from the week, vol. 6

It's Minnie's world, we're all just living in it.

1. I think I just became a planner person again. I haven't used one since college. Back then, I used mine religiously for classes, work schedules, gigs for the bands I occasionally played with, etc. I haven't had nearly as many commitments since college, and I just jotted down my appointments in my phone calendar. In an effort to de-digitize my life (and also because I loved this post and agreed with every single word--also I tried to order that exact one, but to ship it to the US cost more than the actual planner), I ordered a planner. I'm talking the first $10 planner that didn't offend me with some kind of Flaunt Your Sparkle type quote on it from Target and not some Erin Condren planner that costs as much as my grocery budget and requires me to schedule every breath I take. Erin Condren stresses me out, but then again I'm firmly in the Type B category.

2. So Ed Sheeran. He's been a thing for awhile, no? I can't tell him apart from that redhead Harry Potter guy. I've heard of some song called The Shape of You. I never listen to pop music anymore. I couldn't even tell you who's popular right now. Well, the song started playing on a Spotify playlist I was listening to last week, and it turned into a kitchen dance party and then I played it on repeat at the gym last night. I feel like I should be embarrassed by this confession but I'm not sure? Should I be?  Why should I even care if it's embarrassing? I have no radar for this anymore. The lyrics are dumb but it's so darn catchy I can't stop.

2b. I mentioned the gym. I told you last week that I got myself a membership but was too scared to go. I'm happy to report I've gone twice since that post. It's already doing wonders for my mental health. Also, there's a sign advertising a pizza night and a bagel day. That's right--gym-sponsored pizza and carbs. This is so the gym for me.

3. James was gone for work all week. We've had some weird noises and happenings at our house lately, and I was scared to death to be home at night alone. Granted, we live in a quiet, safe area, but you never know. I always feel so much more vulnerable when he's gone, even though I'm fully capable of protecting Gracie and taking care of things. As is typical, I went into overdrive as soon as James left. We dropped him off at the airport Tuesday morning, and then Gracie and I went to Walmart, the library, Target, Chick Fil A, and Trader Joe's. Once we got home, I hung up two sets of curtains, cleaned the house, and washed and put away three loads of laundry. I kept us busy the rest of the week with grocery shopping and playdates. Last time he was gone, I did the same thing. For some reason I'm full of nervous energy I channel into errands and housework. At least I finally curtains hung up in our room instead of a Christmas flannel sheet on one window and nothing on the other. I can change clothes without having to duck behind the headboard, praying my neighbors don't see!

I bet the Erin Condren people don't have these kinds of issues.

4. The week of solo parenting was exhausting. I know people have more kids than I do and there are military spouses who want to dropkick me for struggling through a week, but MY GOODNESS. I recognize that there are people who have it much more difficult, but I still had a hard time, probably because I already felt burned out and near my wit's end before he even left. Naps were a struggle the whole time, and my girl loves to talk all day long. I adore her little chatter, but after 12 hour days of nonstop talking and questions and whining, I crave silence. Crave it. And the only times during the day when it is silent means DANGER. She was either painting the coffee table, taking all the lids off her markers and putting them in a cup of water, or dumping the cat food into the cat's water dish and stirring it with a spoon. I crashed so hard when James got home that I slept until 11am, something I haven't done since my pre-Gracie years, and I only woke up because she stormed into the room pushing Minnie mouse in a stroller.

5. I started watching Reign while James was gone and got totally sucked in. It's super dramatic, kind of cheesy, slightly racier than necessary at times (not graphic though), but so fascinating about the life of Mary Queen of Scots. Megan Follows, who plays Anne Shirley in AOGG, is the Queen of France and the epitome of evil which is SO HARD for me to watch. I've been interested in Mary Queen of Scots ever since I toured Edinburgh Castle, and they showed us the room where she gave birth to King James. I love history. I'm also watching Victoria and wanting to get back into The Crown. Apparently I will only watch a show these days if it's about the royals. I don't care that much about Prince Henry and Megan, but give me some Queen Victoria or Elizabeth and I'm all in.

