scenes & stories from thanksgiving weekend

1. I went into Thanksgiving with only 4% of my Christmas shopping done. I had zero gift ideas for anyone but Gracie. Now, I only have about three more things to buy, AND I ordered my Christmas cards. Now I can go into December and relax by the tree instead of worrying about presents. And by relax, I mean field requests for snacks every 30 seconds.

2. We spent a lot of time trying to get family photos for our cards, and they all were a bust, but I'm going to treasure them forever because they're a perfect example of life right now. Exhibit A:

For the record, I am NOT a matchy matchy person, but we all happened to have the same shirt and I needed to document it. For science.

3. Last Thanksgiving, James had bronchitis and our fridge died overnight while holding most of our Thanksgiving food. I'm happy to report things went much smoother this time around, even though one person threw up all night and another person wet the bed. There was a lot of peppermint ice cream, Hallmark movies, pie, and Christmas lights in every room.

4. I love our Christmas tree this year more than anything, even though someone is perpetually moving the ornaments around, and I recently discovered the candy canes from the bottom half are missing. I later found them sitting in a pot in her play kitchen, where she told me she's making candy cane soup. I then found that she had put an ornament to bed in a Kleenex box in the bathroom. I thought I would be twitchy about her messing with the ornaments, but it's been hilarious.

5. I put my heart and soul into that jigsaw puzzle. It ruled my life for several days until, through a series of unfortunate events, I vacuumed some of it up. I'm not ready to discuss this tragedy. If you're wondering what to get me for Christmas, a puzzle might be nice.

6. I've decided on a new career direction. I love being a SAHM, but I've decided that I have been called to be an actor in Hallmark Christmas movies. Getting paid to drink hot chocolate in cozy sweaters, wander around snowy small towns, and decorate Christmas trees is so close to heaven I'm not sure I could handle the joy. If anyone has any connections, please hook a sister up.

7. I felt like I was in a Hallmark movie recently when I was at Kroger. It had been a crummy day and every little thing was going wrong. At one point I told myself out loud not to cry in the grocery store. I knew I had hit a low point when I mustered up the strength to ask an employee if they have any leeks, because I couldn't find them. He found the last ones and then put a "free" sticker on them. I looked over and it was snowing outside. It made my day. But it was not a Hallmark movie, because the employee and I will not be overcoming our differences and getting married.


  1. Those pictures are so precious! Your Christmas tree looks SO COOL! I don't think I'd enjoy having a tree that color, but it looks great in your home and you did such a lovely job decorating it. Your missing ornament situation made me giggle :)

    I'm sorry to hear that you had some rough patches during your Thanksgiving celebrations! Can we talk about peppermint for a minute? I don't know why, but I am so into peppermint this year. I've never really liked peppermint coffee, but about a month ago someone gave me one and I loved it. And my 80-year-old neighbor gave me peppermint coffee yesterday, and again today because I liked it so much. Last night when I grocery shopped, I had already planned to get ice cream but then saw that the half gallons of seasonal ice cream were on sale, so naturally, I just had to get the peppermint bark ice cream. I've always enjoyed peppermint, but never so much as this year-and it's not even December yet!

  2. Aww, no wedding bells? Oh, right, that would be awkward. I would also like to act in Christmas movies. We need some contacts.

  3. A Hallmark actor is a thing... look at the girl from Biggest Loser or Candance Cameron Burre :)
    I so love your tree. My grandma had a white tree so when I see one, I think of childhood.
    OK - so how did you get from 4% with no ideas to nearly finished - share your secret. I'm at a total loss this year.

  4. Same here with BlackFriday shopping! I haven’t gotten all my shopping done this early in years - oh my goodness, it’s such a relief! I feel like I can enjoy the season now. Why don’t I do this every year? For the record, I LOVE the matching shirts - how fun!

  5. I love every single one of these pictures. I love how quirky and fun your house is. I love your white tree. I LOVE IT ALL.


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