things that annoy me

My insomnia is raging at the moment. I haven't had a good night sleep in.......honestly, I can't even tell you because I can't remember or do math when I'm this tired. All I know is that I'm tired, my child is sick again, and it's making me very cranky. I have pet peeves and I feel like being snarky about them. It's all in good fun. NOTHING is personal at all. If we interact and you do these things, I'm not thinking about you. These are just things I see in general that get under my skin after awhile, and today I am choosing to be annoyed by them.

1. People who refer to Instagram as "Insta." I don't know why, but it makes me twitch every time. Almost all abbreviations make me feel that way, but "insta" is my pet peeve of the month.

Don't be a Kevin.

2. People who drone on and on about their running programs. There is nothing wrong with this! It's awesome that running is your thing. I JUST DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. I don't care how many marathons you've run and that you have to run 7.6 miles tomorrow and don't want to. I don't care about how many minutes you ran a mile. It's the same distance no matter how fast you run it. Your legs look better than mine, ok? Just be happy about that and move on.

2b. Cars that are covered with the 26.2/13.1 stickers. They're the stick figure families of the athletic world.

3. The enneagram. Sarah summed up my thoughts beautifully.  I think introvert/extrovert personalities are fascinating and very helpful in dealing with other people. Other than that? I DO NOT CARE. Even when you dive into the INFJ/ESPN/ABCD thing I'm done. Nothing every fully fits my personality and I don't think we can put ourselves into such specific boxes like that.

However, I have a very specific hatred of the enneagram. I am so tired of hearing about it. I don't care what your enneagram is; if it's something you're into, that's all I need to know about your personality. The only wing I want is the one that will fly me out of this conversation.

4. Dog people. Hold your stones. Dogs are great. I like them. I grew up with them, I'm excited to get Gracie one. I'm talking about the people who treat dogs like their little tiny precious love bug babies. NO. If you don't have kids and your dogs are basically your kids, that's fine. I draw a hard line when people refer to dogs as their kid's siblings, but especially when people refer to dogs as their kids. LOL. Mmk.

5. People who unbox things on Instagram. This is more of a celebrity thing, but occasionally I see a random person do it. Is it in the FabFitFun contract that you have to do a live video oohing and ahhing over everything inside? Do people actually enjoy watching that? I cannot stand it. It's like watching someone open presents for hours at their baby/wedding shower. That's a tradition that needs to be stopped, because it's fun for no one.

6. I am still annoyed over anyone who chooses to use an animal filter on Instagram. I will continued to be annoyed about this until the end of time or Zuckerberg comes to his senses. So basically, the end of time.

7. On a similar note: I will never swipe up. I will never like a likeitknow post. If you post links about how to "curate" a "theme" on your instagram feed, newsflash: you're taking the internet WAY too seriously.

I did not intend to make this into an instagram pet peeves post, but a million things are flooding my brain. Maybe this means I should've gone with my instinct to delete my account the other day, but my #1 rule is to not make decisions like that while under the influence of sleep deprivation.

8. People who post every tiny milestone their child achieves. It stresses me out, even if these kids are nowhere near as old as Gracie. Especially the people who make a big deal out of potty training MAYBE I AM JUST BEING SENSITIVE TO THIS ONE IN PARTICULAR but seriously, does that need to be online? It's one thing to record milestones on your blog for your own memory, but some of these people can't help themselves and have to slip things in conversations over and over and make sure we all know their child was admitted to Harvard at 6 months. Braggy moms are THE WORST.

9. Clothing challenges/capsule wardrobes/10x10 challenges WHATEVER THEY ARE. Yawn, yawn, yawn again.  I have a small wardrobe because I like it that way (though nowhere near capsule wardrobe small), but it's not all mix and match. I like it that way too. I'm also just not interested in how you styled your striped tee with your jeans for day 7 of your challenge.

10. Keto. It's apparently the new paleo/whole30. Eat however the frick you want but please don't tell me about it. Not only is everyone suddenly eating this way, but they have all taken it upon themselves to tell everyone else how to do it because everyone on the internet has to be an expert at something these days. No, I actually DON'T want you to do a post all about the ways you do keto and how it's changed your life. Lemme guess, are you selling essential oils too? I'll see myself out.

Do these things annoy anyone else, or I am I just too contrary for my own good?


  1. Yep, all of these things. The potty training one is also my special extra pet peeve. I even hate talking about potty training in real life. Not too long ago a friend of mine noticed my son was wearing underwear when he bent over at her house and she got all excited and was like, “oh my goodness!! He’s finally potty trained!?!?” And I was like, “uh, yeah, for a while now.” She gave me this stunned look and went, “you never told me.” And I was like, “true.” And in my brain I was like, “WHY WOULD I?” I cannot imagine posting about it on Instagram.

    1. I'm so glad I'm not alone in this! I am surrounded by potty training talk online and in real life. It's exhausting and stressful to me right now. There is SO MUCH bragging about it! WHY. All kids will be potty trained eventually, why are moms giving themselves gold stars for doing it earlier?

  2. I am laughing at all of these because I relate... or I do some of them. haha I totally have the race stickers on my car :) haha.... & I'm SOOOO a dog person. I dont have kids though so that's fair, right?
    I have never swiped up myself.
    I can totally see a whole post on Instagram gripes. There's a LOT to have

  3. I'm with you on these. I will never understand the swipe up, or the like to know it or whatever that is.

    My FIL is FOREVER doing all kinds of random diets. Except he really just buys a book, buys a ton of food related to the diet, and then doesn't change his eating habits at all. I will never forget the time I was at their short house for the weekend and he read a book called "Wheat Belly" and then went out and spent literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars on gluten free food. My MIL lost. her. mind. Anyway we were at their house this weekend and he told us (as he ate a bagel) that he was "kind of" doing the keto diet. I don't know much about it, but I'm pretty sure you have to be ALL IN or your body goes out of ketosis. He said he's eating lots of cheeses and high fat food, but having carbs for breakfast and lunch, just not dinner. I think his attempt at keto may have an opposite effect! LOL!

