currently, vol. 35

reading: Natural Disaster by Ginger Zee. I started it Saturday night and I'm almost finished with it. I love it!

watching: we've been watching Cheers lately. It's a family favorite but somehow I've never seen it. IT IS SO FUNNY. Plus there's a ton of hilarious 80s hair and fashion and Boston accents. 5 thumbs up.

laughing at: Our realtor's name is Toby. Gracie had a strange obsession with him that makes sense to no one. Every day when I put her down for a nap or bedtime, she starts calling me Toby. "Goodnight, Toby! Sweet dreams, Toby! Are you going to go to bed too, Toby?" She's been doing it for a MONTH. It's so weird but makes me laugh every time. But so weird!

listening to: This playlist. It's the one I listened to on my evening walks. It's changed a little since then, but it's full of happy, catchy music, and that's what I need when it's January, my tree is down, and it's ten below zero.

annoyed by: I just realized we never took our overflowing trash can out, and I just watched the garbage truck go by. I'm still getting the hang of this trash day thing.

relieved that: THE DEEP FREEZE IS OVER! You guys, it didn't really get above zero for TWO ENTIRE WEEKS. The windchill was hovering around -25 every night. I never felt warm. We had SNOW on the insides of some of our windows. Even though I had to drive to the car dealership this morning in a snow and ice storm, it's currently above freezing and everything is melting. I opened the front door earlier and momentarily thought about leaving the screen door open to let the warm air in. That's how warm 34 degrees feels right now. Praise Jesus.

loving:  MY HAIR! For YEARS I have wanted to dye part of my hair blue or something crazy like that. I mentioned it as my New Year's goal last year, but it never happened for several reasons. I have a friend who's a hair stylist, and now that we live closer to each other we've been hanging out more, I finally felt comfortable telling her what I wanted to do, and she lit up. Her hair always looks amazing, and she was even a hair stylist for the top ten on American Idol. So I made an appointment with her, she chopped seven inches off which is the shortest my hair has been since I was in 5th or 6th grade, and she put in purple, teal, and magenta on both sides. I FEEL LIKE A MAGICAL LISA FRANK UNICORN. I have never colored or highlighted my hair in my life. I was so nervous to do it that I almost cancelled multiple times. I had to stifle a scream when she put the bleach in. But it was so worth it and I feel 743% better about life now. Getting my hair done with a stylist I'm actually friends with is so much more fun when I'm not trying to think of awkward small talk. It was the most fun hair appointment ever.

The lighting isn't great so it's hard to see. It's much more vibrant in person. And yes, I'm as tired as I look.

I know it's going to fade and maybe look like swamp water hair and I'll have to pay to get it redone or let it grow out, but I am so happy. I just needed to do this. I call it a coping mechanism. I even ordered a new big barrel curling iron to hopefully mimic those waves. I will probably look like I was electrocuted, but a girl can dream. NEW YEAR NEW ME.

cooking: I have yet to really make a full meal other than some crockpot soup since we moved in because I still feel so out of sorts. But James made tacos last night, and that's as close as we've gotten.

exhausted by: the fact that Gracie still isn't sleeping. The last week has honestly been like the newborn days all over again. I have no explanation for it. Something is in the air, because multiple fellow mom friends said their kids are doing the exact same thing this week and we can't figure it out. On Saturday I spent 6 hours at Ikea with a friend, then Gracie was up 4 or 5 times screaming about a plastic hot dog from her toy kitchen, then we were up early for church, and then Gracie actually slept well but I'm so used to being up all night that...I was up just about all night.

confused: by the fact that it took me A MONTH to fully unpack the kitchen and get the excess boxes out of there so we could use our kitchen/dining area like normal humans. And yet, by 9am Saturday morning, James had already ripped up the carpet in the hallway and cleaned the hardwoods underneath and finished painting the kitchen. How does he do that? He always gets so much more done than I do and in such a small amount of time. When I got home from Ikea, I found two random kitchen drawers sanded and primed for us to paint. But at least we have a place to sit and eat! My Luke's Diner poster my mom gave me for Christmas is going to hang right there on the wall just as soon as I find the frame. And all God's people said Amen.

