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reading: Jo's Boys by Louisa May Alcott. It's taking me an eternity to get through it because I haven't really been in a reading mood lately (?!?!?!?!), but I adore it.

watching: We watched Darkest Hour the other night and it was really really good. I'm fascinated by Churchill. We also started Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime. Beware of some language, but it is SO GOOD. The main guy is the same guy who plays Phoebe's brother on Friends which gives me endless delight. I'm now obsessed with the theme song and also wondering if everyone is trying to con me.

listening to:  I'm in a really bad music rut, but you know who I thought of the other day that I haven't thought about in ages? Flight of the Conchords. I kid you not, I was on the treadmill at the gym when something made me think about them. I realized I had one of their albums on my phone still, so I pulled it up and was shaking with laughter. I looked like a lunatic. This song never fails to kill me. This one too.  And now I'm laughing hysterically. Happy Monday!

hoping: That April is a better month. March was horrible. There are no words to describe it.  

loving:  We went to Target a week ago to grab a few things. Our living room has zero overhead lighting, and all we had in there was a table lamp. Not great. We walked to the lamp aisle to check out some floor lamps, and a girl handed me a 25% off coupon for lamps that she didn't need.  We got two floor lamps, and with that coupon one was practically free. I love nice people. We put the lamps up, and it hit some kind of button in me, and I went into overdrive. I wound up doing a major toy organization session and now my life makes so much more sense.

baking: I FINALLY made Gracie a birthday cake. It was way harder than it needed to be. The grocery store had signs that weather had ruined strawberry crops, so I couldn't make the strawberry cake she wanted. I grabbed a box mix, but the power went out and I couldn't bake it. I finally made it on Saturday. The top layer crumbled and was falling apart, the icing I bought tasted AWFUL so I scrounged around the kitchen to make it homemade. It's a hot mess, but she loved it and that's all that matters.   

laughing at: This Toddler Feelings Helpline article is the funniest thing I've possibly ever read. This is a PERFECT example of my current phase of motherhood. I showed it to my mom when I was visiting, and we were in tears laughing.

exhausted by: Easter. We had such a fun day that I was not expecting at all. Gracie's birthday did not go according to plan, but we had such a good Easter that it more than made up for it. My parents always used to do a living room easter egg hunt for me, so I made one for Gracie this year. I also did an Easter basket for her for the first time. She LOVED it. She had so much hunting for eggs that she hid her own eggs outside and then hunted them down again. We went to church, out to lunch, and to a friend's farm for another egg hunt and food. By the end of the day, I had such a bad introvert headache I almost crawled under the couch.

A quick word about Easter baskets: why is the internet so obsessed with posting the contents of their kids' baskets? It's so weird to me! Not offended by it, not upset about it, just kind of find it funny and weird. We don't do this any other time but Easter, it seems. We don't do the Easter bunny, but I loved easter baskets as a kid and it's so fun to pass that on to Gracie.

It was a beautiful, sunny Easter, and this morning we woke up to inches of snow. There's a whole "He washed us white as snow" joke to make here.


  1. You have a more positive outlook on the snow than I do. I looked out the window this morning and wanted to CRY! At least it was somewhat nice for Easter! Glad you guys had a good start to the new month. We spent the day with my mom's side of the family and this was the first year we did an egg hunt for the "next generation" of my cousins' kids and it was a riot. There were two 3 year olds, four 2 year olds, and a 1 year old. It was the funnest thing in the world to watch. They didn't even know the eggs opened and had candy inside, they were beside themselves with joy just to collect them and put them in their baskets. We dumped them back out and re-hid them several times and it kept them busy for HOURS.

  2. It really is crazy how the IT thing is the best easter basket - whatever. They get thrown in the closet 364 other days. So dumb.
    Glad your sweet girl felt better to have such a fun Easter day!!!

  3. Basically every single holiday is a competition to see who can outdo al the other moms on social media. It’s annoying. And who wants to spend a crap ton of money on Easter stuff anyway? Imogen’s basket is one we bought with the intention of reusing it for storage in her room...and then since she’s only 9 months, she got 3 books, some blocks and a stuffed animal. Oh, and a wind up baby chicken that was a $2 impulse buy at the grocery store checkout. Next year will probably be similar with the addition of some eggs to hunt. I ain’t spending $100 (EVER) on an Easter basket!

    I’m with Laura. I would cry if it snowed again. I’m hoping we’re done for the year. It’s been cold, but not snowing...knock on wood.

    FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS!! I totally forgot about them.

    G’s Easter dress is darling. My SIL asked if we bought Immy an dress and I was like...why, so she can roll around on the floor in it?? Lol.

  4. I'm so glad that you had a good Easter celebration! I love that picture of Gracie with her eggs, it's too cute. How darling that she hid her own eggs again! We were planning to do an egg hunt for our little guy, but we wound up having so much fun playing with our "family Easter present" of marble tracks (we don't really do Easter baskets, at least we haven't yet) that we didn't get around to it. But, we celebrate a whole fifty-day season of Easter over here, so I'm sure we'll eventually get to an egg hunt.

    Sneaky Pete sounds really interesting, thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Flight of the Concords is near and dear to my husband and me. We swapped youtube videos of their songs early on in our long-distance dating and still quote lyrics often ("business socks", "I'm not crying...", "think about it", and "issues" are favorites we'll find ways to use in our conversations, haha.

  6. That story about the lamp coupon is heartwarming! :) I once saw an old lady at the grocery store meticulously leaving clipped coupons for various items on top of the items on the shelves and I thought it was the cutest and coolest thing ever. I love Gracie's Easter dress! Polka dots = awesomeness

  7. I think it is so strange that people blog/post about their Easter baskets so much! I remember thinking this last year too. I have never done a basket yet, and I never feel bad about it until I log into Instagram and see a million pictures of all the stuff and then I am annoyed at myself for feeling guilty. I legit forget that Easter baskets are a thing. haha!


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