I made you some tv valentines

Every year I think I'm not going to be able to make any more Valentines. I have no inspiration, no more creativity, there's nothing new under the sun. Then, something clicks. Sometimes it's the presidential election (my favorite year yet), sometimes it's celebrity train wrecks (though that's basically the same as presidential candidates). This year, it's my shows. Don't judge me. It's winter, I'm hibernating out in the country in my new house, and I'm filling cold winter evenings with emotional and ridiculous TV. If you haven't watched The Bachelor, Stranger Things, or This Is Us, I'm sorry for the lack of joy in your life and that may not understand these. That also means you're probably much more emotionally stable than I am right now. There's also a Jimmy Fallon one because I thought of it and it just felt right. 

This one's for you, Sarah

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Ok, I lied about the inspiration. After writing the intro last week, the Olympics started, and the inspiration that came along was...wait for it...GOLD. So, Olympic valentines coming for you tomorrow! Stay tuned.


  1. Oh my gosh - these are awesome.
    Though, I felt a little "too soon" with jack ;) haha

  2. I am DYING over the bachelor ones. The demo derby one is probably my fav.
    Looking forward to the Olympic ones tomorrow!

  3. I know you're going to hear this over and over and over but-- IT'S TOO SOON re: Jack. IT IS. I texted a coworker and said I was "emotionally traumatized" by the last two episodes. And even though that is a ridiculous and over dramatic statement, I stand by it. JACK DESERVED BETTER.


  4. As usual, these are PERFECT. I think my favorite is the Annaliese one. May your day be free of Arie...LOLZ

  5. Well, all I can say that these exceeded my expectations. I am DYING at the last one. I cannot even wait for the Olympics ones.

  6. I guess I'm emotionally stable because I don't know what any of these mean but it did lead me to your political valentine ones which I love!!!!!!!!

  7. okay i love that so many people had my same "too soon" feeling on the jack valentine! dying.

    1. Haha! I honestly felt the same way, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!


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