a day in the life

I've been wanting to write a day in the life post for a long time now, but I just haven't been feeling it. Yesterday morning I woke up and just felt it. Today is the day. These aren't for everyone, but they're some of my favorites to read, plus I love reading my old posts like these to remember what life was like at a certain time. I'm nosy. I try to peek in other people's windows when I drive by. I am fascinated by how people live their lives. So here's a little peek into a day. This one was pretty typical day.

6:06am: My alarm goes off and I am not amused. James and I have been trying to wake up early together so we can read our Bibles in peace before the day starts. I do so much better when I have some quiet time to myself before things get crazy. I tiptoe out of our room to hear Gracie already up and talking to herself. She knows not to leave her room until we tell her, so I grab a cup of coffee and do some reading by the Christmas tree while she plays in her room. James lays on the couch and reads. I swear I hear him start to snore, and I tease him that he got up to just to fall back to sleep in the living room.

6:45: We tell Gracie she can get up, and she barrels down the hall while James gets her a bowl of cereal.

7:15: James leaves for work and I hit the showers while Gracie watches a show. I pray that she doesn't color all over the furniture or suddenly climb in the shower with me, both of which have happened recently. I dry my hair and get dressed and try to curl it. I'm missing whatever gene makes you good at curling hair. One of my friends is a hair stylist and has given me multiple tutorials. I've practiced for months. Still can't do it. We do the exact same thing with very different results. Some days my hair looks close to halfway to decent. Today is not one of those days.

8:00: Gracie is already ready for second breakfast and I'm starving. I ask if she wants sausage or bacon with her eggs. "Yes!" she replies. A girl after my own heart. We settle on bacon. She helps make the eggs. Believe it or not, she can make some eggs all by herself, with supervision of course.

8:20ish: We finally sit down to eat. Gracie shares her bacon with White Kitty. Some backstory on WK: she's my childhood beanie baby from the mid-late 90s. Gracie named her White Kitty and the two are thick as thieves. She's currently wearing a dress that came off an Amish doll. She's usually wearing a diaper, but apparently she's going commando today.

After breakfast we scramble (like our eggs! .....sorry) to get ready to leave for Bible Study. One side of my hair looks like a poodle and the other half is completely flat. I botch my eye liner. Oh well. I'm not in the mood to worry about it.

8:56: We are backing out of the garage, only 6 minutes behind schedule. Gracie asks for her music. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine gave me the brilliant idea of making a playlist to listen to in the car with G. I loaded it up with songs from old classic Disney movies. A Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins comes on and I get so nostalgic I nearly feel a tear in my eye. Gracie asks all sorts of questions and when she asks who sings it, I tell her about Julie Andrews. Gracie says the song is cute and she likes it. Glad to know my old movie/music indoctrination is going according to plan.

9:05: Gracie runs ahead of me and into her classroom. It's night and day from when they used to have to come get me every week because Gracie needed me. I call this her preschool, and it's free! They teach Bible stories and games and sing songs and do activities. It's so good for her. I walk to my class. The woman who sits next to me is someone I haven't seen since I was 18. We catch up. It's awkward and weird, but I'm used to that in my life so it doesn't bother me that much. This is par for the course. And then I look down at my name tag and realize it's covered in Cheez-it crumbs from the depths of my purse. And then I remember my wonky eyeliner and hair and just have to laugh. Of course.

11:00: I pick up Gracie and she launches herself into my arms as usual. She insists on grabbing a rock from the snowy flower beds outside. She has to get a rock every week. My car is full of small grey rocks I try to confiscate when she's not paying attention. She asks to listen to the Grinch song on the way home, then Hakuna Matata comes on. She seems to be under the impression that Hakuna Matata is a type of avocado??? I tell her it's just a saying. Then she says "Can I see a picture of Kuna's Katatas?" No one prepared me for how to explain Hakuna Matata to a 3-year-old.

On the way home, we stop by our friend's house. Their 5-year-old has been in the hospital for weeks recovering from major surgery and multiple dangerous complications. Gracie gives their cat some much needed attention while I take care of a few things for them.

