life is funny

Last month Gracie had a bad cold, so I pulled out the trusty vaporizer and Vick's cough medicine. It's been sitting in the bathroom ever since for unknown reasons, and I've been putting off putting it away for weeks even though I get annoyed every time I see it. On Saturday, I finally put it up. I was home alone at the time, but I said out loud to no one in particular, "Now that I'm finally putting this away, watch her wake up sick tomorrow."

Guess what.

She woke up with a cold. Oh yes she did, and 24 hours after I packed it away, I pulled the vaporizer out of her closet because she was so congested she couldn't sleep.

Isn't life funny?

Or something like that.

I went to the store a few days later to get her some cough medicine so we could all have a peaceful night's sleep (didn't work, fyi). My royal purple hair had faded into a lavender/blonde combo that looked less like a delightful spring color and more like I had been lying out in the sun for a few years. I ventured into the grocery store hair color aisle, which felt a little bit like buying sushi at a gas station, but it is what it is. The only purple hair color they had seemed barely a notch brighter than what I was currently sporting, so I took a deep breath and grabbed the teal.

I brought it home and let it sit on my bathroom counter for a day while I gathered my courage. I was scared to do it myself, but I was even more scared of paying to get it done again. Bright hair ain't cheap.

James worked from home on Wednesday. He had a break between conference calls, so I sent Gracie to the living room and grabbed the box of Colorista Teal. I brushed it on, waited 30 minutes, then washed it out in the shower. Aside from leaving a few bits of blonde and purple, I love the way it turned out. Since I had a rare midweek moment to myself (sort of--there was a moment when James got an important call and Gracie had a moment all in the same second and I had to run through the house in a towel to separate them), I decided to paint my nails.

Then I got dressed.

Then I walked into the living room.

You guys, I might have a problem.

And my nail polish? The exact same color. None of this was planned. It was all pure coincidence.

Would you believe me if I said my favorite color is actually purple, not teal?

Life is funny.

Or something like that.


  1. I just love you love bright hair & going with the flow whatever color it turns out. You wear it all well :)
    Hope your girls is feeling better. & if it works, just leave the humidifier on the counter all year long if it means she'll stay healthy instead of jinxing her by putting it up.

  2. I think you might have a new favorite color.

  3. just some tips for bright hair- if you want them. Instead of grocery stores Sally's beauty supply (if you have them...or any beauty supply store!) is your best bet. Bright colors are typically (I can't speak for the brand you used but yeah) only color depositing so you can actually leave it on for longer and it will help it soak in/be brighter. Also, you can mix some with some conditioner and apply it regularly to keep up with it! color depositing dyes are safe to do that with because there arent any harsh chemicals.

  4. Well, teal/turquoise is *my* favorite color so I am 100% in favor of your hair matching your shirt matching your walls!! ;)

  5. Teal is one of my favorite colors! Looks good! I did teal hair before on myself but didn't keep it long because it wasn't the best on me. I colored the whole bottom half of my sister's hair teal and faded it into purple on the ends and on her it was like magical mermaid hair. I like the Ion brand at Sally's or honestly, for a bright purple, "Splat", the color brand that you can usually find at any drugstore, makes a purple that sticks forever and stays super bright. I wouldn't use the bleach that comes with Splat but they have probably my favorite purple.--which is probably heresy since with my license I can walk into any pro store and buy purple from all the fancy brands. I still like Splat's purple. I'm currently mixing Ion's Sky Blue and Manic Panic's Rockabilly Blue and I like that combo.

    Also, it was the best idea ever to paint your walls that shade of teal. I love it so much. If I weren't a renter I'd have walls like that.


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