from the week, vol. 7

+I have no desire to talk about potty training, but I will say this. If you want to know how it's going, just know Gracie walked out of her room the other day. She had taken off her undies and DIAPERED HERSELF, declaring she will not be using the potty any longer. So far she is holding true to her word. It's fine, it's whatever. It's not my fault if she's wearing Depends under her prom dress one day. NOT that she's going to prom, because she won't, but you know.

+I've been hit with what I'm calling the sloth cold. I woke up last week with a sore throat and body aches. Usually it takes 24 hours or so for the congestion to set in, right? Instead, I went 5 full days with a sore throat and terrible body aches and a slight case of the sniffles, constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Finally, by the time a normal cold should have started to improve, the aches stopped and the congestion set in. It's like a slow torture.

Update: I wrote this two days ago. The next day, I woke up sicker than ever and then was miraculously cured that afternoon. I have no idea.

+I have some real questions about Olympic curling. Do real people in the real word...curl? Play curling? Go curling? I have no idea what the terminology is here, but I'm fascinated by the sport. How does one become a curler? Why did someone think it was a good idea for a sport? Why is it called curling? How much do you think it would cost to hire curlers to clean my floor? I kind of want to learn....to curl, not to clean my floors.

+ Remember the Pancake Incident of 2017? When James brought me whole wheat toast instead of cinnamon pancakes? #neveroverit Well, last weekend we had the Pancake Incident of 2018. Over the exact same dang blasted cinnamon pancakes. I was sick with the sloth cold, feeling awful, exhausted from battling a strong-willed toddler all week, just in a general funk, and I *needed* cinnamon pancakes like I have never needed anything before. You hear me? Needed them. At first, I tried to be all "it's no big deal, we have this box of pancake mix and I can whip them up," but the more I thought about the cinnamon pancakes, the more I yearned for them. I was a woman possessed. I started dropping hints, texting him pictures of the cinnamon pancakes from the online menu, and loudly asking Gracie to cook me some pancakes in her play kitchen. He got the hint. He had to run some errands anyway, so he ordered them online and said he'd pick them up while he was out. I won't go into the gory details, but there was some miscommunication and timing issues. Not all his fault, not all my fault. All you need to know is, the pancakes were never picked up. I will never be over it.

(He did make me some later that night, but my cinnamon pancake craving was still alive and well.)

+ On Monday morning, the local meteorologist said the International Space Station would be flying right over us that night and we could get a good look that evening. I got chills. I am a huge fan of all things outer space and NASA. It's in my blood. I know most people probably don't care or think it's weird, but I was SO. EXCITED. I read a book about people who lived on the space station, and I've followed the goings on for awhile now. At 6:46 pm, I ran outside in my pajamas (it had been a long day, ok?) and, there it was, directly over my house. Is it weird that I cried? Because I cried. There are real live astronauts living and breathing up there! Doing all kinds of sciency things. Risking their lives and leaving their families for the betterment of society. Plus, they are in OUTER SPACE. I just got weirdly emotional and cried in my pajamas on my front porch for all the world to see, watching a little dot in the sky. As cool as it was, I felt immensely thankful that I was not up there in space too. The thought of actually being in outer space is freakishly cool but utterly horrifying.

+ Two months ago, my craziest dating story made it on the Strangerville podcast. On Valentine's Day, the story made it on The Popcast. I was listening to their Nos of Dating episode (hi-larious), and all of a sudden I heard my name and my story. I literally leaped off the couch flailing my arms, trying not to scream so Gracie wouldn't wake up from her nap. I don't know what to say except, I'm famous now and it was nice knowing you all. Just kidding. Apologies to the guy I dated who has now had this story blasted to tens of thousands of people. I never used his name, but he'll definitely know it was him. Oh well. Maybe he shouldn't have brought his ex-girlfriend on our first date.

Also, in full disclosure, Knox and Jamie ROASTED me because they were missing a crucial detail: I had no idea I was on a date with my coworker's ex.

+ I started Valentine's Day feeling like I dropped all the balls. My mom always gave me chocolate and a book or cd on Valentine's Day and I LOVED it, so I'm continuing the tradition for Gracie. I got her books last year, but this year I wound up Amazon Priming a Minnie Mouse tent at the last moment in the hopes that maybe she would play in it and I could eat some snacks without sharing. I forgot to set it up the night before and had to do it in the morning, before I'd had my coffee, and it nearly poked my out as it unfolded. Last year I started a tradition of taking her on a Valentine's date, but this year I was down with the sloth cold, and it took me all morning just to get myself in the shower. I had no choice but to run a quick errand down the street, but as I backed out of the garage I realized the garage door remote was missing. I called James in major distress, already frustrated that he had borrowed it and never put it back. Come to find out, he never touched it. I searched the whole car and was convinced it had somehow been stolen. Come to find out, I had been SITTING ON IT throughout this entire dramatic saga. HOW I didn't feel that under me is something I still can't understand, but this is just a perfect example of the things that go on in my every day life.

