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If we went out for coffee here, we would be wearing our winter gear because GUESS WHAT we woke up to an inch of snow! Ahahahahahaha. I don't know why I'm laughing. Call it a coping mechanism. It's almost May and the leaves still aren't out and it's still snowing. That's all I'm going to say. It's cool. I'm fine.

I could go for a vanilla latte right now. I'm not usually one for any kind of flavors or sweeteners, but that sounds good.

We've had only one glorious spring day so far, last Friday. It was a perfect day in the midst a string of difficult ones, which made it that much better. It was 75 degrees and sunny. Gracie and I spent the morning at a friend's house. My friend and I drank coffee while the kids ate popsicles and ran around. When we got home, we spent the whole afternoon outside. James was working from home and took a break to mow the lawn with Gracie chasing after him. I lounged in a chair with La Croix and even got a little sunburn. We ended the day walking to the neighborhood dairy bar (the midwestern ice cream stand) with our friends, and then took our kids to the park. It was a perfect day, and I hope that's what summer will look like this year.

Then it rained all weekend, and every day I've been playing a game with myself called "Allergies or a Cold?" So far I've lost every time. The rules are unclear, as are the answers. And the weather. And the season. BUT IT'S COOL. I'M FINE.

So a weird thing happened. A few nights ago I woke up royally sick to my stomach, feeling like I was going to puke any minute. I felt fine when I went to bed, so I was completely confused and NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. I finally went back to sleep and woke up feeling a little better but still off the rest of the day. Gracie chose that day of all days to walk up and ask "Is the baby still in your tummy, mommy?" WHAT. I started to wonder if there was a baby in my tummy even though I knew for a fact there was not. When I said no, she asked me to buy her a sister. Still no.

Speaking of weird nighttime shenanigans, listen to the dream I had last night (do you hate it when people say that? sorry-ish). I dreamed that we finally got new windows put in our house, but the installers took it upon themselves to put in a new front door and I was DEVASTATED. We have a really cool original mid-century door, and yes it's slightly warped and you have to bodyslam it for it to close all the way, but I love it and plan to paint it yellow and will keep it forever. In my dream, they replaced the door with a purple one that had a huge window with a glass etching that said "Live Laugh Love." MY WORST NIGHTMARE. When we bought our house, the sellers left an offensive Live Laugh Love decal in the living room, and you better believe the first thing I did as a homeowner was rip it down. I cried for days in my dream about the stupid door. Then I dreamed that James was an astronaut coming back to earth from the space station, and I was so nervous watching for him to fall out of the sky that I was drinking out of a bottle of white wine in the middle of a field.

Maybe I should choose some different books to read before bed.

Do you ever buy a shirt that you swear looks great in the dressing room, but then you wear it at home and it's like it morphed into a completely different shirt? On Sunday, I got dressed for church. I threw on a new shirt, but then I looked in the mirror and saw Jerry Seinfeld staring back at me.

Ignore the dumb look on my face (I just typed "phace" ?!?!?!) and the fact that it looks like I'm wearing a tent. I texted James in the middle of church and asked if it looked like I was wearing the puffy shirt, and we both laughed so hard we probably disrupted everyone around us. I swear it looks better in person.

Maybe not.

Anyway, my fashion blog is coming soon. I expect it to be very popular. I'll let Gracie write a guest post since she's currently sporting ice cream footie pajamas with a Minnie Mouse shirt on top. It would've been a hit at Coachella.

My mom is coming next week, and I'm so excited. We FINALLY have a guest room! And this is forcing me to whip it into shape, because until now it's been a holding place for everything I don't know what to do with. Which is most everything. But now there's an actual bed in there, which means all the boxes are now in the hallway instead of the guest room. Progress! I have a lot of work to do, but my boss is demanding that I help her match her bows to her puzzle pieces, so who knows what state this house will be in.

Oh look! The snow is already starting to melt. It's above freezing! Time to switch to iced coffee.


  1. You have a neighborhood dairy bar?!?!?! Oh man, if we had one of those in our neighborhood, I would so be there all the time. I love those old-timey ice cream stands. We've also been playing "Is it a cold or allergies?" this entire week. It all started over the weekend when we went up to Kansas and it snowed and our toddler stopped sleeping and started acting really congested. Then we came back to Oklahoma and he started getting a little better, but the rest of us got really sniffly. I'm convinced we all have bad allergies, and my husband is convinced that it's a horribly bad cold. Who knows?

  2. Your one summer preview day sounds amazing! I'm cracking up at your dream/nightmare with the purple live, laugh, love door. That is something to cry about for sure.

    I want to paint our front door yellow too! It's not cool or mid-century but I think it would add such a cheerful pop of color. The people across the street painted their front door a pretty green and it makes me so happy every time I see it.

  3. It's always so weird when things line up like Gracie's off the wall question and your stomach issues. That kind of stuff always freaks me out. Plus all the stories about kids or pets or whatever "sensing" people are pregnant or sick of whatever before the person knows... Weird!
    I was super flu-like sick all last weekend and had THE WEIRDEST dreams. Oof. That can throw off your whole morning (or day)!

  4. I HATE words on walls. Decals, signs, you name it...if it's a cool poster or map or something that's totally different, but things like "Love Lives Here" and "Live Laugh Love" and even those "gather" and "eat" signs...no. I know you're supposed to eat in your dining room. I don't need a big distressed metal sign telling me that. I'm just waiting for someone to craft one for over their toilet that says "POOP."

    1. I COMPLETELY AGREE! I roll my eyes every time.


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