unpopular opinions

1. Book challenges sound like torture to me. This might sound strange coming from a self-professed voracious reader, but let me explain. If I assign books to myself or read a book just to check a genre/category off a list, it starts to feel like I'm doing assigned reading in school. I have to be in the mood for the books I read. I know book challenges are popular, and I understand that it may open you up to things you might not normally read and this totally works for a lot of people, but I just can't do it. It feels too much like high school english, which I hated. My brain shuts down when I read something I don't want to be reading. My reading and comprehension scores on tests were always high, I always did well in English classes and even got my degree in English, but all I can think of is getting an F on my 9th grade Great Expectations test. I tried SO HARD to get through that book, but it when in one ear and out the other. What is that in reading terms? In one eye and out the other? Anyway, that's how well forced reading goes for me. Don't talk to me about my college Shakespeare class. I'm still traumatized and that professor is probably still telling stories about the girl having a panic attack in his office the night before the final.

2. I have finally come to terms with the fact that I'm not a bath person. Bathtubs FREAK ME OUT. They're cold and uncomfortable and weird and standing in one to shower is more than enough for me.  It's not even the "sitting in your own filth" thing that a lot of people talk about it. The only time I will take a bath is in a pristinely clean, shining bathtub. It took me three years in our townhouse for me to feel comfortable enough to take a bath there, and I'll admit, I liked them for the most part, but something about sitting in a bathtub still grossed me out. I also have a massive drain phobia but I cannot talk about that without hyperventilating, so we won't. The tub in our house is gross and old and just showering in it gives me hives. Baths are completely out of the question until we replace it.

3. I like carpet. I do, ok? I LIKE IT. Apparently this is a very controversial opinion to hold these days as people are installing wood floors on ever surface of their homes. I think nice carpet is so much cozier, and all I want in my life is coziness. I love the look of hardwood floors, but they're so cold and uncomfortable to walk on. I would prefer a carpeted house vs. one with hardwoods any day. We have amazing hardwood floors in our bedrooms and hallways that I love, and I will NOT be putting carpet down over them, but I won't lie. I miss having carpet in my bedroom. I do not, however, appreciate carpet in the kitchen or bathroom, like we have now. It's almost making me change my tune, except it's this gross outdoor/indoor carpet that should never exist, ever.

4. I am not a minimalist. Minimalism depresses me, not because of the lack of things, but because everything looks so bare and sterile. White walls, empty counter tops, sadness. I very much agree with getting rid of things you don't love or need, but people take it so far. I do not want to have only 5 shirts and two pictures on the wall of my entire house and only three books. I'm not a maximalist, but I find great joy in shelves full of books and walls full of happy pictures. I like COLOR. I do not want to live in what feels like a hospital. My daughter has a lot of toys, but she plays with them all. I know this is just how some people feel best living their lives, and that's FINE, but I don't follow the trend if it's not what makes you happy. If I see one more Instagram account with white walls and bare rooms and kids in linen clothes I will probably barf.

5. I like old kitchens. I think there is something to be said about keeping an old kitchen and not renovating. Everyone is gutting their retro kitchens in favor of shiny new everything with white cabinets and gold hardware. EVERY SINGLE KITCHEN LOOKS THE SAME. And let me put a caveat in here---I LOVE shiny, pretty kitchens. They're beautiful. My friend Laura had the most intense 1970s kitchen I've ever seen, and they completely remodeled it into something amazing and I salivate all over myself whenever she posts a picture. That kitchen NEEDED to go. There are situations like hers in which it's better to start from scratch. That being said, a Facebook friend posted this a few months ago, and it got me so good. This woman has had the exact same kitchen since the 50s. She's changed nothing other than adding a dishwasher, and she's taken amazing care of it. We have almost the same cabinets but different hardware, the same vent hood over the cooktop, and the same sink (though mine is abnormally large and is the size of a bathtub) she does. If I bought her house, I would not change a darned a thing. I get so weary of house trends that are inevitably going to look outdated in a few years. It makes me so happy when people take care of old kitchens like this and don't change them every time a new trend comes along. It's made me think long and hard about what we're going to do with ours. The previous owners did not take as good of care with our kitchen, so we do need to upgrade some things, but we're both committed to keeping it as close to its original style as possible, just slightly more modern.

6. I was not planning for this to be mostly about house things, but here we are. I AM SO OVER SHIPLAP. I don't hate it, I don't think it's ugly though it's not my style, I'm just SO TIRED of hearing about it. Just the name "shiplap" annoys me. Is that a real word? Did Joanna Gaines make it up? I don't know. I'd never heard of it until Fixer Upper. Everyone is getting hot and bothered over nailing wood to their walls, but they do they realizing it's just HORIZONTAL WOOD PANELLING? You know that hideous wood panelling in all those old houses that people rip down or paint over? It is literally the exact same thing but sideways. Shiplap is going to become the wallpaper of yesteryear. People are going to be on House Hunters in 2038 bemoaning yet another shiplap wall they have to rip down. Joanna Gaines may be HGTV's sweetheart, but her name is going to be cursed by our children 20-30 years from now. Wood floors and wood walls and YOU'RE BASICALLY LIVING IN A COFFIN.