+ I was thankfully feeling much better that evening, so we all went out for Mexican for dinner and had a great time. James looked at me across the table as I put a giant bite of fajitas in my mouth and sheepishly said, "So I've been watching these videos on youtube lately..." He looked like he was trying not to laugh but also not sure how I was going to react. I was getting nervous.

"It's this Russian guy testing out camping gadgets, and it's addicting."

Well, that was a letdown. And how exactly is that addicting? I was confused. He went on and on about this bird named Gemma and how the bird is often involved in testing things out, and honestly I started to wonder if my husband had lost his mind a little. After we got home and put Gracie to bed, he pulled up a video and I started watching. AND I FELL A LITTLE BIT IN LOVE. I hate camping. I don't care about camping gear. But a Russian guy I can barely understand talking to his bird about can openers? SIGN ME UP. James said he finds it weirdly soothing, and I have to agree. We watched multiple videos, cracking up. This is what almost 7 years of marriage looks like on Valentine's Day, and it's wonderful. I'm also here to say that bird videos are the new cat videos. Trust me on this.

+The best part of Valentine's Day that James came home with a tray of leftover cinnamon rolls the size of my face someone had brought in from work. Are they the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had in my life? No. Did I eat them all? By the time you read this, probably yes. Is it scratching my cinnamon pancake itch? HALLELUJAH YES. FINALLY. AMEN.


  1. Look at you famous girl!! I've now had 2 blog buddies that have been mentioned on that podcast - no easy feat. how fun of a surprise that had to be.
    Oh man.. potty training with a stubborn little minded child. Dont worry - it'll get there. Just keep the incentives going & dont pressure. If you pressure - they pressure back. Just 'pressure' with kind words & "Suggestions" ;) haha... & if prom in depends is how it goes, that's how it goes ;) haha
    I want to learn to curl. I think I would be good at that for some reason. now, get me to stand on ice first would be the trick.

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better! I've been out sick all week-man, stuff is just going around, it's no fun!
    Oh man, Gracie's decisiveness about not potty training sounds kind of hilarious. I mean, I know it's probably frustrating if you were trying to potty train, but maybe this means that when she does finally potty train, she'll be decisive and a pro at that, too. One can hope, right? I keep trying to not think about potty training, since my little guy isn't even 2 and I thought kids didn't even do it til 3 or so-but more and more people I know are starting to potty train their kids before 3 or even before 2. Trying not to freak out and remember that we just need to do what's best for us.

  3. I'm cracking up at the youtube video description. I'm just curious enough to watch one...

    I have a lot of the same questions about curling, but my Uncle John lives in Wisconsin and his neighborhood has a curling team!! He had to fill in one time when they were down one guy, and let's just say there's a reason he didn't go back a second time lol. That's the only time I've heard of someone curling in real life!! It looks awful to me!

  4. My father-in-law curled (went curling?? I don't know) a few weeks ago. A friend of his is in a curling club or something and he joined them for the day. He said it was a lot of fun. I don't understand a single thing about it.

  5. I know enough to definitely be nervous if Angel ever sat down and said "So I've been watching these new youtube videos recently..." Mostly it's been videos about fetal development and newborn baby care for the past few months. And he's been looking up educational diagrams of options for laboring positions and sending them to random friends. When I asked him why he sent that diagram to a single friend of ours he said, "I thought it was appropriate!" so you can understand what I'm dealing with.

  6. Joe actually goes curling regularly for work outings here...we have multiple curling clubs in the twin cities alone. if you look at the USA curling team this year, 7 of the 10 members are from Minnesota hahaha. I’ve never done it but apparently it’s not that hard and you can drink beer while playing so I’d be down! If I ever play I’ll keep you updated.

    1. Seriously?? This is so fascinating to me! If you ever do it, I will need a literal play by play.

  7. Hope all those cinnamon rolls are gone ;) Also, hope you're feeling better!! I'm laughing so hard about Gracie's declaration. She's absolutely hilarious.
    I'm extremely interesting in these Russian camping gear videos... Odd... Haha!

  8. I never realized how much I got my hopes up about food until my husband would bring home the wrong things. :/

  9. You're so internet famous! I've been looking fur new podcasts to devour and now I'm excited to listen to your story again.

    Curling is a thing! I know someone here that does it for fun. Is it not big in the U.S.? Every year there's a big tournament and I think it's here this year/right now maybe? It just mu a prairie thing.


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