december days

December has been 17 years long. I looked back on pictures from earlier this month and thought, "Oh, that was at least a decade ago, right?" What I'm saying is, it's been a doozy.

We are all crawling out of several weeks of the plague. I mean, the plague. All three of us were down for the count at the same time. James and Gracie are on the mend but I'm having a little more trouble kicking it. During our convalescence, James was sent to the hospital by his doctor and very nearly had emergency surgery.

Getting a phone call with words like "fatal infection" and "emergency surgery" when you're getting out of the shower on a random Thursday morning and wondering if you have a fever is just a bit much.

Thankfully he's ok. For now. We hope. We think? Basically no one knows, the doctors don't, but he's still alive so that's pretty cool.

Also this happened the day before my dad had surgery.

Looks like Santa will be putting doctor bills in our stockings this year!

Before all of that, I tried to cram in every Christmas activity imaginable. We have watched all the Christmas movies. We made a gingerbread house. We went to the zoo to look at the lights, and Gracie was completely starstruck when we ran into characters from Rudolph. She has not stopped talking about meeting Hermy the dentist, and for some reason she seems to think he is very proud of her every time she uses the potty. Which she loudly announced in the zoo bathroom. Which is at least better than when she dropped her pants in church during the pastor's prayer and loudly announced to everyone that she's wearing Thomas the Train underwear.

I'm not sure Hermy was proud of that.

I had big plans of making tons of Christmas cookies to pass out to the neighbors, but it looks like the mail man will be the only person receiving any this year. James' company threw a big Christmas party for kids over the weekend. I tried to rally and drag myself there. I didn't realize how big his company truly is, but I figured it out when I walked inside to literally THOUSANDS of screaming kids and their parents. I pictured a big room with breakfast and Santa in the corner and some crafts. Nothing could have prepared me for the chaos that we encountered instead. When we found the line for Santa, we couldn't find the end of it. It wound through hallways and rooms of the largest office building I've ever seen. There had to have been at least 500 people in line, probably more. We'll never know how many, because we turned around and left. Gracie got a balloon, so she didn't mind.

All it did was prove my point that staying at home in Christmas pajamas and watching movies is always better than going to a party.

As long as you don't have the plague.


  1. OH NO!!! Fatal injection??? WHAT THE WHAT???? What kind of injection? That's terrifying.
    Sorry you've all felt bad. Tis the season man - tis the season.
    & you KNOW I feel you on the doctor's bills piling up in the stockings. The adult version of coal

  2. That’s it. We are not leaving the house this winter. I have read 3 blogs in the last 20 minutes and every single one talked about how the whole family is/has been sick. So, we are officially on hermit status.

    Except we have to fly next week. DAMMIT.

  3. Most of what I want for Christmas is to stay home. I mean, I also want Angel to give me presents, but besides that, stay home. That's quite festive. Actually, I have Angel's work party on Friday and we're having friends over on Saturday, and we're going to my parents' work party on Sunday....but after that, definitely staying home. Tomorrow is my last day of teaching for the year and I was dancing this evening at the very thought! I love the kids but also, I love CHRISTMAS BREAK!

  4. Man, it must be a rough year for sickness! We are fighting it over here too, but nothing like a “fatal infection”! 😳😳😳 I just lost my voice and it’s taking FOREVER to come back. It’s driving me nuts. It’s hard to have to struggle to speak when I’m home all day with five very chatty kids!

  5. I'm so sorry! Praying for your whole family!

  6. I am so glad to hear that James is okay for now, but oh my, that sounds so scary!!!!! I hope that all of you get completely better soon!!! And wow, that work party sounds crazy! I'm a bit of an extrovert and don't mind crowds, but that sounds like too much chaos even for me haha.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas together! I am loving those sweet pictures-holiday lights are so cool!

  7. I'm so behind, so hopefully you're all healthy by now. That's so stressful! I hope uncle Rico is feeling much better. Trips to the hospital are terrifying.

    Bless Gracie and her Thomas undies. That is spectacular. I wonder if Jesus ever did that in the temple?


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