currently, vol. 37

reading: The Princess Bride for an online bookclub. Several of my friends started online bookclubs last month, and I obviously HAD to join them all. I'm so behind on the reading. There's a discussion tomorrow for a book I haven't even started. I give up.

watching: At this very moment I'm watching Minnie's Bow-tique, but trust me, that's not what I would choose to watch. We're having yet another snow day, I've barely slept in two nights, and I just need a little help from Minnie today. I watched This Is Us at my friend's house after the Super Bowl, and then I watched it again with James last night. I just have so many emotions. That was the most intense few minutes of TV I've ever seen in my life. I almost clawed my friend's pillow into oblivion. We watched the Super Bowl (SO MUCH YAWN) at our friends' house Sunday night, and we left during the 3rd quarter to take Gracie home and put her to bed. There was a freak freezing rain/snow storm that hit while we were there. We could barely see to drive, and we backed into a telephone pole. I was SO SURE my car was ruined. By some miracle, there is zero damage, and upon further inspection, the pole prevented us from falling into a really deep ditch with a creek in it. The street has no guard rail, and with the ice and snow you couldn't even tell where the side of the street was. I don't even want to think about what could've happened if it weren't for that pole. With that sobering thought in mind, I drove back to my friends' house (they live right down the street and around the corner), and watched the saddest, most intense show of all time. For obvious reasons, I was a bundle of emotions.

There is no way anyone watching the Super Bowl felt even a fraction of the nerves and intensity I was feeling Sunday night.

All that aside, I might be watching The Bachelor too. It's my one guilty pleasure. Pretty much everyone is awful and I like no one, which is kind of nice because I don't care at all how it turns out.

listening to:  Can I confess something? As a big Justin Timberlake fan, I don't really like his new album. I can tolerate two songs. The rest? Bleh. If this is what pop music is these days, no wonder I can't stomach any of it. I don't know, you just can't really top Senorita and Rock Your Body. It's the same way I feel about Beyonce post-Destiney's Child. That being said, am I dying to go to another JT concert? Yes. I really am.

obsessed with: Have any of you heard of Kidizen? You can buy and sell used kids clothes. Everything I've seen on there is a nice brand and either brand new or very gently used. There's a pair of shorts I wanted to buy for Gracie last summer, but they were sold out by the time I went to buy them. I found them brand new and for so cheap on Kidizen. I've also been scouring ThredUp. There was a dress I wanted for her a year or two ago, but I couldn't justify the price. I never forgot about it. I found it on ThredUp, brand new, for SIX DOLLARS.

loving:  On Saturday,  James and I had our first date in almost six months. Not having family around or a babysitter just SUCKS and I'm trying really hard not to have a pity party about it, but I've been failing at that lately. We've gone through buying a house, sickness, moving, the holidays, job stress, house stress, etc. and never once were we able to leave the house together without our child. We've both been so stressed either by work or house stuff that I can't tell you how bad we needed this. You know you need a date night when you get in an argument about what to do on your date. We bought movie tickets, but we quickly realized we couldn't swing the timing. I was so disappointed, because we haven't been to the movies in a year and it just sounded fun, but we got our refund and went to dinner. We went to Ikea on a whim after dinner and bought some furniture we've been wanting/needing for a long time. We got the very last one of each. It turned out to be so fun even though we couldn't follow through with our original plans. It was just such a good night and I'm so thankful for it, and now I have my very own reading chair next to the window.

cooking:  Tater Tot Casserole. I know. It's not healthy, but James has been requesting it, and it's good comfort food. Gracie won't touch it, but that's her loss.

exhausted by: Do you ever have those seasons of life where everything conspires to keep you up at night? Insomnia, weird pains, a crying toddler, a crying cat, a snoring husband, etc. One after the other all night long, in rotation. I wish I could put myself in a soundproof bubble every night. The Risen Motherhood podcast did an episode last week on being a mom while struggling to sleep. I listened to it on the way to the gym last week and it was way too timely. I need to play it every morning when I crawl out of bed.


  1. Glad your car is OK... that's so terrifying when you drive on bad nights like that.
    I am so into The Bachelor right now... feeling like this isn't going to end out well for Arie.
    Ear plugs... its the only thing that gave me my sleep back ;) haha

  2. Praise the Lord for that telephone pole. And date nights. And IKEA. And I think I really need to listen to that podcast this week.

    I'm glad you and James got some time away.

  3. Thank God for that telephone pole!

    Not having family or a babysitter is around is hard. I'm glad you got to have a date night--Ikea is the best!!

  4. I feel like I'm the only person around who never could get into This Is Us...

    And I hear you on family/babysitters. There aren't really any I fully trust. Yesterday my MIL kept telling Imogen she "never has to listen to her parents when they say it's naptime" and how much she can't wait to feed her ice cream. #@#*$(

  5. Tater-tot casserole was the BEST day in my undergrad cafeteria. My very small (900) student undergrad would go nuts those days--I can still remember the craze. Ya'll are just smart for keeping that in the rotation!

  6. It's so fun that a bookclub is doing The Princess Bride! I love the movie a ton, but I daresay I may have enjoyed the book even more when I read it-I love how in-depth it goes into the different characters.

    Congrats on getting in a date night! That's so awesome. I love having "space" apart from our families, but when the reality of kids entered the picture, I suddenly realized how nice and convenient it would be if family lived closer. Some of our good friends at church are single ladies who love babies, but I think they get even busier than us, so it's always tough to figure out schedules, and it gets crazy expensive to have a date night when you count in a sitter + whatever you actually want to do! Oh and off topic, but thanks for the inspiration when you got your hair done! I went to a salon for the first time in at least 10 years to get my hair cut, and I felt so pampered and love how my hair looks now :)

  7. I have never heard of Kidizen but now I want to spend all my money there! All that stuff looks awesome! I seriously love second-hand kid clothes. At this age they grow out of stuff too fast to really get lots of wear and tear on it. Except some of the stuff R goes to daycare in, which I reserve for my least favorite outfits. I swear they think we are homeless the way I dress her to go sometimes. lol

  8. Whew. Honestly, thank goodness for that telephone phone! Wow!
    Yay for a much needed date night! I'm glad you guys were able to get away!!
    I love the idea for a book club, but I know I'd drop the ball every since month. Lol


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