currently, january edition

watching: We finished Parks & Rec last night for the 3rd time. It gets funnier every time we watch it, and the ending still makes me want to cry. I miss the days of having The Office and Parks & Rec every week. It's like the golden 90's era of Seinfeld and Friends. Now, the only shows on are about suicide and cancer and dying in house fires. Life is sad enough; give me my comedy!


listening to: lots of classical piano lately. It's so relaxing on cold, snowy mornings. I keep thinking that if us feeble, finite humans can produce something so majestic, what does that say about God who created us?

singing: along with the She & Him Volume One album.

eating: Lindt chocolate truffles. My mom gave me a bunch at Christmas, and I cannot quit them. The grocery store recently set up a display with Valentine's flavors. Oh my word. It's like a Cadbury egg, but fancier.

smelling: my espresso bar candle. I've had it for years and don't burn it often because I'm trying to savor it. It smells like coffee & chocolate.

thinking about: homeschooling options. I've been to an info meeting, signed up for a co-op open house, and am shadowing a friend of mine soon. Overwhelmed doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. Also excited. But overwhelmed. Thank goodness we have time. The options and opinions are endless.

drinking: did you know oat milk is a thing? A friend bought me an oat milk latte recently. I'm not a fan of any of the milks, dairy or otherwise. I hate both coconuts and almonds, so those are out, but I can tolerate vanilla almond milk in a smoothie. Cow milk makes me gag. But oat milk? Which, really, is just water that probably has some oat dust in it, is strange. I didn't hate it. I didn't love it. I'm just confused. The far more pressing question is this: Is this really necessary? We live in strange times.

reading: 9 books in January. I read 9 books. I'm not bragging; I honestly don't know how I accomplished this. It doesn't feel like I read 9 books. We've also been snowed in a lot. I have yet to switch the living room rug with the one I bought a week ago, but I've read 9 books!

laughing about: James offered to watch Gracie for a few hours while he was working from home last week. I was ten minutes down the road when he called me to tell me that he stepped away from his computer for a few minutes. When he came back, he found that Gracie had somehow Skyped one of his coworkers, and all they could see was Gracie's Peppa Pig toy dancing on the keyboard. And it snorts when you play with it. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. She had no idea what she had done, but I'm just surprised it didn't happen sooner. When she was barely one, she grabbed my phone while I was in the bathroom, took a picture of her foot, and texted it to my dad.

surviving: the polar vortex with potato soup and letting Gracie bathe her stuffed animals in a toy bathtub. Whatever it takes, right?

wearing: lots of fleece. I'll spare you the AccuWeather screenshot, but it's been cold. Our furnace started making some crazy noises for several days before the temperature was supposed to plummet. Then, miraculously, it went back to normal just as the temperature dropped. Thank the Lord.

snacking on: conversation hearts. Every year I tell myself I'm going to buy them, and they're always sold out. I got a jump start this year and can't stop eating them. I love them in all their artificial, chalky glory. I'm making myself sound really healthy with all this candy and chocolate. I'm eating salads too! And I did a Barre workout recently that was so intense I could barely walk for days. But on the flip side, a few extra pounds in the winter isn't that terrible if it means I'm a little warmer, right?


  1. I wish Angel would rewatch The Office or Parks and Rec with me. The man won't rewatch anything, ever, unless it's been like a decade plus since the last time he's seen it. And since I'm a purely social TV watcher...I can never bring myself to watch TV alone, if I am alone, I read or write or do housework...then I never get to watch any show twice. Grr. Maybe next decade...
    Totally laughed at the Gracie Skype story. That is too funny. Especially with the twist involving Peppa Pig.
    I read 7 books in January, and I know exactly why, it's because we had the first two weeks off of school. Christmas break was lit, man.

  2. Lindt chocolate truffles are my chocolate. I LOVE them. I call them my stress chocolate. I try to always have a bag in the house and I eat one every afternoon or when I've especially stressed. I even bring them on vacation because you know why. Have you tried refrigerating them? They're great cold.

  3. OH MY WORD... the SKyping thing is the funniest thing ever. Reminds me of that kid walking in in the walker & the mom diving to grab him on the news - haha!!!!!!!
    The hubs really loves Cashew milk more than any of the others. He said to him, its creamier. I'm just not a milk fan anyways so BLAH to it all.
    I need to re-watch Park & Rec. I wasn't that big of a fan at the beginning but loved it at the end, so I need to start over with that renewed love

  4. Oat milk sounds so odd! And what would possess someone to ever come up with making that???
    I think it's so cool you've been listening to classical piano lately. I've been thinking that I really need to start playing more epic instrumental music in the house, both for myself and so that my toddler can learn about music other than electronic music, video game music, and showtunes from musicals :P And hmm...this is making me want to try out Parks & Rec again. I watched partway into the second season (I think?) and enjoyed it, but it didn't really pull me in like The Office did, so I just stopped watching it (also, other shows came along that were more pressing for me). But perhaps I'll pick it up again in a few months!

  5. the homeschooling options throw me into a motherhood mess. why are there so many?! I finally just stopped researching and thought about how reuben learns and went with that. He loves being outside, but he also can sit still for a long time. he loves to color. I am literally just going to read him good books, do some bible verse memory work (probably from songs) and teach him to read. The only curriculum we are buying is the first rod and staff math. There are too many options and I want to not be overwhelmed!!!! I did read the Charlotte Mason home-school books from amazon, and liked it. she has a lot of thoughts and wisdom about how to teach kids in a no fuss matter. it was refreshing. and she is a christian so that basic foundation really helped...


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