Suddenly my adolescent obsession with The Princess Diaries is starting to make sense.


  1. That's so cool that you hung up curtains! We've been living in our house for what, 6-7 months? And we still don't have curtains. I think seeing the bedsheet that hangs over our bedroom window is starting to slowly draw me insane, though, so I might put curtains on our 2018 To Do list.

    I feel you with the solo parenting! We did a week-long stretch of that over here last spring, and I also do the occasional weekend of solo parenting when my husband goes to big gaming tournaments, and it was/is rough. I think it's good to acknowledge the struggle, and I know a few military families-it is really tough for them, but since it's their "normal," they also get in a regular routine that seems to make it work. When it's not the standard of "normal" life, it can definitely throw everything off-kilter.

  2. Ed Sheeran admitted Shape of You is a rip off of No Scrubs, which I think is why it's so catchy! I don't like much he does but at least now I know why it's an earworm. :)

  3. You should probably look up some other Ed Sheeran songs if you like Shape of You. Castle on the Hill is overplayed but also very catchy. New Man is good and almost reminds me a *smidge* of old-school Jason Mraz. A smidge.

    Husbands being gone is the worst. The actual worst. I don't know when Isaiah's next training is going to be, but I have a sneaking suspicion it'll be somewhat soon, and I'm already dreading it even though I fly solo half the time anyway.

    I don't care at all about Harry and Megan. Meghan. Whatever. I will never truly understand people's obsession with the royals. CURRENT royals, I mean. We ditched England for a reason. Democracy (ish) 4 life, yo. That said, I watched Reign. ;)

  4. Welcome back to the planner world! I use my phone for some things but I always love a good paper planner. I am a little particular about the inside layout but if I'm going to look at it for a year I want to like it. Two friends have gotten the Erin planners and they're fine but NOT for $60!

  5. I don't really understand the over-the-top expensive planners, but I am definitely a paper planner person too. Justin and I share a google calendar on our phones but it's pretty much only him using it.

    Having your husband gone stinks. I have to keep myself super busy during the day, and can never sleep at night. But having your husband gone when you have a kid is NO JOKE. Justin was gone for a week and a half when Jackson was four months old and by the second day I was over it.

  6. I got a planner at Target and it's okay but it ends in June and I'm not sad about it. Every page has things broken down by hours and I cannot live my life like that. I like a monthly view and then just pages where I can make daily notes, and keep a running grocery list, not schedule out every hour and minute of my day.

    Some years I've just used a notebook from the Dollar Store and I just print out a monthly calendar from Google and staple it in there. Erin Condren would be so disappointed.

  7. My bff's daughter is a Minnie lover and it makes birthday shopping a BREEZE :D
    Don't be embarrassed about Ed. Recently I've been loving the new Taylor Swift album. I used to hate her. Whatevs. I just go with what my brain wants. Lol
    We just recently put up curtains and it now feels like a whole new private world of wonderfulness in the house. Hahahaha.
    They're making a movie this year about Mary, Queen of Scots. Just fyi :)

  8. That's so weird that getting that planner shipped to the states is so expensive! Usually I have the reverse problem. That is too, too bad. One time, I found the perfect planner in a dollar store (except it wasn't called a dollar store) in, like, Scotland or someplace, and it was perfect. And ever since then I've thought, if I can get the perfect planner for a dollar over there, SOMEONE over here should make a suitable one for less than a hundred. RIGHT?

    And thanks for the shoutout. Warm internet fuzzies.

    1. I know! I looked it up on some US websites, but it was sold out on every one. Next year I’ll plan earlier. Maybe.

      Was it Poundland?? I loved that store when I visited Scotland!

  9. i haven't gotten my planner yet and it's making me itchy. i don't use it that much, but just knowing that i have it makes me feel better haha.

    1. Haha I agree! I basically just write down what we’re eating for dinner and other things I already knew off the top of my head. Something about it just makes me feel more productive and accomplished.

  10. I think I would like to get "Honk if you're Amish" on a bumper sticker.


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