currently, june edition

reading: Educated by Tara Westover. Holy smokes batman, it's living up to the hype. I am perpetually shocked, and when I think nothing this family can do can surprise anymore, I'm surprised again.

watching: Thomas. Everything is about Thomas the train right now. Also the 1940s Tom & Jerry which G lovingly refers to as "Blue Kitty." James and I blew through Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I used to watch a few episodes here and there when it was a web series, but then Netflix picked it up and I nosedived. SO GOOD. It never failed to put me in a good mood. We just finished the new season of Arrested Development which was as hilariously bizarre as ever.

confused by: I used my purple hair dye last week and.....drum roll please...my hair turned ROYAL BLUE. Like bright, electric, cobalt blue. The color is called amethyst, the pictures on the box were a vibrant purple, and yet...blue. Which I'm not mad about! It looked really cool. I had been painting my nails red while the color was processing, so I looked like a walking ad for the 4th of July. Somehow I never got a picture of the blue, but it has since faded into a pretty purple.

eating: a blueberry acai fruit smoothie-filled Clif bar. For the life of me, I could not understand what was in this Clif Bar. I pictured a smoothie gushing out with every bite. I'm trying to eat fewer carbs, but curiosity got the better of me, and here I am. It's actually quite good, but basically a glorified cereal bear with less of a jam filling and more a creamy berry one. Aren't you so glad I'm here to give you this kind of information?

laughing about: Gracie is a little mother. All day long she takes care of her dolls, Minnie Mouse, and stuffed animals. Even in the church nursery, the nursery workers will often tell us that she took care of the other kids and comforted them and played with them. We've been around a few newborns lately, and Gracie has been obsessed with "feeding her babies." She always wants me to help, and that's how I find myself bottle-feeding a beanie baby kitten at 8am. The other day, after an hour spent helping her feed her babies, she said "Wow, you're a good feeder, mama!" IF YOU EVEN KNEW, CHILD. I breastfed you for 2.5 years!

cooking: I may or may not have seen a recipe that is basically nacho/taco toppings on top of tater tots, or "totchos" as I prefer to call them. Anyway, guess what we're having for dinner?

embarrassed about: Look, I'm not going to name names here, but one of my only children had a hard time at the grocery store today. Like, really hard. Like, I wouldn't have been more embarrassed if I had been standing there naked. Like one of those times I ascended to another realm of motherhood for enduring it. At one point, an older woman went up to Gracie and said something about helping her find her mom, and then I said something and she commented that Gracie was so upset and not comforted that she assumed I was a stranger. MY WORD. I think steam came out of my ears.

obsessed with: KIDIZEN! Oh my goodness! I've bought a few things off there for Gracie, but I've started listing a few things this week, which brings me to a conundrum. Moms---how do you decide which kid clothes to keep and which to get rid of? There are so many factors at play here. I've kept my favorites and the cute things my mom has bought her in case....BIG IF HERE....we have another kid. Also because I'm sentimental. I gave away the bulk of her baby clothes to friends who had their first girls, and I sold a bunch to Once Upon a Child before we moved and donated a few boxes as well. I can't keep it all because we don't have a ton of storage space, but I also don't want to start from scratch if we have another. But, if I had a girl at a different time of year, she probably couldn't wear most of the baby clothes anyway and would need things more seasonally appropriate. And if we have a boy, we're starting from scratch anyway. Plus! Every baby should have some of their own things. I listed a few things I don't love or I wouldn't miss that much, mainly Carters/OshKosh/Old Navy outfits that weren't too expensive and did their job. Anyway, what do you, fellow moms of the internet, do with your kids' clothes? Guide me, oh wise ones.

loving: my evening walks down my long country road. There are wheat fields, wildflowers, farms, and sheep that greet me every evening. It's heavenly, despite the fact that I'm nearly run over every night. Also the fact that my zinnia seeds are coming up! Years of neglect have left our yard in total mayhem, plus we've been ripping out overgrown bushes, and it's going to take a few summers to get things under control and the way we want. I cleared out one little flower bed on the side of the house next to a fence and planted sunflower seeds and zinnias. Our resident chipmunk dug up some sunflower seeds (swear words), but the zinnias are on their way up! I planted all kinds of flower seeds in various parts of the yard, but it's still early to see if they're going to take. Nothing gets me as jolly as gardening. I can't wait to be an old lady outside in my linen clothes and sunhat.


