currently, vol. 39

reading: Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance. I'm only a few chapters in, but it's really interesting.

watching: I'm really into American Idol this season. I stopped watching it in college, but I'm loving the changes they made and how it's being done now.

smelling: a tulip candle I impulse bought at Target after getting pulled over last week. Zero regrets--it smells heavenly.

baking: I made chocolate chip cookies to take to a picnic with some friends from church. We had a taco bar, so I bought several kinds of salsa to take. I took a big bite of the mango salsa and realized it had gone bad. You guys, I gave myself food poisoning. That's pretty much how my luck has gone this week. Thankfully, I think I'm the only one who ate it. Phew.

laughing at: this video. I've watched it three times and can't stop laughing. Feel free to hate me, but I think gender reveal parties are dumb. "No, we want to reveal something to you: you're annoying." Dead.

exhausted by: the past week. A year's worth of social engagements fell in one week. James' car broke down. He went on his third business trip in three weeks. While he was gone, Gracie woke up with croup. While holding my feverish, barking child, James called from the airport and said that instead of coming home to stay, he could only come home for a few hours because he was being sent on an emergency trip. I spent that entire night up with Gracie who was extremely sick, and I didn't fall asleep until the sun was up, and I got less than an hour of sleep total. We were out of some necessities, my friends were busy with their own families and couldn't help, and I have never felt the loss of a support system as acutely as I did the past few days. It was seriously harder than the newborn days.

embarrassed about: I was waving to my neighbor across the street as I was pulling into the driveway, and I drove straight into an empty trash can. At least it wasn't the side of the garage. I will never live that down.

obsessed with: THE VOLCANO. I've had the weirdest volcano obsession since early childhood, and I've been constantly googling the Kilauea eruption for days. I CANNOT get over that flowing lava. Cannot deal. I need to see it in real life but it's also my worst nightmare. I expect to have nightmares about it any night now, IF I CAN SLEEP that is.


  1. That video...yes and amen. The “you’re annoying” part had me rolling.

    I need to try American Idol again!! I was super into The Voice for awhile but then they got both Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus and I can’t stand either of them. I’m not sure who the judges are this season but I should check.

    All the prayers for you with your sick kiddo and traveling husband!!!!!

  2. It's crazy how the earth is just RAGING lately. I can only imagine the fear those people in hawaii are feeling.
    I'm so mad about American Idol messing with the season of Dancing with the Stars. They need to move it to another night. I watched it till they kicked that cute girl from Kentucky off.

  3. I love American Idol too.
    I am about to Google that volcano - thanks! LOL

  4. American idol is the best! Im into all those competition shows.

  5. Well this shows you how much I know. I had no idea there was a volcano. Googling now. Also, I watched that video and it is hilarious! I have actually really liked the couple of gender reveal parties we've been to. They were fun! But I didn't bring a gift :)


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