Deep breaths.

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  1. I just posted a comment and then it said my connection was lost so I don't know if it went through or not. But anyway, look how nice and clean she kept that kitchen!!! Also, I love that fridge. I would put it in my kitchen even if it didn't work just for decoration! It's a beauty!

    We put carpet in our bedroom even though there is hardwood underneath for the same reason, I wanted it to be cozy. Also, I'd rather vacuum than mop any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I do gravitate towards gray paint though, except in my office. Matt's holding firm in painting the kitchen a bright color because he says all the gray makes him feel like he is in a jail cell. I just worry I won't be able to match things with color which I know is ridiculous.

    I almost posted an unpopular opinion on Instagram the other day about people who post videos of them asking their dogs questions, but I was worried I would offend someone, AKA my sister. But I just don't get people who insta-story themselves saying, "Sparky, can you say hi? Can you say hello? Did you have so much fun at the park?" Just no. I think it's fine to talk to your dog in person but videoing it and posting it on line is just a little much.

    I also have an unpopular opinion regarding the Grammy's, which I didn't even watch, but apparently all celebrities now moonlight as political experts and I DO NOT CARE TO HEAR ANY OF IT.

  2. I like carpet too! We recently put an area rug in our living room because the hard floor was a miserable, cold place for Jackson to play. Justin refinished some wood floors in our hallway and it's beautiful, but I prefer the living spaces to have carpet.

  3. OH MY GOSH SHIPLAP. I DO NOT GET IT. seriously, it's exactly like you said...sideways paneling. i hate paneling. i literally said no to about 6 houses for the sole reason that there was too much paneling to take down. thank you for finally getting it out there haha.

    1. THANK YOU FOR AGREEING WITH ME! I was a little bit scared of being stoned for daring to speak against it.

  4. I'm not a bath person, either. Bathtubs don't necessarily give me anxiety attacks but they're kind of like toilets - even when they're clean, I never feel like they're CLEAN. Also, I get bored as all heck taking baths.

    I'm over shiplap, too. The very first few episodes of Fixer Upper, I thought it was kind of a neat idea...though I probably would never paint it white, I'd stain it a nice wood color, depending on the location. Now, though...not really a fan. The only place we considered doing a semi-shiplap-esque wall was in our bathroom, and again, we were going to stain it vs. paint it, in the hopes it would kind of look like a spa/sauna wall. We never did it, though.

    I really don't like carpet. :( I'm definitely a hardwood + rugs gal.

  5. I haven't taken a bath since I was a kid. That is probably largely influenced by the fact that homes here don't normally have bathtubs, but even if I had access to one, at this point I don't think I would want to. Showering is annoying enough.

    Angel LOVES carpet. I definitely think it's more cozy, and in a colder climate, I can see the value, but I have really come to love the ease and indestructibility of the ceramic tile floors we have here. No, they're not pretty, but they're easy to sweep and mop and as long as you don't drop dumbbells on them (don't ask how I know), pretty much nothing ruins them. Carpets take more maintenance to keep looking really nice and I'm all about ease.

    My grandparents have lived in their house since it was built in the early 70s and the kitchen is all original--including the green fridge and stove and the wallpaper. It's kind of ugly but it's also just their home that I've known my entire life so it feels very cozy and comfortable and as an, ahem, minimalist, I'm not really the type to go around recommending replacing stuff that is in perfect working condition...because I don't think they make fridges that last fifty years anymore...

  6. 1. I think people love or hate challenges. I do better when I'm up against something, so they work for me. If they didn't, I wouldn't do them. Totally makes sense.
    3. I like carpet, too. K like hardwood/hard floors. We have carpet in the living room and he talks about replacing it someday and I'm like nooooooooope.
    5. That woman's kitchen is gorgeous. I say if it works for you and it's safe and clean then you probably don't need to gut the whole thing. Lol. That said, I kind of LIVE for kitchen reno pics and the kitchen section in the IKEA catalog... Ha. But ours is brand new and great so you won't see any of that from me.

    *Although we are going to remodel the master bath in the nest few years because I enjoy a good soaking tub ;) Haha!

  7. 1. Me too.
    2. I always thought baths were super boring until just a few years ago. I think I got tired enough over the years that sitting in the warm water listening to music and practically going to sleep was as good as it gets. I do not get reading in the tub, though. That just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.
    6. Shiplap? Oh goodness, I am out of touch. This is the first time I've ever heard of it.

  8. I have always thought that about book challenges. The competitor in me is excited about the idea of gaining points, but then I realize it actually sounds terrible. Our entire house is carpet, and I love it except for the BATHROOMS. Why.
    Baths are terrible and I have never liked them and don’t think it sounds relaxing at all to sit there getting pruny as water quickly gets cold. I’d rather be cozy in bed with a book I’m reading because I want to.

