gracie says, vol. 7

Me: "What time is it?"
G: "Fifty five seven."
(For the record, I don't remember why I asked her what time it is. She can't tell time yet.)

My mom, looking out the window: "Wow! Gracie, look! A squirrel!"
Gracie, underwhelmed: "Grammy, haven't you ever seen a squirrel before?"

While visiting my parents, I'm getting Gracie up from her nap when my mom runs in the room talking about a guy who won't stop spinning donuts in his car in front of the house.
My mom: "He keeps spinning donuts in his car! He won't go away."
Gracie: "DONUTS?!"
Me: "Not real donuts. Spinning donuts means driving your car in circles really fast. He's not being very nice to do this right now."
Gracie: "But it was so nice of him to bring us donuts!"

G: "What song is this?"
Me: "I Feel the Earth Move by Carole King."
G: "It's by a king??"
Me: "No, that's just her name. She's not a real king."
G: "Wow! Does she live in a castle?"
Me: "Gracie, she's not a king."
G: "I wish I could be a king too!"

After G says something in her made up language
Me: "You have a great imagination, G. Don't ever lose it."
G: "Oh! Too late! I lost it! Oh no! Wait. There it is. There's my imagination. *pretends to eat* I ate it so it went to my tummy and I won't lose it there."

G: "Look at me crab walk, mama!"
Me: "Where did you learn how to do that?"
G: "Oh, when I was a crab."

G: "What are you doing, Bob the Tomato,  I mean mama?"

I walked into the bathroom one day to find the toilet paper mostly unwound and strung all around the bathroom.
Me: "So, what happened here?"
G, looking surprised: "I guess the toilet paper wanted to have a parade!"

G: "Are we there yet?"
Me: "No, we're still driving."
G: "You're not driving! Daddy's driving, you're not, and I'm perfect."

G: "Apples starts with the letter A. Orange starts with the letter O. And F starts with blueberries."

Gracie, who still doesn't understand that dollars is not a measure of time, talking about our cat sitting on the window sill: "She's still there! She's been sitting there for a thousand dollars."

G: "I want to watch Paw Patrol!"
Me: "You're not going to watch Paw Patrol later unless you start listening."
G: "Fine, I'll just go to Minnie Mouse's house. She'll let me watch Paw Patrol."

The sass is real in our house.


  1. I mean, it's pretty hard to tell Bob the Tomato and Mom apart, right? I get it. Or not. But kids are fun.
    My favorites are "Haven't you ever seen a squirrel before?" and "When I was a crab."

  2. I mix up Bob the Tomato with my mom all the time, too. Hahaha.
    I love her toilet paper excuse. She's quick. And maybe donut guy wouldn't have been so bad if he HAD brought you guys some donuts! Lol
    I love her sass. It's definitely strong, though ;)

  3. Never a dull moment <3 love her!

  4. I never tire of these... Bob. haha... Because you do look so much like a tomato :) haha
    My dogs like to take our toilet paper on a parade too ... hmph
    The "have you ever seen a squirrel before?" totally cracked me up.
    Please keep these coming!!!!

  5. This is fantastic. Parker is starting to say the darndest things and it's hilarious.

  6. These are just the best. SHE is the best. I read the squirrel one to Isaiah and he laughed so hard, too.

  7. "I'm perfect"!!! I love her. Annabelle mixes up time, money and measurements and it always makes me laugh. "She was, like, thirty seconds tall."

  8. "F starts with blueberries" is my favorite.


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