some life lately

1. Is anyone else having issues with Blogger comments? I stopped getting email notifications last week! I can't respond! I thought things had been a bit quiet lately just to find out that I'd gotten plenty of comments across multiple posts, but no email notifications. The settings are all correct still, and from my Googling it appears to be affecting other people. I found a workaround that sends all the comments to me in with a noreply email, but at least I can put in the correct email for people I know and respond that way. All that to say, if you haven't gotten a response from me lately, I'm sorry! It's not my fault!

I've considered installing Disqus, but I have mixed feelings on it. Some people hate it, some people love it.

The bottom line is, I'm tired of Blogger. It's so glitchy. I haven't been able to update my font style, color, or size in 5 years. I can't change anything without coding it in, and even then it doesn't always work. 6 months ago the bold font function stopped working, and using the html code doesn't work either. What gives! I don't like Wordpress, and I like Squarespace but I don't want to pay Amazon Prime level fees for something I make zero money from.

Apologies for my blogging mid-life crisis. Does anyone else have these issues or frustrations? From talking to a couple people, some people have the same issues and some don't. Who knows.

2. My friends are having babies left and right. One friend adopted the CUTEST little boy. He was 4 lbs at birth, and he wasn't early! He's just a tiny little peanut. I've been snuggling him as much as possible and giving him bottles. I go through withdrawals when I go a few days without seeing him. Another friend had a baby boy this week. I visited them in the hospital and snuggled him as long as I could. I'm in newborn heaven. As it turns out, newborns are absolutely delightful when you aren't recovering, nursing, and sleep deprived beyond all reason. Who knew!!!!! I'm finally in a place where the sight of a newborn doesn't give me PTSD of those horribly dark, difficult, and painful early months of motherhood, and yet I feel completely comfortable holding a baby because I know what I'm doing and how to take care of them. It's amazing! This is news to no one but me, I know, but I had no idea I could like babies this much!

3. We haven't taken a trip that hasn't involved visiting family since our honeymoon. Well, except for one overnight stay a few years ago, but we have been so overdue for a vacation but never felt like we could splurge on one. I have been mildly bitter about this lately and just want something fun to look forward to. We booked a cabin through Airbnb for a weekend in July. I am SO EXCITED. There's a huge pond to swim/fish/paddle boat in and hiking trails. It's nothing fancy, but a weekend away just the three of us with outside activities sounds like heaven. That same day, my MIL texted us that she booked a beach house for us all for a week. A year from now. I am equal parts thrilled about a beach vacation and equal parts dreading it. I have a whole year to prepare myself! A whole year to plan reading lists, find flattering mombod bathing suits (LOLOL), stock up on SPF 500trillion, buy Gracie cute bathing suits, find pool floats for the private pool, try to find my NSYNC beach towel circa 2001, oh yes. This will be fun. Right?


Jesus take the sunscreen.

4. Every summer I have a shorts crisis. Every one. Last summer I found the best pair of shorts ever at Gap. I wore them almost every day. I wore them so much I discovered a giant hole in the seat of the pants an hour after I ran into someone from high school. Of course. With everything going on I haven't had time to drive to a mall, so I ordered a bunch of random shorts and I'm praying something fits. I'm on pins and needles waiting for them to get here. It's been in the 90s, so I've also been very sweaty. I have a big trip to Iowa coming up where I'm seeing a bunch of relatives from the west coast that I haven't seen in a very long time. I need shorts! Do you know how hard it is to find shorts that aren't so short my cheeks fall out, or shorts that aren't ripped so much they show my underwear, but just normal shorts that aren't too long but aren't too short on my very long legs? It's a science experiment that goes wrong every time. Shorts, jeans, and bathing suits are the world's worst things to shop for.

5. My hair is a murky shade of swamp scum right now, and my friend who does my hair is on maternity leave, and the girl in Iowa who sometimes does my hair will be on maternity leave when I get there. I ordered some purple hair dye. I can't cut my hair myself, but I can dye it.

Between this, the shorts, and agreeing to the beach trip, I'm taking a lot of risks lately. Watch out, world!


  1. 1. Several months ago, I had an issue with Blogger comments and not getting notified, ergo I had a massive backlog of comments. It was weird and got resolved, but thankfully it's the only glitch I've run into with Blogger so far. It's so tricky to find a good blogging platform! Since I make no money from this, I have no desire to pay for a platform, so that takes out a lot of alternatives. And it seems like a lot of articles on blogging platforms are geared towards people who A. Have bunches of experience coding (which I don't) and/or B. Use blogging as a business (which I don't).