11:30: We're home, and Gracie makes a beeline to her room to put pajamas on. I almost do the same thing. I put some dishes away and start making lunch. I went grocery shopping the other day and decided I'd make salads for lunch. The problem is, I bought the spinach but forgot everything else. I improvise. I find some fish in the freezer and pop it in the oven. Gracie gets mac n cheese, avocado, and strawberries. While I make her lunch, she makes WK lunch in her play kitchen. I make a fish salad with whatever I can find: berries, craisins, walnuts, and the other half of the avocado. When Gracie asks what I'm eating and I tell her it's a fish salad, she says "is that a joke?" All I want is something unhealthy, so yes. It feels like a joke, but at least it's tasty. You know. Relatively speaking.

Don't be too impressed. Sometimes I have a frozen pizza for lunch.

12:15: Lunch is made and someone requests lunch by candlelight. I'm all about that idea.

12:30ish: I do the dishes from lunch and breakfast. This is the bane of my existence. I can do most housework cheerfully, but I loathe the dishes. I don't remember what it's like to have the luxury of a dishwasher. People talk about the never ending cycle of laundry, but laundry doesn't bother me. The dishes are truly NEVER ENDING. After they're done, I tackle the floors. They've seen better days. I get the vacuum out, and Gracie grabs her play Minnie Mouse vacuum. It's so cute that she wants to clean with me, but not when she thinks the vacuums are bumper cars. She tells me I can't vacuum in her room because WK is napping in her bed. I put my invisible silencer around me that only works on kitty ears and went in anyway. While vacuuming, I see the birthday card I bought for my dad out of the corner of my eye. It should've been in the mail days ago but I keep forgetting. I quickly fill it out and then realize the sheet of stamps that is always in my way is suddenly nowhere to be found. Eventually, we run it out to mail box. Gracie is in a nightgown and I'm in fuzzy slippers. Our neighbors love us! When we get back inside, I put a load of laundry away and throw some sheets in the washer and feed the cat.

1:30: I declare it to be Quiet Time. This used to mean nap time, but things have been a'changin' lately and I'm still trying to figure out what to do. QT in her room has not been going over well lately. Today, I turn on Daniel Tiger for her to watch while she quietly (LOL) plays and rests. Usually I read, but I finished my book last night and am not in a book mood. I grab my laptop to start this post but get sucked into a FB argument. Arguing on Facebook goes against everything I stand for, but so do the people saying we will die of cancer if everything we eat isn't organic. All the eye rolls. At least this one is very civil and calm.

2:45: I've been working on this post for awhile, and then Gracie and I decide it's snack time. We each have a little treat every afternoon. I make a cup of coffee and grab one dark chocolate covered peppermint joe joe from TJ's. It's truly sinful. Gracie gets a fruit snack. I throw the towels in the dryer.

3:04: James texts that he's on his way home. Sweeeeet. He'll have to be on a conference call when he gets home, but just having the moral support in the house is nice. Gracie gets her paper and markers out and draws pictures. This is my favorite thing ever. I have to take all the marker lids off for her because she got a little handsy with the lotion when I told her to put a little on after washing her hands since I can see her eczema trying to flare up again. Her hands and arms are literally white with lotion.

I help her color in the grass and sky and ask her what she drew. "It's you in the sky!"

I have so many questions.

We hang it up in her room.

3:37: I call my mom to update her on some stuff. We talk for awhile and Gracie suddenly decides she's famished. She goes through a bowl of blueberries, a clementine, and some sweet chili pistachios while I'm on the phone. James comes home and immediately goes to the other room and gets on a conference call. The late afternoon toddler meltdown takes place over water. "Normal water doesn't work with my 'spachios (pistachios)!"

4:30: James is finishing up his work in the kitchen and Gracie is pretending to fight Goliath. She makes a sling shot out of a crayon and baby doll blanket and is running around screaming taunts to Goliath, wherever he is. Then she plays the role of Goliath and tells David to go back to his sheep. She's a one-woman show and I'm cracking up.