  9. This is cracking me up. Kitchen&home trends so all Look the same. I won't see shiplap now&not think coffin. Haha

  10. Speaking of old kitchens!! My uncle passed away this week, and at his funeral they had several pictures on display. One of them was of him as a young man, standing in the kitchen of the family farmhouse (which is where my parents now live). The kitchen looked EXACTLY the same. It was astounding. The house is 100 years old and the original cabinets and countertops are still going strong. That kitchen has love and memories baked in, and you just can't manufacture that kind of character. Also, can you imagine any kitchen lasting that long now? I give an IKEA kitchen 15 years MAX. Our current kitchen was built in the 60s and the cabinets are a rickety, squawky, janky mess (that was painted white by the previous owners because #modern. We're going to be redoing ours because the quality isn't great and it's already been "updated" several times. I love white kitchens, but totally agree with you that they need SOME color. White cabinets, counter top, and backsplash would make me feel like I'm cooking in an operating room.

    1. THAT IS SO COOL!!! 100 years old?? I can't even imagine a kitchen like that. Seriously, the lack of quality these days is depressing. Out 1960s kitchen is actually in decent shape, though the wood cabinets are a bit roughed up so we do plan to paint them (white, lol) since we don't want to replace them all. They're funky and I would hate to lose that character. I wish appliances lasted as long as they used to, too. Gah!

  11. It has been a LONG time since I’ve read a book, but I recently joined a book club, so that challenged me to read a new book. Hopefully I continue to be exposed to new titles that way. I suck at looking for stuff for myself.

    I only like baths if the tub goes up to my shoulders. So basically only in fancy hotels rooms. Water up to my belly button just doesn’t cut it.

    I like carpet too! I first lived in a place with hardwood only 5 years ago and we got rugs as quickly as we could. Currently we have cheapo laminate which is the worst. It sounds like you’re walking on plastic (you are) and it’s cold. And the colour is bad. I had fun looking for rugs for every room when we moved in. We have a thick shag one in our bedroom and it’s so cozy on my toes!

    I wouldn’t say I’m a minimalist, but I think I do have a lot less things than other people. I can’t stand nicnacs or anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. But I like my space to be cozy, and for that you cannot have bare space. In our last house I painted our living room the lightest shade of grey and it was way too bright and cold. In this house I picked Toasty Grey for the living room which is a warmer tone and it’s so much better!

    I’m not sure on my opinions on old kitchens. As long as it’s good shape, sure, but as soon as the cupboards are built for the smaller dishes of yesteryear and not the larger dishes they make now, or if it’s too much of a cave (closed concept I’m okay with - I don’t want to cook in my living room thanks, but I draw the lin at a cave). I think I’d rather have fresh fixtures and get my retro fix through accessories.

    I can take or leave shiplap. I like that it makes an otherwise boring wall a little more interesting, but I would probably confine it to a small, casual space, like a bathroom or laundry room. I definitely wouldn’t think somebody is off their rocker if they had it. I’d think “that looks nice. I hope they actually like it and aren’t just blindly doing what everybody else is doing because it’s popular.”


  13. haha I LOVE THIS POST!!! Yes to not liking book challenges! I am right there with you on all your points! And ditto on minimalism. I definitely have been trying to scale down and get rid of stuff I don't need or use but I will never have a capsule wardrobe or bare walls or dishes for only the two of us. No thank you. And I was ok with shiplap until your hilariously morbid observation! haha! I don't want to live in a coffin right now, thank you very much. Point well made.

  14. Yes to carpets!! Our old house didn't have them and neither does this one. Hardwood is pretty in the eating areas and hallway but I want to be cozy in the bedrooms and living room. I HATE how expensive area rugs are. Why does a 4x6 rug cost $80?? I am not made of money, especially during a move.

  15. Yes times a hundred to full bookshelves and walls! I'm starting to understand the joy of minimalism, but not enough to get rid of half my stuff. We used to be toy minimalists but then the toy store exploded. Once we're through the baby toy stage we'll get rid of so much.

    I like hardwood, but agree with Larissa that laminate is terrible. Rugs on hardwood make me happy, but I think carpet definitely has its place. It dampens sound! It warms rooms up! You just have to find a good one that doesn't show every stain and isn't a weird colour. And it's luscious. Mmm...

    I think a shiplap accent well is okay but I saw Joanna do a WHOLE HOUSE like that and all I could think was that it looked like it was condemned. Drywall exists for a reason.

  16. At least the shiplap of today is white and not ugly brown. I think it will be a trend too and will be gone soon.

    The carpet debate - it's never ending. I like woodfloors, Dave like's carpet. But do you know how many germs are in carpets???? I can't even. However, our next house we hope to have carpet in the bedroom and basement and wood floors everywhere else. We both have to give somehow. Our current house has all wood floors, with the exception of the cement basement. ha ha! Dave said he would be fine with it but when we moved in he declared his hatred for it. Poor guy, I felt bad. We have big area rugs now, which are super nice but they aren't the same as carpet.


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