  4. I don't mean this in a snarky way, but have you run a half marathon? Because I feel like you might want to rock one of those after finishing one! I love people who have the 0.0 stickers. That makes me chuckle. I took my monthly weeklong instagram break at the beginning of April and still haven't put the app back on my phone. Then I read that 12 ways your phone is changing you book, and now I might just never add it back (probably not ever, but it kind of reinforced my feelings about not having it at the moment. DOG EARS. why).

    1. Doubtful :) There's nothing wrong with those stickers! They just seem kind of obnoxious to me, but running also isn't my thing so I'm not in the club and probably don't get it. The 0.0 stickers are my favorite. I just love snark like that.

  5. I haaaate the like it to know it thing. It's such an unnecessary set of extra steps just to see where someone got a pair of shoes. As far as swipe up, I find it helpful? and by "helpful" i mean it saves me THREE. WHOLE. CLICKS. when i want to see how much something costs. That is like the 2018 equivalent of driving to the mall! TEAM SWIPE UP.

    1. OKAY. So I’ll admit, there are some people I will swipe up for (this is starting to sound like tinder?), but there are those obnoxious people who bellow SWIPE UP! SWIPE UP! #swipeup who just ruin it for me. But that’s my issue :)

  6. #2 I halfway support Angel in his running obsession and I halfway make fun of it. And I don't run a single step, but I will show up and cheer at his races and tell him he's too slow and too old if he doesn't place. So nice of me. Good thing is he makes fun of himself, too. Like, he posts his runs on facebook together with memes that say: "Did you know that you can run WITHOUT posting about it on facebook?"
    3. I keep seeing the word enneagram but I have no idea what it means.
    4. I'm actually even more of a grouch in that I don't even like dogs. Thankfully, most people accept this and at relatives' houses that have 2 or 3 dogs inside they're always reminding their dogs, "Don't you remember, Rachel doesn't like you! Stop trying to get her to pet you! Literally everyone else loves you!"
    8. Potty training shouldn't be on the internet. Milestones about talking or athletic/moving accomplishments, I think that's pretty fun.
    10. Almost everyone I'm close to is on a diet since the beginning of the year, since most of my friends and family have weight loss or fitness/health goals. I'm very supportive and it's actually been really cool to see their success and the strides they've made over the past few months....but I'm super fun around them because since the beginning of the year my fitness goals have included not going into labor too early, gaining enough weight while pregnant, not dying during recovery from birth, and eating enough calories for both me and Cyrus. So...no keto for me. And Angel thinks everyone who's dieting is doing it "the hard way" and keeps trying to talk everyone into "just" running 5 or 10k everyday like him and eating whatever they want to because "it's much easier."

  7. I become so giddy whenever I see that you've put up one of these posts :) First off, that Kevin meme made me giggle and that is the perfect reference for the "insta" thing. I think it's weird, but since I don't participate in Instagram, I don't really hear about it or care that much. What I DO care about, which I am so gratified to see you mention, is the overwhelming overabundance of the enneagram right now. I'm happy that some people are able to find clarity about themselves through it, but I really just don't care. I took a temperament test years ago and found it helpful-and it was nice and simple. "Here are 4 temperaments, everyone has elements of these temperaments in different proportions, the end." Easy peasy. I took a Myers-Briggs in college because it was highly recommended, and it really didn't tell me much that I hadn't already known-I can't remember what my Myers-Briggs letters are, and I really just don't care enough to re-take the test to figure it out! lol. I think your "stick figure families of the athletic world" observation is spot-on :P And oh, child milestones? I just don't get it. I won't often see people posting them online, but in conversations I hear it happen all the time. Moms will be dropping info on their children's milestones like nobody's business ("Oh, my 4 year old? Yeah, she rolled over for the first time at 5 months" and that kind of thing). So many people have told me that I need to be writing this stuff down so I don't forget it, but I just don't understand this principle. Maybe it's because I'm not hugely sentimental? I love my son, and I enjoy seeing him grow, but I'd much rather look at baby pictures of him or go exploring on adventures with him now than sitting around thinking about when he started crawling, walking, babbling, etc. Also, I don't want to forget to add that I'm not sure the obsession with milestones is a new phenomenon-when I was pregnant with my first, someone gave me a baby book that she had been given, it was from the 80s or 90s or something. This book had journal pages for the parent to fill out regarding the following information: Baby's first smile, baby's first coo, baby's first boyfriend/girlfriend, baby's first job...needless to say, I donated that to a thrift store because it just wasn't my jam.

  8. YES TO ALL OF THESE. I don’t even know which one I nodded at the hardest. I haven’t really seen the enneagram thing and I’m not even entirely sure what it is but if it annoys you that much I’m sure it would annoy me too. The kid milestone thing...don’t even get me started. We get it, your kid is a genius because they rolled over at 2 weeks and walked at 10 months and knew 10 words by the time they were a year old. Talk to me when they’re 16 and making the same dumb decisions every teenager makes and then tell me how their early rolling skillz put them so far ahead of everyone else’s baby.


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