5:15: We're having leftovers tonight, so I don't have to cook. I grab a banana and a few of Gracie's crackers and leave for the gym. I try to go several nights a week, but it's 20 minutes away so not very convenient. When it's warmer out, I walk outside. When I get to the gym, the employees are all huddled together at the front desk eating hot wings. THE SMELL IS TANTALIZING. This is the gym that hosts a pizza night and a bagel night, so I shouldn't be surprised that the employees are eating wings on the job. The smell tempts me during my whole workout and I have to fight to keep from drooling. By the time I leave, I'm HANGRY and nearly lunge across the desk to grab their leftovers.

My town looks like a Hallmark movie during Christmas time. There are old churches with steeples on every corner and light-up snowflakes on the poles and real snow on the ground. I love it.

7:15: I'm finally home. Gracie is in bed. I hop in the shower and talk to James and clean up the crayon explosion that never got cleaned up in the living room. I heat up some leftovers of spaghetti meat sauce over spaghetti squash instead of pasta (I'm weird and like that better than actual noodles), green beans, and a slice of homemade french bread. I didn't take a picture because I was so hungry I could've stabbed someone.

7:45: It's way later than I usually eat. James and I have dinner and watch a few episodes of The Blacklist.

9:30: I get ready for bed and grab a new book to start reading, but I get distracted when I look and realize UNCLE RICO IS IN BED NEXT TO ME.

He has a mustache for Movember which I think is DUMB, but I'm trying to be a supportive wife and ignore it. Anyway, I pull up a picture of Uncle Rico to prove my point and we're laughing hysterically. WHICH ONE IS MY HUSBAND, I DON'T KNOW.

I fall asleep much later than planned because I'm far too amused.

And that is a pretty accurate day in my life. I edited out some tantrums and things like that because no one needs to read about those. Instead of Bible Study, sometimes we go to the grocery store, or a playdate, or we stay home in our pajamas. It just depends, and I'm thankful for the freedom to do whatever works best that day.

 The last time I did one of these, Gracie was barely 1! And in both posts, I made spaghetti for dinner. Some things never change. Hopefully the mustache will change, though, or I will not be sharing my tots with him.


  1. OK - the end of this post made me literally SNORT laugh!!!!!! OH MY GOSH - it does look like him!!! HAHAHHAAAAAA
    Oh wow - I am super impressed that Gracie takes off to her class now. I remember those days of the struggle to make it through a bible study!! That's awesome!
    Good for you having her learn to make eggs with you. I think when you teach them young, its only going to make them a more well rounded human.
    I love all your candle holders... so colorful!!!!!
    & girl - keep playing those old Disney songs - they never go out of style!!!

  2. I love these kind of posts - and omg. uncle rico. I'm still not sure which is which?!

  3. Good for you guys getting up early! I personally CANNOT function properly if I don’t have a good hour to myself before Imogen gets up, including a shower (cannot wait for the day I can shower and leave her alone to play!). It makes for some early mornings but it’s better than feeling discombobulated half the day.

    Uncle Rico. Still laughing. Isaiah said “Oh James...” 😂😂😂😂 Not that he’s one to talk. He had a mustache for ages before the PD finally started allowing close cut beards.

  4. I really had to hold it in so I wouldn't die laughing at the last part of this. That is so funny!!!!

    These kinds of posts are so awesome. I've toyed with the idea of doing one, but I just haven't been motivated enough lol. I've also been toying with the idea of visiting TJs in the near future, and now I might just have to. And ok, question: when Gracie makes eggs, does she crack them herself? How did you teach her to do that? Peter loves baking and cooking with me, and he's enthusiastically grabbed eggs before when making cookies but he just hits them against the bowl and will throw the entire thing, shells and all, in. I'd love to teach him how to actually crack eggs, but I'm not sure how one teaches that kind of skill.

  5. Same lunch plate for Gracie, too!

  6. my car is also full of rocks

    my husband comes home at 7pm...on a good day. wahhhh

  7. Those peppermint cookies look so good!!
    I love day in the life posts. I haven't done one in forever!

  8. So are you going to see Mary Poppins Returns?

  9. She knows not to leave her room until we tell her <--- wondering what type of voodoo magic I need to say to get this to happen at our house. My mind is exploding at the thought! I'm impressed and not at all jealous.


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