  1. I love the blue/purple! For kids’ clothes I keep them until the last kid outgrows them, then I set aside my very favorite pieces. Those go into a tub with my very favorite girl or boy clothes. I’ll eventually whittle down that tub when I’m emotionally ready for it, and then divvy things up between the kids’ baby keepsake tubs. All the rest goes into a bag, and my friend has sold some of my old baby clothes on Facebook for me (because she’s good at it), and we split the profits!

    1. Thank you!! And thank you for your thoughts on kids clothes! I've whittled down again and it's been nice to only have my very favorite/most useable things.

  2. YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF TOTCHOS!? That’s actually what they’re called!! I’ve never had them myself but I have a high school friend who has raved about them for years.

    You should have told that woman you WERE her mom until she started having a fit and then you disowned her and would she like to take G home? Really watch her jaw drop.

    1. Haha I knew of the concept, but I've only heard one other person refer to them as totchos. AND OMG THEY WERE AMAZING. It's on a weekly rotation now.

      LOL. Next time!

  3. Your hair looks so good! And oh man, "totchos" sound AMAZING. That might have to go on our meal plan for this month ;) Your evening walk also sounds beautifully heavenly-it's scenes like those that make me daydream about living in the country-ish, until I come to my senses and realize just how much I like living in the city. And oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear about that shopping trip. That's really, really awful, and I can't imagine how horrible it was to go through!

    It's funny you bring up kid's clothes, because I've been thinking that I really need to go through our stash before Baby #2 gets here. People gave us so much stuff when we had Baby #1 that he didn't even wear it all! And we don't have room for storage (all of the baby/toddler clothes we have are currently in a huge semi-organized heap in the toddler's closet). SO, I'm planning to go through the clothes and keep about 1-2 week's worth of outfits for each size and then donate the rest to a crisis pregnancy center (those places always need clothing donations, sometimes they even take toddler clothes). If there's something really nice and I'm motivated enough I may try to sell it, but I'm just pretty lazy and I'm not sure I want to go through that process. As for the whole "starting for scratch if you have another," I've found (based on my experience and the experience of friends) that people are really generous and very helpful when it comes to new babies, even if it's not your first one. Between hand-me-downs and cute clothes from sweet old church ladies who love to dote on babies, I've found that it can be fairly simple to clothe one's child (though admittedly, our first kid did not/still does not wear many clothes, since he usually spent baby days naked). Even now that he's a toddler, one of my neighbors is often bringing me clothes that her great-grandson is getting rid of. And a lot of times, clothes wear out over time, even if they're packed away in a storage tote-the elastic goes bad, they get faded, that kind of thing-so unless you're quite certain that you'll be using them in the near-ish future, I'd probably be liberal with selling/donating/whatever and just keep a couple big favorites. However, please take that all with a grain of salt since I'm a bit of a minimalist and I'm not very sentimental ;)

  4. Totchos sounds delicious. I'm pretty much down for anything involving potatoes, and anything involving nachos, so this would be an obvious win.
    Angel and I literally haven't bought anything for this baby to wear. Perks of going to a church where the next youngest kid is four years old and no one's young enough to still be having babies...everyone's been giving us hand-me-downs. Downsides are there's no nursery, no changing table, and no nursing room. Still figuring out how to deal with that.
    If you hair still had a bit of teal on it, if you put purple over it, blue is the likely result. Blue is not a bad result, though. :P I think I'm going to be slowly moving back toward purple with my hair, it doesn't fade as quickly for me...

  5. It's nice to meet you! I found your blog through clouded glass's blog! <3



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