from the week, vol. 8

1. We've had a bit of a lull in house projects for various reasons, and on Saturday morning I snapped. I had James hang a shelf in Gracie's room, and then I finished hanging everything else, including an amazing mobile made out of an Anne of Green Gables book that Anna made and sent me. It got damaged in transit, and it took me longer than it should've to dig out my glue gun, fix it, and hang it.

Yes, she's still in a crib. I know people are putting their kids in twin beds earlier and earlier these days, but I'm in no rush to leave the baby phase, and she loves her crib. Something tells me she'll still grow up to be a functioning adult.

[Edit: Upon further inspection, I found that a third of the pages fell off the mobile and were left in the box. I discovered this while digging around for something else. That picture isn't accurate and I have more to glue back on. Upon even further inspection, I found more goodies that Anna sent along with the mobile that I NEVER NOTICED. She sent this to me before Christmas. It's March. I AM HORRIFIED. Anna, please forgive my idiocy.]

2. Last weekend, James and I managed to go on our second date in a month. This is a huge deal considering we're lucky to get two date nights a year thanks to not having anyone to watch G. We went to dinner at a place that has gourmet burgers, and it's amazing. I got one with brie and a date and bacon aioli. I've had it before and was fine, but either the richness of it didn't sit well with me this time or I got mild food poisoning. By the time we sat down in the movie theater, I was starting to feel queasy. We watched 15:17 to Paris, and so much of the camerawork forced me to look away because it was conspiring with my stomach to make me feel like throwing up. It took a full 48 hours to start feeling normal again. Next time I'll just order a salad*.

3. Parenting has been really hard lately for many reasons. I was talking about it to a friend of mine, telling her I hope and pray we can channel a certain someone's stubbornness for the greater good, that God will grant her wisdom and discernment as she gets older, and that these qualities of hers that are turning my life upside down right now will be something she can use for good down the road. It was in the middle of this conversation that I found the same certain someone ripping pages out of my childhood children's Bible. SIGH.

4. You're probably already getting the vibe that it hasn't been our best week, but I woke up Tuesday morning to a leak in the kitchen ceiling. It was SUNNY out. We hadn't had rain in days. Our roof is nearly brand new and in good shape. I did my usual and frantically called my dad (I called James too, but he basically shrugged his shoulders through the phone), who told me to wait it out and then regaled me with the story of catching a giant, LIVE BAT that was FLYING AROUND INSIDE THEIR HOUSE the other night. Suddenly, my ceiling didn't seem as big of a problem. An hour later the ceiling had dried. I have no idea what happened, but I did not and do not appreciate that kind of stress so early in the morning. But at least it wasn't a bat. Things could always be worse.

5. After a not so fun Monday and Tuesday and what one might call a slight emotional breakdown Tuesday night, I woke up Wednesday morning with a raging sore throat and sinus pressure that didn't leave all day. By Thursday morning, it was gone. I promised Gracie we could have a chicken nugget lunch date (so fancy!) if she made it through Bible Study. She was SO brave and gave me a hug and a kiss and said goodbye to me and "mommy always comes back, right mommy?" when I dropped her off, all while sobbing. It was so precious and so courageous of her. Right before I ordered her chicken nuggets, the cashier leaned to the employee next to her and said "I feel so cold even though I have a fever." And then she grabbed my debit card and handed me food. So I may not have escaped sickness just yet, and I'm also really annoyed with that lady for showing up to work and handling food WHILE SICK.

6. We had a couple days in the 50s, so Gracie and I walked to the playground at the end of our street. She wants to be outside all day, every day. I'm not complaining at all, but I will be when the bees and mosquitos are back out. She rode her tricycle around the driveway and chased her balls while wearing Christmas pajamas, bunny Easter shoes, and her red hat. The joys of childhood.

7. James and I were lying in bed, talking about what a ridiculous week it had been when the cat ran into the room, jumped on the bed and ran across it while yowling, and back out the door for the 4th time when James said "you know what, I think it's actually a full moon right now." And everything suddenly makes sense.

*yeah right


  1. That book mobile is the most lovely thing I've seen! I need one for my own reading area to hang by me :)
    So you never figured out where that leak was from??? CRAZYYYY

  2. I laughed out loud reading this and I'm in public. It's the gift that keeps on giving! I can relate to the chaos of moving. I lost a mitten in my living room last week and still haven't found it.

    Hurray for date night! We have our last Saskatchewan one tomorrow and I'm so excited. Hopefully without food poisoning.

    It's hard to believe we were all toddlers at one point and no one dropped us off at the library and never came back. So many lessons in grace.

  3. That mobile is awesome! And I'm so glad you guys got another date night. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning, though! That's really unfortunate.
    Oh man, I would have been so upset to see a sick person handling my food at a restaurant! I used to work in fast food restaurants during high school and college, and it's kind of scary to see the lack of health awareness that happens at times, like employees using unwashed lettuce to make salad (supposedly it makes the lettuce go bad faster to wash it in advance??) or people showing up with coughs or whatever. Gross.


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