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Since this is about me, here's a picture of my face.

Callie nominated me for an award, which is very sweet. She gave me questions to answer, and let's be honest, I always enjoy answering questions about myself. It feels like Myspace all over again!

1. What is a favorite childhood memory? 

I don't know even know where to start! I have so many. The ones that stand out are Christmas tree cutting in the Sierras with friends and family. I have such vivid memories of Christmas music playing, thermoses full of hot chocolate, trudging through feet of snow and sledding off snow drifts deep in the forest. We lived in the foothills of the Sierras, and there was a big hill behind my house. At the top was a little grove of trees and brush, and there was a perfect little hiding place in them that my best friend across the street and I deemed our clubhouse. We packed lunches and climbed up the hill with them and had picnics and spent many an afternoon hiding away and playing games. If we hiked further, there was a waterfall. At the bottom of the waterfall was a horse ranch. Seriously, I lived in the best neighborhood. I miss it so much. I would also have to throw in swimming in Lake Tahoe in the summer and skiing there in the winter. I wish I had pictures of all these things--they're buried at my parents' house somewhere. 

2.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

The Scottish Highlands. I have never felt more at home anywhere in my life. In July, women were wearing dresses with leggings and boots and scarves. Sheep were grazing on every hills, rivers and lakes everywhere, HEAVEN. 

There were sheep grazing on the hills behind me. It was perfect. 

3. What was the last book you read?

English Lessons by Angela Lucado. It's a memoir about her year studying in Oxford and how she struggled with her faith. I really enjoyed it. It reminded me so much of my turbulent years in North Carolina.

4.  When you have some spare time, what do you do with it (besides blogging, of course).

I read a lot. This is probably a surprise to no one. We don't have a dishwasher at the moment, so half my life is spent at the sink scrubbing mac n cheese off plates and bowls. Whenever the weather is semi-decent and James is around to watch Gracie, I go off on long, rambling walks and listen to music or podcasts. I also go in phases of knitting a ton, and phases of just not feeling like it.

5. With whom is your longest friendship?

Well, I would've said it's Colleen. She was my longest, most constant friend from middle school until she passed away. Moving around the country as a kid kind of puts a jam in lifelong friendships. The long friendships I've had have fizzled over the years or we've just gone down different paths in life. I still have several very close friends from college, Joellen and Joanna, and I would have to say them. They're the kind of friends I can go months or years without seeing, but whenever we're together we pick up right where we left off. 

6. Favorite summer beverage? 

Iced coffee with a splash of cream. I will also take a glass of strong, unsweet iced tea. 

7. If you had the opportunity to attend your own funeral, what would you hope to hear people say about you?

Oh yikes. I want to be remembered as a friend who could always be counted on and loved God and others. 

8. All you ladies are married - how did you meet your spouse?

I think I told this story recently for our anniversary. I went to a Christmas party in 2008 on a first date with someone else. That guy ignored me most of the time, but James and I sat at the same table and struck up a conversation. He played his guitar and sang that night and I was all about it. I started hanging out in his group of friends, and a few months later when I was in Reno on spring break and sick with the flu, we Facebook messaged every day for a week. He asked me out as soon as I got home, on my 20th birthday. 

9.  Finish the sentence: "In high school I could have been voted most likely to..." 

In 8th grade I was voted most likely to be an actress, and I have ZERO idea why. In high school I was known for playing the piano and knitting. As you can tell, I was VERY popular. I would probably have been voted most likely to live like an 80 year old, and I would have fulfilled it. 

10.  Tell us something that we don't already know and wouldn't think to ask you. 

I am very easily overwhelmed. I've always known this, but I'm really realizing it lately. I took the Highly Sensitive Person test at the advice of a friend (and everyone rolls their eyes--I know that stuff can be dumb), and I checked off every single answer. It was so nice to know there's a reason why I get so frazzled easily. I don't want that to sound like an excuse, but it really did comfort me in knowing there's a reason I'm so extra sensitive to lights and sounds and noise. I also don't mean sensitive in that my feelings are easily hurt (though they often are), but I'm easily overwhelmed by environmental stimuli and can't handle a ton of stressors at once without totally shutting down. This is weird, but one thing in specific that stresses me out easily online is people and their healthy living bandwagons. The people who are constantly talking about all the chemicals in our makeup and pushing cleaner makeup, the nontoxic cleaning people, the organic/cut-out-major-food-group people, the people saying we have to make fitness our utmost priority and read every label at the grocery store lest a less than ideal ingredient slip in, the people obsessed with "slow fashion" and saying we can only buy high-quality, crazy expensive clothes---I CAN'T HANDLE IT ALL. I have friends in every category. It makes me want to say WELL, GUESS I'M GOING TO DIE OF CANCER NEXT WEEK AND RUIN THE WORLD WHILE I'M AT IT. Oh, and then there are the people who say we have to forgo everything in life and TRAVEL EVERYWHERE ALWAYS IT'S ALL THAT MATTERS. I want to cover my eyes and ears and scream "YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE." Reading any of that stuff really and truly stresses me out. I'm not an all or nothing person--I very much thrive in moderation. I can reduce food groups in my diet but cannot cut things out entirely. I can't throw all my makeup out and buy $80 in foundation made from plants and become obsessed with making sure certain chemicals (you guys, literally everything is chemicals) never touches my skin. I get so overwhelmed at the thought. I buy my makeup from Ulta and eat well most days and exercise most days and use windex and trust God with the outcome. I do not believe I will show up at the gate of Heaven one day and God will say "I would've let you live another year, but you ate that muffin with refined sugar. Sorry."

