gracie says, vol. 3

vol. 1
vol. 2

Gracie was still in her room and had just woken up from a nap:
In a high voice: "Do you hear the wind? Do you hear that?"
In a deep voice: "Yeahhhh, it's pretty windy out there."

Gracie sticks her hand down my shirt and then pretends to eat something:
Me: What are you doing?
G: "I'm eating donuts!"
Me: "Where did you get donuts?"
G: "In your shirt! There's a lot of yummy food in there!"

Me: "Put your toys away."
G: "I can't. I have to be a beautiful queen."

"Mommy, it's rain snowing. I need to talk to Minnie about it."

"Mommy, be a monster and say 'MOO!'"
[either monsters say moo or cows are monsters. Regardless, I prefer MOMster. #momjokes]

Driving past a storage facility, Gracie points at the storage units:
“Mama, what are those?”
“They’re storage units.”
“No, they are NOT storage units! That’s Tennessee.”

“Mommy, I’m going to eat your fingers. They’re my peanut butter sandwiches.”

Gracie opened a coloring book and said she was going to read me a story:
"In the beginning, there was a litter box. The end."

After I painted her toenails a light, sparkly pink:
"Wow! It looks just like daddy's toes!"
[I can assure you, they do not.]


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA. That girl. Her imagination is simply the best!

  2. That girl is hilarious! This whole post had never cracking up 😆

  3. "I have to be a beautiful queen." I love that girl! I love the picture too.

  4. "I can't. I have to be a beautiful queen." Pretty much my new excuse for not doing anything again ever.
    Also, the storage units/Tennessee association makes sense to me for some reason... lol.

  5. I'm sure daddy loves that everyone thinks his toes are so pretty now :)
    & to be fair, I did find potato chips in my bra last night when I took it off, so my shirt probably is usually full of food too ;)

  6. Haha I love these posts! She says the funniest things. I love little kids :)

  7. I'm sorry I can't even get past the first one. DEAD.

  8. "In the beginning, there was a litter box." hahahahah I love her.

  9. Oh my goodness. That girl...lol!! I’m totally planning on doing these types of posts when Imogen starts talking so don’t feel bad writing them yourself. I love them. I even read all 3 installments to Isaiah last night and we were both cracking up. He laughed the hardest at the wind one.

  10. These are too funny! I love reading the cute things kids say.

  11. Toddlers are so hilarious. Yesterday (Saturday) Jordan and I were in bed playing with J, and we thought R was sleeping. Suddenly she pushed the door open and shouted, "Hey, it's me!" We were cracking up.

  12. This rules! It sincerely cheered me up. You've reminded me why I love blogs (esp. yours!). I'm also inspired to write down more of what Avalon says. It's just the best age for sayings.


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