for better or for worse

The past few weeks have been stupid. Just STUPID. James has been on four business trips in four weeks. He was only supposed to go on one. His car broke down. Gracie got croup while he was in Atlanta, I was up for about 2 nights straight with her, he got called to go somewhere else while he was about to catch his flight home, then I caught some demonic upper respiratory virus that's something between a cold and the flu that has kept me bedridden and is making me want to chainsaw my congested nose off, and then he was told he has to leave on his 5th trip in 4 weeks. Surprise! He's leaving on our anniversary.

I absolutely DID NOT cry in the grocery store when he called and told me, and then did not run into my ex-boyfriend's mom while still wiping tears away and browsing the pistachio selections.


But yes.

Let me put it this way, my stoic, optimistic husband who has NOT ONCE in our nearly 10 year relationship complained about a bad day told me that he can't remember having a worse week. 

I felt validated when he said that at least 5 times over a 24 hour period where it felt like everything was catching on fire. The good news is, after a VERY dramatic 24 hour period full of intense phone calls and cancelling/rebooking flights several times, he officially is not leaving me on our 7th anniversary for LAS VEGAS. I mean, is there a worse place for your husband to go on your anniversary when you're home sick with your formerly-sick-but-still-recovering child? I SUBMIT THERE IS NOT. Not that I would be in the slightest bit worried, I just found it funny. Also terrible. I think the chaos has taken a year off my life.

And then the city decided Mother's Day weekend, when families are home together, would be a great time to work on the water main and SHUT ALL THE WATER OFF! 


Maybe it's just something about May. May is not a good month for us.

Just kidding. We got married and that's what counts, and we always have a story to tell at dinner parties. 

I'm feeling nostalgic, so here are some pictures of us from when we first started dating until now. We were such babies! We were living in North Carolina! That feels like 16 lifetimes ago. So much has changed, but the fluctuation of my weight has been the one constant of our lives. 

Some notes about us, if you don't know: I met him while on a first date with someone else. That relationship imploded shortly thereafter, and James and I started to get to know each other. Things really started to sizzle when I was on spring break in Reno, caught the flu, and was holed up in my aunt and uncle's house FB messaging him all day while fighting a high fever. I was so hurt by the way the other guy dumped me via text, that I told my mom I refused to date another guy unless he gave me cheese. I was joking but also serious, because I really do love cheese that much, and I really was that fed up with boys. I never told that to another person, and a few months later, James invited me to his house and said "Hey, want some cheese?" and tossed me string cheese. Done deal. We started officially dating on my 20th birthday. We were in a band together for a few years. I had always thought it was cool that my dad proposed to my mom on a beach--spending my teenage years in Ohio, I assumed that was out of the question for me. Once again, he didn't know that. He proposed to me on Wrightsville beach in North Carolina. We got married one year later, to the day, 6 days after I graduated from college. 

 Atlantic Beach, NC 2009

visiting Ohio on my fall break 2010

engagement pictures 2010


Honeymoon! Jamaica 2011

California 2012

The OBX-2014

THE SWELLING-2015, 2 weeks exactly from giving birth



I'm so thankful for my marriage. It is the best thing in my life. I look at our wedding photos now and laugh about the chaos the photos don't tell, but mostly I'm just grateful. They represent a wild time in our lives, and especially after losing Colleen, having those photos and memories of her there with me is so wonderful. Our lives have changed dramatically over the past 7 years: we moved to Ohio, had a baby, bought a house, switched jobs, quit jobs, found a church family we love and adore, and I finally got James to agree that a mustache is not for him.


  1. Ahhh - look at all the sweet pictures from the years past. Life is an adventure together, isn't it?
    I also feel like some months are just 'jinxed' - BLAHHH - hopefully that's the worst of your month :)

  2. Omg, that last sentence cracked me up. I don't think mustaches are for anybody! Haha

  3. Happy anniversary!! I'm glad neither of you are spending it in Vegas! :)

  4. Happy anniversary!! You guys are so cute, and I've never heard the cheese story before--kinda crazy how that one worked out! When my mom first met my dad, he had a mustache. She said one time, randomly, that no guy under the age of 27 could pull off a mustache, and the next time she saw him: no mustache.
    Kinda crazy what all can happen and change in seven years, huh?

  5. Happy anniversary! I am glad to hear that James isn't going to leave for a trip on your anniversary. I would be LIVID if I was in that situation!
    I love this timeline of photos of you guys! I think it's so much fun to look back at old pictures. My toddler loves to look through family photo albums, and to regularly see pictures of me when I was a little kid, or me on my wedding day, is really entertaining.

  6. I hope this week is a little better. Everything always seems to hit the fan at the same time for you! Happy Anniversary!! I love the throwback to these pictures! You guys are so cute!

  7. Happy anniversary! I feel like with how your marriage started off you wouldn't be doing it justice to not have some sort of calamity ensue.

  8. Happy (now belated) anniversary! I love that you met James while on a date with someone else. Unconventional first meetings are my favorite. And your wedding photos are gorgeous. If there's one thing I could go back and do over, it would be our photos!

  9. I officially hate last week for you. Love you. Happy anniversary. PLEASE LET THIS WEEK BE BETTER.


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