I'm not going to nominate anyone because she nominated most of the people I would, but if you want to join in, I'm happy to make up some questions for you :) I LOVE reading answers to these things! YOU ARE ALL WINNERS TO ME. If I could find the right gif, I'd insert one of Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls breaking off pieces of her prom? homecoming? crown and throwing it to the crowd. 


  1. I'm telling you - we are soul sisters. Just know & trust that.
    From the stress & overwhelming - to the iced coffee with cream. We could sit in a coffee shop, share a drink & freak out together :)
    I do think we need to start a GoFundme account though for you & a dishwasher. no one needs to live in that horror :)

  2. I loved reading your childhood memories, how lovely! I’m so on the same page on the healthy living blogs. I’m the type of person who could easily freak out about some of that stuff and let it ruin my life, so I purposefully don’t read certain things that I know are going to stress me out. God knows when I’ll die, and there’s nothing I can really do to change it, in my opinion. When it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. "I buy my makeup from Ulta and eat well most days and exercise most days and use windex and trust God with the outcome. I do not believe I will show up at the gate of Heaven one day and God will say 'I would've let you live another year, but you ate that muffin with refined sugar. Sorry.'" OH MY GOODNESS, THIS IS GOLD. i kinda want to make a t-shirt with these words on it. hahahaha!

  4. I am with you on the healthy living thing. I look at my grandmothers who are 95 and 91 and have eaten chemically processed foods nearly every day of their lives, and have probably never had kale or chia seeds or worn amber tinted glasses when they watch TV at night so they don't disrupt their body's natural circadian rhythm, and have worn makeup and used soap and shampoo and cleaning products all made from chemicals. And they're just as happy as can be in their nineties. So, that's just not a hill I'm willing to die on.

    Now unsweet tea? Give me ALL THE SUGAR!!!

  5. This is so fun! I love it when people do these types of blog posts. The Scottish Highlands sound AMAZING. I've been to Ireland and really want to go back, and I'd love to go to Scotland. Did you ever read the Martha Years books (the spin-off of the Little House series) when you were young? I loved those books and dreamed of going to Scotland someday.

    I don't think I'm a highly sensitive person (though I've never taken a test-maybe I should! I have gotten more overwhelmed at life in general this pregnancy), but I also have had moments of becoming stressed out by the healthy living bandwagon. I typically frequent sites and books that are more on the hippie-side of things, and I like doing some things that are more "natural" (though it's mainly out of laziness than trying to avoid chemicals) but there's only so much of that stuff I can take. I'd rather focus on other things in life and eat my processed ice cream! (also, do you think toddlers can be Highly Sensitive People? I don't know much about it, but my little guy has always been very overwhelmed by loud noises and big groups of people and I'm wondering it it's a baby/toddler thing he'll outgrow, or if it's a specific-to-him/HSP thing)

  6. That pic of you is so adorable! I love my friend <3

    You should make a snarky list (like the one you sent me yesterday) of how we are all going to die early if we don’t follow the latest healthy trends LOL

    I’m so honored that I’m one of your longest friends. You are also mine as well 😃

    1. Please oh please oh please publish a snarky list!!!!!

    2. Aww thank you! Love you so much!!! <3


  7. Your childhood sounds incredible. Absolutely dreamy.
    I love the Swiss Alps. We can move to Europe in a few years and be "neighbors" with a small pond between us ;) Lol
    I find that I'm highly sensitive, too. ANd I try to mask that with indifference and sarcasm. Sigh.

  8. I just took the HSP test...and got a 12. So I guess I'm sort of, but not quite highly sensitive??

    The Scottish Highlands sound amazing. My sister has been to Scotland, she's basically obsessed, so there must be something to it. Supposedly I am part Scottish (and German, and English) but I've always seemed to appreciate the Nordic countries and cultures more. Maybe God knew I'd marry someone with Norwegian blood!

    I want to do this questionnaire too, but have no idea how to answer a few of the questions!!

  9. The Scottish Highlands sounds (and looks) amazing! That's so neat you got to go there. I would comment on the chemicals thing, but a lot of people already have, so I'll just say I totally agree :)


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