praying for: my mama. She's having her thyroid removed on Monday as recent scans are showing signs of possible cancer. They've been watching the tumors on it for over a year, and there was new growth all of a sudden, so it's the best choice, but we are understandably nervous. If you could pray for healing and good test results and an easy recovery, I would be so grateful. It's killing me that I can't be there to help, because if it is cancer, the treatments would start immediately after and won't allow her to be near Gracie. Thankfully the odds are in her favor and even if it is cancer, she should be fine. But the C word is the last word any of us want to hear, no matter the odds.


  1. Love your hair! Mine is in that terrible “all my hair is falling out and I have bald patches” post pregnancy stage. I need to have my sister do something with it, but I don’t think there is much she can do.

    I’ll be praying for your mom. I was actually just thinking about asking when everything was going to be going down so that I could be praying. Whatever the outcome God’s got this!

  2. I love your placemats!! I have a feeling I'd love the entire color scheme of your house.

    I forgot to tell you earlier that I love the length of your hair too. I'm so happy you did something for yourself. Make this the Year of Michelle!

  3. I freaking love your hair!

    Sending up prayers for your mom!!

  4. Praying for your mom! I hope that she comes out of this okay.
    Your hair looks so awesome!!!! I love it. I haven't gotten my hair styled or cut anyplace since I was a senior in high school (for prom) because I'm cheap and always have a friend of my husband chop it off. But lately, I've been thinking it would be so good to actually go to a stylist and do something kind of-but not TOO-crazy. You're absolutely right, something must be in the air affecting sleep! Shortly after I read a post that you wrote about Gracie not sleeping well, my toddler started waking up at 3 a.m. a few nights (which never happens), and on top of that I've stopped sleeping well. I really hope that everyone starts sleeping well SOON.

  5. Your hair looks amazing! And that's actually a really good, low maintenance location for some fun highlights. I wouldn't recommend color right around your face like I do unless you're really up for maintaining it. I did put in purple in the bottom last year, about the same location as yours, and I've pretty much just left it alone ever since. Last time I refreshed the color was May and it's still bright, which really surprises me (must've used a brand that REALLY doesn't fade), and it's not obvious as it grows out either, because you can only ever see glimpses of the color, anyways. I'm planning to chop off my hair after baby, so then that purple will be gone.
    I know that has to be so scary to be dealing with these health scares for your mom! Will be praying for her and for you guys to have peace while dealing with it all.

  6. I love that hair color! I'm looking at pink streaks for my hair but not sure yet. Happy 2018!

  7. Your hair looks great! And I have NO idea how men just tackle projects in mere minutes. WTF.

    Lots of prayers and good healing vibes for your momma!!

  8. I love your bold new hair choices!! I've always wanted to die a part of my hair a fun color, but never had the nerve. I haven't done A LOT of things because I haven't had the nerve, so I applaud you!

    Thinking about your mom <33

    1. Thank you!! You could totally pull it off! And worst case, you can dye it back or chop it off!

  9. I've been wanting to try Cheers! And Seinfeld. I've never watched either.

    I LOVE THE HAIR and I'm so glad you finally did it!! My hairdresser keeps asking when I'm going to let her color mine but it's so fricking expensive. A haircut alone costs an arm and a leg here and I get my hair cut so often that dye wouldn't last more than a couple of months, at best, and I have no desire to spend a couple hundred dollars every few months on my hair. $85 every 8 weeks for a TRIM is plennnnnnnty, thankyouverymuch. #sitkaproblems

    Praying for your mom!!! And have been since I read this post - which was right after you posted it but for some reason my phone hasn't been letting me comment on blogs and today is the first time I've been on my actual computer in a while!


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