a heave-nly weekend

I have come to the conclusion that March is just not my month. At least not March 2018. It hasn't all been bad, but when it's been bad, it's been bad.

I was lying in bed Friday morning, thinking about the fact that Colleen and I had a whole outing planned for that evening for my birthday. I had really been looking forward to it. I knew March 23rd was going to be a hard day. I haven't opened my planner in weeks because I couldn't bear to see our plans written down.

As I was thinking through all of this, Gracie crawled in bed with me. And then she projectile vomited everywhere. On everything. On the bright side, I stopped thinking about Colleen.

I cleaned her up and threw all the bedding in the washer. I figured it was a fluke when she spent the next couple hours running around playing, but she quickly took a turn and it was clear she was sick with some kind of bug.

James came home early from work because he was sick. Not sick with a stomach bug, but some kind of sinus infection/man cold that left him in a cranky state I rarely see. And of course his early arrival woke Gracie, who had just fallen asleep after a rough morning. She didn't go back to sleep. I finally got her to drink some juice, and she promptly threw it up right on the blanket I had just taken out of the dryer.

I've been out of whack since we got home from Iowa, so the only place we had gone all week was Bible Study. There's no other place she could've picked up a bug. Then I remembered, when I went to pick her up out of her class, I saw a tub of cleaning/sanitizing products sitting right outside. I had cheerfully thought they must've been cleaning all the toys. How nice! More like how naive. I can only assume a kid had gotten sick in there.

I spent the entire rest of the day snuggling Gracie, who wouldn't eat or drink and would only cling to me. I hadn't even been able to shower and get the barf smells off me or wash our massive pile of laundry since the washer had been full of barf laundry all day. While we watched It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown for the sixth time in a row (there are no screen time rules on days like this), James opened the four boxes of tiles we had ordered for our kitchen. Every single tile was broken. EVERY ONE. James called Lowes, who told us to lug the massively heavy boxes to the store and they'll replace them, which will take another 2 weeks or so, since our tiles have to be special ordered. And will probably arrive broken again. And we will have to continue to live with 25% tile, 70% asbestos cancer tiles, and 5% carpet kitchen floor and no place to put the kitchen table. Cool.

After this saga, James said we were ordering pizza for dinner. I was waiting for him to come to that conclusion on his own, because no way was I about to cook anything. I thought the day was finally turning around. Pizza! You can't mess up pizza.

He placed the order online. There's only one pizza place that delivers to our town. James' phone rang a few minutes later. It was the pizza place. They no longer deliver to our area.

Don't ask about my reaction. It was ugly. This final blow was almost worse than cleaning up puke all day. They must have heard me in the background, because they suddenly said they would deliver to us one last time.

We all went to bed early, but none of us got much sleep. The cat decided to go crazy and yowl/run around/claw things all night long. I almost kicked her out of the house. At one point, I tripped over my suitcase in the middle of the night and went flying across the floor in an attempt to shut her up.

I had high hopes that Gracie would wake up feeling better, but the first sound I heard was her throwing up in her bed. Once we got everything cleaned up and her favorite blue blanket (a gift from Colleen!) in the washer for the 4th time in 24 hours, I sat down with a cup of hot coffee. Which I wound up spilling all over myself.

Better than puke, though. I'll just add my coffee clothes to the never-ending barf laundry rotation.


  1. I'm so glad that the pizza place said they'd deliver to you guys anyways!
    Oh man, Michelle, I am so sorry to hear about your rough go of it! I don't know if your church commemorates Lent at all (the penitential time leading up to Easter, when we reflect on Christ being in the desert for 40 days), but when I was reading about your weekend, my first reaction was "Oh man, that is such a LENT THING." (because every Lent, either myself or other people I know go through crazy things like this. It's just part of the devil messing with us or God trying to help us learn to persevere or something!). I really hope that Gracie is feeling better and that you and James are healthy and that things are looking better soon!

  2. Oh man.... that is just horrible. I always say its probably a good thing I didnt have kids of my own because I would just leave if someone puked all over me. I dont have that mom-gene in me to just deal with it. Nope.
    hope she's feeling better now... & let's just find joy in the fact the pizza place took mercy on you ;)

  3. I love that they still delivered to you one last time.


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