'd done, I drove to work and spent my 1/2 hour break scraping the white garage door paint off of the red car. It turns out that even though I got the paint off, he still noticed the giant dent. It was a bad day.

    A few years ago when my sister had just gotten her license, she backed into the garage in the exact same spot, when she was backing out, on her way to work. My dad said, "As long as you're not hurt, it's okay, blah blah blah." And then later that day, when she was coming home from work, she drove into the garage. My dad was not as calm. He said he could understand backing into it, but DRIVING FORWARD INTO A BUILDING, AND TWICE IN ONE DAY? We laugh about it now but it took some time for it to turn from tragic to funny.

    You guys are literally putting your stamp on the walls of that house!!

  2. With the exception of the time I totaled my car (which was on an icy back road), all my car accidents happened in my driveway or the driveway of a business. Hahaha. I backed into my dad's open trailer once and put a hole in my bumper. We used to have a knee-high rock way around our old driveway and I scrapped my car along the side. I curbed K's car in a bank drive-thru once.
    Ughhhh- it's tough! Haha!

  3. Good grief. I don't have any garage-backing-out stories because growing up, we never parked in our garage (my dad had too many tools, haha) but I have been in my fair share of fender benders, and car repairs are just annoying no matter what. The time it takes to get an estimate, the time it takes for them to order parts, the time it takes to drive your car to the body shop and have them fix it...it's just a hassle. I'm sorry.

  4. I'm so glad you've been able to find things to laugh about in this! Why on earth would they make two separate, narrow garage doors? I don't think I'd be able to cope with that kind of situation. I always feel so horrible and guilty anytime I ever do anything to our car. The front of our car is literally being held on by a bungee cord right now because when I was pregnant and going to a ladies' dinner at church, my foot slipped off the break and I hit the apartment's exit gate (which then proceeded to not work since it was old and junky and I had to call maintenance). I also knocked off the side mirror on our car several months ago from hitting a short pole. Oh, and once I also rear-ended a car because of a traffic jam and I was happily thinking about babies and friends and things. I seriously feel like I'm a more cautious driver than my husband, but somehow in that split second things just happen!

  5. Ha! I did the same thing to my mirror soon after we moved into our house. Except it wasn’t *totally* off, and Jordan was able to push it back together, which was great until I went through an automatic car wash a few weeks later. I sat in my car watching as the soap-filled wiper things ripped my mirror right off. Oops.

  6. Ugh. Why would they make 2 seperate openings? Sorry you have to deal with that :/ It's a week for car accidents! On Monday (of course) Josh found out that his boss was fired which meant extra work for him, then on his way to work he got in a car accident. His car slid on the unplowed roads and he hit the car in front of him and then slid over a giant rock in someone's front yard. He got a ticket and we had to pay to get the car towed home. Yikes. Whilst that was all goin down me and my 16 year old sister got in a huge fight, I fell on a patch of ice and hurt my knees, and then we went shopping and my poor grandmother was followed around by some weirdo who was recording her with his phone (what ??). It was a crazy crazy day. The rest of the week went much more smoothly thank goodness. Although I have to go to Josh's side of the family's Christmas party tonight...and Ben is currently in his crib NOT napping which means he'll be in beast mode for the party. Prayers please ;)

    1. They must have been idiots. And weren't cars in the 60s huge? I don't know how anyone parked in the garage!

      Oh my goodness that's TERRIBLE! That's exactly how my Monday went last week. I'm so sorry. Something must've been in the air that day, because the weirdest things were happening to me too.

  7. omg I have pretty similar stories. I've only ever hit anything twice (and I don't even count this second one but...)
    first off I can relate because when I used to work in an office building we parked in a garage. Well I was parked on the side that theoretically you just back straight out and then you can drive away (without having to turn while you're backing out...not sure I'm explaining this well haha) anyway SAME thing I thought oh I'm parked perfectly straight its fine and started backing out (without my foot on the gas even) and hit another car! I was in such shock. I waited around for over an hour for the guy to come out and was so apologetic and he laughed it off because he couldn't even tell where I hit him. I certanly could, because there was definitely damage, but turns out he had so much damage already he didn't really notice or care. Thank God!

    And then there's the time I too tore my passenger side window off...the road leading to my house is suuuper narrow and the speed limit is like 30 but let's be real I was probably going about 40. Well these dummies had their garbage can sticking IN the already narrow road..so yep I hit it. My mom didn't even believe me. she was like no way a garbage can did that. I was like I swear!!! ugh.


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