stories from january

+ I was stopped at the grocery store recently by someone who recognized me from the internet. Is this what fame feels like? It made my day. Not because I'm famous, but because it was just nice to have a friendly conversation in the produce section of Kroger. And I apologize, Sarah, for the fact that my daughter immediately launched into a description of her underwear when you introduced yourself.

This happened one other time, during the glory days of blogging 6 or 7 years ago. I was stopped and recognized at a fundraiser. Where I was standing in line to meet Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

This is what it feels like to be Lady Gaga, isn't it?

+ We had a plumber fix a leak in our bathroom recently. Any kind of service call has never gone well for me. When we were renting and a maintenance man would stop by, I was always, without fail, in some state of undress. I'd be nursing Gracie, getting dressed, or in the shower. I thought it would be easier when I was in my own home and whoever was coming didn't have a key. I'd have some control!


James made an appointment with the plumber last month. When he came by, I was in the living room, sick, in my pajamas, and knitting. It was a great sight. He couldn't do what he needed to that day, so we rescheduled. I got up early to make sure I was dressed and presentable. He cancelled. We rescheduled for the next day. I got in the shower thinking I had plenty of time, but within seconds of putting shampoo in my hair, James yelled to me that the plumber finished his last job early and was on the way. I got out as fast as I could. As I was standing in the bathroom dripping wet with nary a stitch of clothing, James bellowed that he was here. I wrapped myself in my towel, grabbed my things, and ran and dove into the bedroom as I heard the front door opening. I quickly got dressed and then realized I couldn't find my glasses and I left my comb in the bathroom. The problem here is that I need my glasses to find my glasses. The plumber walked out to grab something out of his truck, so I slipped into the bathroom with my wild shower hair and realized he had brought an assistant who was standing in the bathroom, staring at me. I ran back out. Once I was slightly more presentable, I peeked out the door to see Gracie squatting outside the bathroom door watching the commotion, her pants halfway down her backside revealing a glorious plumber's crack. While watching the plumber.

Had I been a few seconds slower, my plumber's crack would've been on display too. Next time I'm staying in my pajamas.

+ I had high hopes that this would be The Year of Better Health, but actually it's been even worse than 2018 so far. I'm talking hospital bills and emergency room visits and infections. Both cars have needed repairs, so it has not been the year for car health either. At least we probably met our deductible by the second week of the year. But we're fine. We're all fine. We just have a lot less money now.

+Speaking of health, our insurance has this app we can use to Skype with a doctor and get a prescription for basic things. James did it on Christmas Eve when he couldn't kick a sinus infection. I needed an antibiotic recently and didn't want to drive an hour to the doctor's office or find childcare, so I tried it. WHOOPS. It SOUNDS like a good idea to get a prescription over the phone, but it is not. I am so awkward on the phone with strangers. I scrunch up my face and make weird facial expressions to cope with making phone calls, EXCEPT THIS WAS A VIDEO. And I forgot, because I couldn't see him but he could see me. He also couldn't hear me well so I had to scream a very embarrassing symptom three times to a random man on the internet. When it was over, I let out a wail of pent-up embarrassment, looked down, and realized I HADN'T DISCONNECTED THE CALL LIKE I THOUGHT.

I used to take great pride in the fact that I hadn't needed an antibiotic in 15 years. I've needed THREE in the past year. Is this what getting old is like? How did people live past the age of 30 before modern medicine?

+ It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of The Great British Baking Show. Every time Prue shows up wearing her bright cobalt glasses, I salivate a little. I scoured the internet and found a similar pair for super cheap. I was due for new glasses anyway. The moral of this story is, I'm now getting my fashion inspiration from senior citizens, which honestly feels right to me and matches the rest of my interests.

+ We got snowstorms two weekends in a row. I can't tell you how happy this has made me. It feels comforting and cleansing after a sucky month. This past weekend we had a legit blizzard. I'm talking nearly 24 hours of swirling snow and ice and wind whipping around the house. All the roads in the county were closed. I was so nervous we would lose power. All through the fall, if we so much as sneezed, the power would go out. Somehow, ours stayed on even though it went out all around us. We played Go Fish and did puzzles and ate white chicken chili and cornbread. These are the kind of days I daydream about during the hot summer months. Not that summer is all bad, but nothing beats swaddling myself in fleece pajamas and cozy blankets and eating warm comfort food while a storm rages outside.

My goals this year were for us all to have fewer health problems, fewer plumbing problems, and read more books. At least I've got the book thing down so far, and we have 11 months to work on the rest.


  1. Those snowy pictures are awesome, and your glasses look so cool! Oh man, the snowstorms sound lovely. I don't like ice or cold wind, but snow just fills me with joy :)
    I am so sorry to hear about all the sickness and other problems you all have been having so far. That's awful! Though your plumber story is pretty funny. When we moved into our current neighborhood, I learned that I pretty much always need to have clothes on if it's daytime, because shortly after we moved in one of our neighbors popped over at 8:45 a.m. to invite me to coffee. It was really sweet of her, but I did not look very presentable haha.

  2. Skyping with a doctor sounds convenient BUT ALSO TERRIFYING.

    I hope February and the rest of 2019 bring better health and less awkward repairman situations.

  3. I need my glasses to find my glasses too lol. I feel that pain.

    AND holy snow. I MEAN!

  4. I'm most impressed in all this that you met Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar:)

    Those glasses!!!!! You are inspiring me to get a bold pair. & I'm from the day when Sally Jesse Raphel BIG RED glasses were a thing. What goes around, comes around

  5. It sounded like great underwear. And she seemed a lot less awkward than I felt walking up to you! I was also afraid that since we met at the front of the store we would continue to cross paths in every aisle.

  6. You got recognized for your blog in public! Whoa...that's super cool. And twice? I've had that happen twice, but only when I've been in Michigan. I once recognized the husband of a blogger when I was visiting California, that was pretty funny.
    Your blue glasses are amazing! I pretty desperately need glasses. Back in November I was like, I must have glasses NOW! but then I read that it's better to wait until after weaning because apparently pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect your vision temporarily....so, no big deal, it's only being able to see, right?

  7. Your glasses are fantastic. Your hair is also looking great. I'm having a hard time getting my hair to look any good at this length so I am extra envious.

    Also, public blog recognition? Can I get your autograph???

    We have people come to look at our floors tomorrow and I didn't have time to actually clean the house, so I hope they like underwear because I can almost guarantee they'll find some. Because that's how these things work. At least I won't be home for them to see me in the shower.

    You should demand a do over. When's Chinese new year? Start then. In the meantime, I'll be your Skype doctor and recommend a prescription of doughnuts. Stat.

  8. I have never once gotten stopped by someone who recognized me from my blog, so I think that does make you a little famous in my book! Sorry about all the sickness though, yuck. �� I love the glasses!

  9. My first thought was "That would be so awesome to be recognized by someone offline who reads my blog!" and then immediately, "No, it wouldn't. I'm witty and funny online because I don't have to look at anyone's face and I also get to think about what I'm going to say first. In person I'm a toss up between awkward and boring." :)


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