    3. That airbnb "vacation" sounds amazing!!!! I'm making an effort for us to start doing things like that. We haven't done a whole weekend yet, but even day trips as a family SOLELY with the purpose of hanging out (and not seeing any particular relatives) are delightful. We've only done a couple in the past year or so, but I want to do more-and maybe even a weekend away sometime. Good luck prepping for that beach house vacation! I found a really cute swimsuit on Amazon last summer which, while it probably wouldn't hold up for lots of intense swimming, worked great for one summer (it was only like $13). It has ruching along the sides of the top, so I think it's flattering for a variety of body types.

    4. I have no recommendation for shorts because I pretty much exclusively wear skirts and dresses, but that sounds like an awful crisis. Good luck!!

  2. I've been having the same glitch with blogger. Apparently it's an issue right now.

    Shorts are a struggle for me every summer. By the grace of God I found two pairs of pre-Jackson shorts in my dresser that didn't make me want to cry. Both from Target, I think.

    Your cabin vacation sounds awesome...some quiet relaxing time with your family be so great!

  3. I've seen other people with similar Blogger issues =/ I use Wordpress, though, so I'm not much help. Sorry!!
    Your cabin trip sounds so fun!! I'm sure the beach one won't be too bad... Hopefully you all have your own room and lounge space for the hour (or five) that you NEED to get away. Lol. And if nothing else, you'll have blog material for a month ;)

  4. I noticed the same thing with the last post I wrote. I didn't get any emails about comments but when I went to the post, there actually were comments. I'm with you, don't love blogger but don't necessarily want to pay for something I make $0 from.

    That little getaway sounds dreamy. I hope you have a great time!

    I've struggled with shorts recently too but I actually found a style this year that I love at the place where all the coolest people buy their clothes - Sam's Club. LOL. I got them in a few different colors because they were only $13!

  5. I haven't written anything in so long that I cannot call myself a blogger anymore (not that I cared to start with). But, back when I cared about my blog's appearance, i didn't want to deal with HTML so I bought a blog template off of Etsy for a one time charge of $15. It came with easy to follow directions and I had s\zero issues installing it myself. %15 seemed reasonable for a one time thing, but I agree I wouldn't pay monthly for something I do not make money on.

  6. I had that issue with blogger about a year and a half ago so I switched to disquis. I have no complaints and find it WAY easier to respond to.

    YAY YAY YAY for your vacation! I am so excited for you. Chris has his first vacation from work in a year and we're going to the beach on Monday. I'm so excited I could cry.

  7. Shorts/swimsuit shopping is the worst. I have most of the same problems, which is so frustrating. I had surprisingly good luck at Banana Republic's outlet recently. They have shorts that are both cute AND a reasonable length!

  8. Yes I have stopped getting any emails about comments--please please tell me what workaround you found because at least I do have the email addresses for all my regular blog buddies but I have not been able to find any way to get blog comments back in my email again!

    It's newborn babies galore in my world, too. Angel's brother had a baby 5 weeks after Cyrus was born and these two little cousins crack us up because they basically look like twins (not too surprising because Angel and his brothers really look alike), the cousin was born at the same weight Cyrus weighed at 5 weeks old (nearly 9 lbs), and every time either me or my sister in law post a photo of our baby on facebook, at least one of the various grandparents involved think it's the other baby. Angel's mom has even been talking about something that happened with Cyrus to my sister-in-law but calling Cyrus by the name of her own baby.

    Your trip in July sounds like it will be bliss!!

    Shorts are hard. I have a pair of athletic shorts that I wear with my swimsuit, and then a pair of denim shorts that I really like. Finding not-too-short but not knee-length bermudas is no easy feat, but on brutally hot days, shorts can be a lifesaver!

  9. Blogger probs over here, too! So dumb. But I am one of those people that won't comment on blogs with Disqus, so I can't in good conscience install it on my own blog. Plus, I prefer to respond to people via email rather than on my blog itself.

    It's only been 11 months (HOW) but I've already almost forgotten what it's like to hold a newborn. Alas, no newborns in my world right now! Or any time soon, seeing as I don't know anyone nor live near any friends who are pregnant...

    I'm SO HAPPY you guys are getting away for a weekend. Like, I cheered when I read that. It's been a LONG time coming for you guys!!

    Shorts suck. Seattle's been in the 80s already and I don't have any shorts that fit and I just want to cry thinking about having to shop for some.

  10. Yes, I just noticed about the Blogger comments! You might have to give me step-by-step directions for your workaround. How annoying, but I won’t complain because Blogger is free! And I like it better than free WordPress because you can’t do much with design. Also, I found some great shorts at H&M of all places! Nice length, not too tight, no distressing! They are my go to now (that and skirts, I wear lots of skirts in the summer - they’re cooler and make me feel cute and casual. 😀).

  11. I didn't notice I wasn't getting emails until you said something. I just thought no one liked me ;) So glad I can blame it on something real haha! I don't like Discus, but if Blogger is going to be weird then I just don't even know what to do anymore.


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