an ode to group texts

Over the last few weeks, I've been sharing a slew of memes every Monday on Instagram. It's a fun way to get through Mondays, a day exactly like the weekends except James is behind a laptop most of the time. I shared this one and it cracked me up, because this is a very niche type of stress I feel daily. I'm in several group texts that I love. A couple different ones with friends, one with family, and then a really awful one that I keep muted that I won't get into here.

Then my mom sent the following meme last night, and chaos ensued. I'm sharing it because it was a much needed bright spot after a very rough day. Plus, puns and all forms of word play are my love language.


There's another text that got lost in the shuffle in which I also threw out Cake and The Black Eyed Peas, lest you think I forgot about those.

What would you add? And as I'm sitting here typing this, I'm suddenly full of more ideas but I'll spare you. 

Ok one more---Smashing Pumpkin Pies. Because it's festive. 

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